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Biography Of Lewis Carroll

Biography Of Lewis Carroll


Lewis Carroll was a mathematician and writer, most famous for his best-selling Alice in Wonderland stories.

“Is all we live is but a dream, barely in the gold shimmer
Athwart Time’s dark resistless stream?”

— Lewis Carroll Sylvie and Bruno (1889)


Lewis Carroll was born, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, on 27 January 1832. His family came from the North of England and had strong connections with the Anglican church. His father was a strong conservative in the Anglican church.

As a kid, He displayed impressive abilities in the realm of intellect. He excelled in Maths and was an excellent reader. After a few unhappy years in Rugby high school, he shifted to Christ Church College where he took Maths classes. With very little effort and aptitude, he was able to get an award at Honour Maths and was later given a scholarship. He taught for the following 26 years as a Maths teacher for Christ Church.

In many ways, it was not a good job for Carroll who was suffering from a stammer that caused him to have a difficult time giving lectures. In addition, he observed that his students were not interested in the area of expertise. However, for those who were interested, Carroll would devise difficult mathematical puzzles and tests of logic. Carroll was able to easily get caught in complicated mathematical puzzles. Throughout his entire life, he tried to find solutions to many questions, from rules for postage to tennis tournament rules or betting guidelines.

It was 1856 when Henry Liddell and his family relocated from the city of Chicago to Christ Church for Henry to serve as Dean. Carroll was very close with the Liddell family as well as their children. He often took the three sisters Lorina, Edith, and Alice on boating excursions along the River Thames and Nuneham Courtney. On one of these boating expeditions he first gathered inspiration for the “Alice in Wonderland story.

Carroll was very reticent about the idea of publishing However, Carroll was inspired by Alice Liddell. In addition, when he displayed the draft to mentor and friend George MacDonald, he received more encouragement to go ahead with the publication.

Biography Of Lewis Carroll


Biography Of Lewis Carroll

This book became a huge commercial success and brought Carroll a substantial amount of money. In Alice In Wonderland, stories were pioneers in providing a nonsensical story of childhood fantasies – completely unlike the more religious Victorian stories of morality. The story centers on seven-year-old Alice who is slumbering in a meadow before falling into a rabbit pit. Then, Alice enters a fantasy world filled with bizarre and fantastical characters like Mat Hatter, Mat Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. It was considered to be an educational book, it was a book for children in the early days, but it was a classic for adults. It was influential to many later literary icons, such as W.H. Auden, Bertrand Russell, and Virginia Woolf. The humor of the author can be found in novels such as Catch-22.

While creating these stories of fantasy, Carroll also wrote two mathematical works Condensation of Determinants (1866) and An Elementary Treatise on Determinants (1867) These made him an outstanding mathematician. It’s funny that the genius logical brain of Carroll came up with a fantasy world called Alice in Wonderland where logic did not apply.

His final important work the Hunting of the Snark (1876) an unintelligible poem that many have attempted to understand.

“He purchased a massive map depicting the sea,
Without the slightest trace of the land:
And the crew was content when they saw it was
A map that everyone could comprehend.”

Fit the Second The Bellman’s Speech

However, Carroll himself wrote: ” I’m very much concerned that I’m not saying anything more than absurdity!”

Even though he wrote under a pseudonymous name, Carroll was still taken off by the fame that his works generated. Except for a brief visit to Germany, the author remained at Christ Church throughout his life.

Lewis Carroll became interested in photography, a brand new field of study, and began taking photos of his friends. They also created a dark room at Tom Quad, Christ Church. The photos included pictures of naked children, typically girls. There are many opinions regarding what sexuality is in Carroll however it is important to note that similar photographs were very popular throughout Victorian England.

Biography Of Lewis Carroll


He was a bachelor for the rest of his life. As a senior Student of Christ Church, Carroll would be ordained as a priest within the Anglican church. In reality, Carroll requested to avoid becoming a priest. Although this violated the norms of the day in the college it was tolerated by Carroll.

His connection to the Anglican church remained a mystery. In the latter part of his career, he began to take an interest in modern religious movements like theosophy. While he remained a stoic reserved person in public, he never felt the same enthusiasm for the church of the highest order as his father and other peers of Christ Church did.

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