Biography of Shikha Sharma -

Biography of Shikha Sharma

Biography of Shikha Sharma


Shikha Sharma

Born: 19 November 1958

Occupation/Job/Position: Managing Director & CEO of Axis Bank

Shikha Sharma is among the most prominent people in the Indian world of banking. She has been the CEO and Managing Director for Axis Bank since 2009. Shikha Sharma started her career in the year 1980 at ICICI. She has been involved in a variety of projects at ICICI. Following this, she was the CEO and Managing Director for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company. Shikha Sharma started her career at ICICI in the year 1980 and was elected the head of ICICI’s life insurance division.


It is the first bank in the private sector to obtain a license for the insurance industry. From the beginning, he was able to establish his business as the most prestigious personal life insurance firm in India. Shikha is a person who regards ICICI as the second house she has always been involved in the growth of the business. Born to an officer in the army, Shikha Sharma has always been disciplined throughout her life. This has contributed to her professional growth.

The first step is life.

Shikha Sharma was born on 19 November 1958 to an Army officer. Because her father served in the Army, Shikha studied in seven schools in various cities. She finished her education at Loreto Convent, Delhi, and her BA (Hons) in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi University. Then, he pursued his MBA at the renowned management institute IIM Ahmedabad. In addition, he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology from the National Institute of Software Technology, Mumbai.


Biography of Shikha Sharma


Shikha began her career in 1980 at ICICI the country’s biggest financial services company. She was hired by ICICI after having completed her education at IIM Ahmedabad. Through her nearly 28 years within the ICICI Group, she founded numerous companies. She was in 1992 when she created ICICI Securities, a joint venture of ICICI as well as JP Morgan. She created various group companies for ICICI which included investment banking and retail finance.


In 1995, she joined ICICI Securities and was assigned to JP Morgan. She joined ICICI in 1997 as the General Director, Strategic Planning and Development. Then, in 1998 she was appointed the Director General for ICICI Private Financial Services. Shikha was Director for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company until April 2009 and was the Independent Director for ACC Limited from December 2006 to May 2009.

She is the Managing Director and CEO of  Axis Bank and Chairman and Associate Director of Axis Asset Management Company Limited since June 1, 2009.


Shikha Sharma was an integral part of the creation of ICICI. ICICI Prudential has come this far due to her tireless efforts and vision. In his 28-year tenure within the ICICI Group, he founded numerous businesses and laid the foundation for the business of private financial services. He launched a $1 monthly micro insurance plan for the poor. ICICI Prudential had a 13 percent share of the market for insurance until 2008, and the bulk of the credit went to Shikha.


Biography of Shikha Sharma



Shikha Sharma is among the most prominent female executives in the Indian banking industry. He has made an impact by his determination and visionary leadership skills in a male-dominated sector like insurance and banking. Through his perseverance and determination, he helped make ICICI Prudential the largest private insurance company in India. After this, she became an inspiration to thousands of Indian women.

Personal life

They have married Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Tata Interactive Systems. They have two children:  Tilak as well as Twisha. Shikha’s two brothers are cardiologists.

Honors and Awards

He was awarded the title of ‘Transformational Leadership Award for Business in the AIMA Managing India Awards 2012.

She was awarded the title of ‘Woman Leader of the Year in the Bloomberg-UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2012.

Businessworld 2012 ‘Banker of the Year Award

In Forbes magazine’s 2012 “Asia’s50” Power Business  Women’s list

Named in ‘Most Powerful Indians’ 2012 by Indian Express

Named 25 Most Influential Women in India Today’s 2012 Power List

Finance Asia 2011’s ‘Top 20 Women in Finance’

Awarded the Business Today “Hall of  Fame’ in the year 2011.

Fortune’s Global & India ’50 Most Influential Women in Business list

‘Business Woman of the  Year’ at the Economic Times Awards 2008

Awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year – Manager’ at Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award 2007.

‘Entrepreneur of the  Year’ at CNBC 18 Business Leader Awards

Biography of Shikha Sharma

Life events

1980: He began his career with ICICI as Project Officer

1992: Joint venture was formed by ICICI as well as JP Morgan – ICICI Securities

1995: Transferred from ICICI Securities and appointed to JP Morgan

1997 ICICI rejoined

1998: Became Managing Director of ICICI Personal Financial Services

2009: Became Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Axis Bank Limited and Associate Director and Chairman of Axis Asset Management Company Limited.


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