Biography of Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran

Biography of Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran


Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran

Born 17 January 1917 in Navalpitiya (now bordering Sri Lanka), Kandy Salen.

Died: 24 December 1987

Career: Actor, film producer, politician

Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran popularly known as MG Ramachandran. His nickname was MGR. He is an actor, producer, and politician from India. MGR was a lifelong actor and politician. In his youth, he was involved in stage productions with theatre troupes. In his youth, he joined the Indian National Congress. His theories and Indira Gandhi influenced him to enter politics. MG Ramachandran was the ruler of Tamil cinema for over 30 years.

He acted in more than 100 films. Later, he joined the DMK party. MG Ramachandran is a well-known actor in Tamil films and has a high chance of being successful in politics. MGR later formed ADMK, his political party. He became the Chief Minister for Tamil Nadu. MG Ramachandran, a Bollywood film star, was the first Indian actor to be elected Chief Minister of a State. People loved MG Ramachandra because he was a generous person. His philanthropic work and love for the needy and poor were recognized all over the world.

Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran’s family background and early life: Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran was raised in a Keralite household. His mother Maruthur Satyabhama and his father Melakkath Gopala Menon are both from Palakkad, in Kerala. However, MG Ramachandran’s father was forced to flee his native Kerala because of several allegations. He settled in Salen, where he started his own family. This is where MG Ramachandran was conceived. Melakkath Menon, a local Brahmin widow, was reported to have been expelled from Kerala after having an affair.

According to Kerala social traditions, the man had to go through Samartavicharam. He was then forced to leave Kerala to be with his family in Selen. Melakkatha Gopala Menon married Marutthuru Satyabhama in Salen. MG Ramachandran was here born on January 17, 1917. Selan currently resides in Sri Lanka. MG Ramachandran, a staunch Hindu since childhood, was a strong believer in Murugan worship. Murugan is revered in Tamil Hindu society.




Biography of Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran

A career in Tamil Films:

MG Ramachandran was a member of Abhiyan since his youth. MGR was a young man when his father passed away. MGR was a strong believer in earning money, so he enrolled his name in the Original Boys theater company. This drama group also included his brother. MGR started his career in plays and moved to the Tamil film industry in 355. 1936 was his first film as an actor for Kollywood. In the film “Saathi Leelavati”, he played a supporting part. He was offered the role of the leading man in the 1940s after this one film. M Karunanidhi’s film “Rajakumari”, which was titled “Rajakumari”, was the one that made MGR a commercial romantic hero and an action hero in Tamil cinema.


MGR was the dominant force in Tamil cinema for three decades after this film hit theaters. MGR made his debut in film production and directed films in 1956. His debut directorial film, “Naboodi Mannan”, was a great success. Cinema halls across Tamil Nadu were packed to see it. He produced two more films after his success with “Naboodi Mannan”, including “Ulagam Sutra Valiban” (in which he was both the director and actor). For his role as Rikshakaran’s lead actor, he won the National Award for Best Actor.

Political Life

MG Ramachandran joined Indian National Congress at an early age. He was a party member until 1953. MGR loved Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas and wore khadi. MGR joined Dravid Munnetra Kazhagam/DMK in 1953 at M Karunanidhi’s request. The DMK was the face of the Dravidian movements, capitalizing on MGR’s fame. This was the movement that became the most important political movement in Tamil Nadu during the 1950s. In 1962, MG Ramachandran was elected a member of the Tamil Nadu State Legislative Council. He was elected a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly in 1967. MG Ramachandran, a fellow actor, and politician was shot in the neck on January 12, 1967.


He narrowly escaped. M Radha, an actor, and politician were also shot in the neck. He was hospitalized for several months. His immense popularity was realized during this time. As he was recovering, thousands of people stood outside the hospital praying for him and watching every move. MGR was still able to participate in the Madras Assembly elections, even though he was hospitalized. He not only won this election but also got twice as many votes as his opponent. He received the most votes ever recorded in the history of the assembly. He was elected treasurer of the DMK party after the 1969 death of Annadurai, an actor and politician. Annadurai was also MGR’s mentor in politics.


MGR’s participation in the DMK was also cut short after Annadurai’s passing. MGR and M Karunanidhi, chief of the DMK party, got into a heated argument following earlier allegations that Annadurai’s party officials had committed corruption. Karunanidhi was already considering handing over the party’s reins to his son, and this discussion led to MGR being expelled from the party. MG Ramachandran quit DMK to form his new party Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, i.e. 1972: AIDMK MGR was inspired by his mentor to use Tamil films for his new party.


MGR’s popularity contributed to the rise of the party within the political world in Tamil Nadu. MGR won the state election, and he became the chief minister. MGR was the first actor to be elevated to the position of Chief Minister. MGR was elected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in July 1977. He served three terms, until his death in September 1987. ADMK was at that time known as AAIDMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam).


Biography of Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran

Humanitarian personality:

MG Ramachandran is a tireless advocate for the welfare of Tamil Nadu’s poor, needy, and disadvantaged. MGR, as Chief Minister, launched the Poshan Midday Meal Scheme under which all children in Tamil Nadu’s government institutions were eligible. MGR also created secondary and primary schools for Kollywood technicians’ children. MGR worked also for women. MGR also founded a special bus service in Tamil Nadu for women and two educational institutions in Tamil Nadu, Mother Teresa Mahila University (and Tamil Nadu University). MG Ramachandran was an advocate for providing infrastructure and financial assistance to those affected by natural calamities such as floods and droughts. He used the income from Thai magazine and The Anna newspaper, Satya, and MGair picture movie studios to fund public welfare and philanthropy. MGR was the first Indian donor to the war fund established after the 1962 India-China conflict.

Award and Honors

In 1960, MG Ramachandran received the Padma Shri award. However, he refused to accept it. He speaks his native language, not traditional Hindi.

Shah wanted to speak Tamil. There were differences between Shah and the government.

MGR was awarded the National Award for Best Actor for his 1972 film, “Rikshakaran”.

He was awarded honorary doctorates by Madras University as well as World University.

In 1988, he was posthumously honored with the Bharat Ratna for his contributions to Tamil Nadu’s social development.

Personal Life

MG Ramachandran was married three times. His first and second wives were killed young. After MGR’s passing, Janaki Ramachandran became the third wife of MG Ramachandran.


Biography of Marutthuru Gopalan Ramachandran


MG Ramachandran has a kidney problem. In October 1984, he was admitted to Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, USA because of kidney failure. In the same year, he had to have a kidney transplant. M G Ramachandran, who was ill in 1987, died. The news spread quickly throughout Tamil Nadu. The government and police authorities were unable to stop the violent and passionate Tamils who were fighting each other and engaging in mass fighting. The AIADMK was split into two factions after his death. Janaki Ramachandran, his wife, was on one side, and J Jayalalithaa on the other. Her Satya Film Studio was converted into a women’s college. Tourists can now visit his house in Madras’ T Nagar district.

Life events

1917: MG Ramachandran was baptized on January 17.

1936: He joined the Tamil film industry.

1947: Release of her first film, “Rajakumari”.

1953: Member of the DMK political party.

1956: First time as a director of the film.

1960: Refused the Padma Shri award.

1962: Member of the State Legislative Council.

1967: Elected to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

1967: M Radha shoots the neck.

1969: Became DMK Treasurer.

1972: Found in a political party, ADMK.

1972: Won National Award for “Rikshakaran”

1977: He became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and repeated it three times.

1984: He had to have a kidney transplant due to kidney failure.

1987: He died on December 24, 1987.

1988: Posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna

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