Biography of Sharad Pawar

Biography of Sharad Pawar


Sharad Pawar

Born: 12th December 1940. Pune, Maharashtra

Scope The profile of the politician is that of a founder and President of the Nationalist Congress Party, Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Sharad Govinda Pawar is a prominent Indian politician who is the chairman and founder of the Nationalist Congress Party. He was State Chief Minister for the state of Maharashtra three times. Sharad Pawar was a prominent politician who established himself as an influential leader and was also the Minister for Defense and Agriculture in the Union Government. A former participant in the Congress Party, he founded his own political group ‘Nationalist Congress Party’ in 1999. He is currently a Rajya Sabha MP and is leading his party in the state. He is a prominent figure in both the regional and national political life of Maharashtra.

In addition to his political activities, he’s involved in cricket administration. He was the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India between 2005 and 2008, and Chairman of the International Cricket Council from 2010 until 2012. From 2001 until the year 2010, he was elected president of the Mumbai Cricket Association and again in June 2015 president of the Mumbai Cricket Association. Mumbai Cricket Association.

The first step is life.

Sharad Govinda Rao Pawar was born on the 12th of December 1940, in Pune, Maharashtra. The father of Sharad Govinda Rao Pawar was employed in the Rythu Cooperative Society located in Baramati while his mother Saradabai Pawar looked after the farm of the family in Katewadi (10 kilometers from Baramati). Sharad Pawar was a student at Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) which is affiliated with the University of Pune.


Biography of Sharad Pawar


Biography of Sharad Pawar

Life in politics

A former Maharashtra Chief Minister Yashwant Rao Chouhan is regarded as to be a mentor in politics for Sharad Pawar. The year 1967 was the first time Sharad Pawar joined his first election to the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for the first time, after being elected from the constituency of Baramati Vidhan Sabha on a Congress Party ticket. Then, in 1978 Pawar quit joining the Congress Party and joined an alliance government in Maharashtra along with members of the Janata Party and became the first Chief Minister of the state. After his return to power in the year 1980 after which Pawar was elected to the Indira Gandhi government dismantled and dismantled the Maharashtra government.

The elections of 1980 saw the Congress party being able to win the absolute majority. A.R. A.R. Congress Party government was established under the direction of Antule. It was in 1983 that Pawar took over as the president of the Indian National Congress (Socialist) and for the first time in his career was elected to his first Lok Sabha elections from Baramati Parliamentary Constituency. Pawar also was the winner of the Vidhan Sabha elections of 1985, and then resigned from his Lok Sabha seat to focus on the state political scene. In 1985, the Indian National Congress (Socialist) was able to win 54 of the 288 seats during the elections for the legislature Sharad Pawar was elected as the leader of the Opposition.

Sharad Pawar joined Sharad Pawar rejoined the Congress party in 1987. On June 28, 1988, the former Premier Rajiv Gandhi appointed the former chief minister of Maharashtra, Shankar Rao Chouhan as the Finance Minister of the Union and later Sharad Pawar State Chief Minister. In the 1989 Lok Sabha elections, Congress was able to win 28 of the 48 seats that were contested in Maharashtra. At the time of the 1990’s Parwari elections, the coalition formed by Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party provided the Congress an uphill battle as the Congress party was able to win 14 of the 288 seats however they were unable to secure the majority needed. Sharad Pawar led the government with the help of 12 MLAs who were independent and was elected chief minister.

Premier Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed at the time of the 1991 Lok Sabha election campaign, followed by Narasimha Rao, and N. Together together with D. Tiwari, Sharad Pawar’s name was also brought up. However, Sharad Pawar was the only one to be elected. Congress Parliamentary Party elected Narasimha Rao as Prime Minister and Sharad Pawar as the Defense Minister. On March 23, 1993, following the chief minister Sudhakar Rao Naik’s retirement, Pawar was elected the chief minister of Maharashtra. He was appointed his chief minister on March 6, 1993. But a few days after, Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra was hit by bombs on the 12th of March. Hundreds of people were killed.

In 1993, Sharad Pawar was accused 1993 of corrupt practices and links to criminals. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation appropriate gr. Khairnar is accused of corruption and defending criminals. A social activist Anna Hazare also went on a hunger strike, demanding the dismissal of corrupt officials from the Maharashtra Forest Department. The opposition also focused on Pawar for these concerns. These also hurt Pawar’s credibility as a politician.

In the 1995’s Vidhan Sabha elections 1995, Shiv Sena beat BJP. Shiv Sena won the majority of 138 seats, in contrast, the Congress party won just 80 of the seats. Sharad Pawar had to quit and Manohar Joshi was appointed chief minister of the state. Sharad Pawar had been the opposition leader to the State Legislature until 1996. Lok Sabha elections and after having won the Lok Sabha elections, he was forced to resign from the legislature.

Biography of Sharad Pawar

In the 1998 by-elections, they were won by the Congress Party and its allies under Sharad Pawar’s leadership Sharad Pawar, won the Maharashtra Assembly’s 37 seats. Sharad Pawar took office as the Opposition Leader in the 12th Lok Sabha.

In 1999, after elections were announced, the 12th Lok Sabha was dissolved and elections were scheduled, Sharad Pawar, Tariq Anwar, and PA Sangma who was the party’s prime ministerial candidate required the privilege of being from India and not any other within the country. . Then, in June of 1999, the group dissociated of Congress and created The Nationalist Congress Party. In the 1999 elections for the legislature 1999, the Congress as well as Nationalist Congress Party formed the government, as neither of the parties had an overwhelming majority.

Sharad Pawar joined the UPA following 2004, the Lok Sabha elections. He was a part of the government of the coalition and was appointed minister of Agriculture. He announced that he was not going to run in the 2014 elections to provide an opportunity to the next generation of young leaders.

Sports Administration

Sharad Pawar has a keen interest in sports such as wrestling, Kho-Kho, kabaddi as well as cricket, and is also involved in the administration of these organizations. He is the leader of all the organizations listed below.

Mumbai Cricket Association

Maharashtra Wrestling Association

Maharashtra Kabaddi Association

Maharashtra Kho-Kho Association

Maharashtra Olympic Association

Board of Control for Cricket in India

Vice President for the International Cricket Council

Presidency of the International Cricket Council


Sharad Pawar’s image has been brought to the forefront in a variety of disputes from time to time during his political life. The politician is accused of having a hand in corruption cases, the protection of criminals, the stamp papers scam, and the land allotment controversy.

Personal life

Sharad Pawar has been married for a while to Pratibha Shinde. The Pawars have one daughter who is an MP from the Baramati Parliamentary Constituency. Sharad Pawar’s brother Ajit Pawar is also in an important position in Maharashtra political circles and has been a Deputy Chief Minister for Maharashtra states in the past. His younger brother Pratap Pawar manages his newspaper, the Marathi newspaper Sakal.

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