Biography of Sabir Bhatia -

Biography of Sabir Bhatia

Biography of Sabir Bhatia


Sabir Bhatia

Born: 30 December 1968, Chandigarh, Punjab

Scope: Co-founder, founder of the e-mail company Hotmail (now, angel investor

Education: St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore, Birla Institute of Science and Technology, California Institute of Technology

Sabir Bhatia is an Indian businessman and co-founder of the e-mail platform Hotmail (now It was founded by Sabir Bhatia, the e-mail provider is available in more than 100 languages across the globe as of today and is utilized by 42 million users in February 2013. In 1996, Hotmail was established with American Sabir Bhatia as well as Jack Smith with a capital of 3000 dollars, Hotmail was bought by the then-largest firm in IT. Microsoft company is the one to do it with a total of 2500 crores.

Following this purchase, Sabir Bhatia became a celebrity in Silicon Valley overnight and dominated the entire globe. Following the acquisition of Hotmail by Microsoft, Microsoft bought Hotmail, Sabir started which is an e-commerce business in 1999. The company later acquired Jaxtr, which is a messaging service in Subcebo. After Hotmail’s success, Sabir Bhatia started many ventures, but none had the same popularity as Hotmail.


Biography of Sabir Bhatia



Biography of Sabir Bhatia


The first step is life.

Sabir Bhatia was born on the 30th of December 1968 into the home of a Punjabi family from Chandigarh the capital city of Punjab. He was the son of Baldev Bhatia, an army officer who was part of the Indian Army and later joined the Ministry of Defense, and his mother Daman Bhatia was a top official at the Central Bank of India. Sabir’s initial education was at St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore and he was admitted to the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani in 1986 to pursue engineering studies, However, after two years he was transferred to the Institute of Technology, a program located in California, USA. (Caltech). After graduating from Caltech around 1989, the student enrolled at Stanford University to pursue an MS in Electrical Engineering. He worked on “Ultra High Power Design for VLSI’.

While studying at Stanford University, Sabir was in awe of entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Scott McNeely as well as after the completion of his Ph.D. However, Apple decided to join.

The year 1995 was the time that Sabir created an online company named Javasoft. Javasoft stores private information through the Internet and the information is accessible on any computer connected to the Internet. The company Sabir works for has put a firewall on their internal network, which means that individuals are not able to access their email while at the workplace. The idea came to Sabir’s head that e-mail could be put onto the Internet to allow you to access your email from any place from any computer.


Sabir began working with his colleague Jack Smith. They first tried and perfected the capabilities of an e-mail service that was hosted on the internet and later decided to develop Hotmail. The service is free, and the revenue is earned through ads on the website to draw more users. So Hotmail was created and it’s been a long time since. There was never an electronic mail system before the invention of Hotmail. Hotmail was launched on February 16, 1996. Sabir Bhatia was able to sell his company to Microsoft on the 30th of December, 1997.

In the first six months after the launch of Hotmail, Hotmail attracted millions of people. As the number of people using the service began to increase, the well-known IT company Microsoft was aware when on December 30 in 1997 Hotmail was expanded by 400. Microsoft purchased Hotmail for $1 million.


Biography of Sabir Bhatia


Sabir Bhatia’s Other Ventures

Following the acquisition of Hotmail by Microsoft, Microsoft bought Hotmail, Sabir worked for Microsoft for around a year. However, in April 1999, he resigned from Microsoft to establish an online retail company named, the business was eventually closed down. Then, in 2010, it was restored as a travel website.

He launched BlogEverywhere (with Co-Founders Shiraz Kanga, and Viraf Jack) to take advantage of the blogosphere’s growing popularity but it didn’t work well.

He was an angel investor after investing in NeoExel the network security provider and producer of SSL VPN-Plus.

The year 2008 was the time that Sabbir Bhatia launched, a no-cost web-based teleconferencing platform. On June 9, 2009, Sabbir Bhatia’s business Sabebolo purchased Jaxter (an Internet telephone service company). The Baxter he acquired was not able to achieve the expectations of performance and was unable to speak.

Personal life

He was married in 2008 was married Tanya Sharma, the heiress of India’s famed manufacturing household Baidyanath Group. They were friends for eight years before their marriage. Their wedding took place in an intimate marriage ceremony in Langkawi, Malaysia.

A gift

The venture capital company Draper Fisher Jurvetson honored him with “Entrepreneur of the Year” (1998).

Awarded the “Elite 100” in the list of Upside Magazine’s selection of the New Economy’s Most Popular Trendsetters

He was awarded MIT’s TR100

One of Time Magazine’s (2002) Nominated “People to Veach”.


Biography of Sabir Bhatia

Life events

1968: Born on 30th December in Chandigarh

1986: Joined Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani

1995: The hot-mail system is launched in July

1997: Microsoft buys Sabir Bhatia’s Hotmail for $400 million.

1999: The e-commerce firm was launched in 1999.

2008: Sabir launched

2008: Married to Tanya Sharma

In June 2009, Sabir Bhatia’s business Subsebolo purchased Jaxter (an Internet telephone service start-up).


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