Biography of Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy

Biography of Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy


Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy

Kavita Krishnamurthy is one the best playback singers of Bollywood. Alongside performing his voice on the screen, he also made a mark in the world of music by singing a variety of songs, including pop songs, hymns, and devotional songs with her vocals. She was awarded the fourth most prestigious award in India which is The Padma Shri, and a four-time winner of the Filmfare Best Playback Singer Award. And that’s not all, let’s discover more about the background and accomplishments of Kavitha Krishnamurthy. She has been awarded numerous honors for her contributions to the world of film and still captivating her followers with her powerful voice.

Born: January 25, 1958

Origin: New Delhi, India

Work: Playback Singer, Composer

Citizenship: Indian


Kavita Krishnamurthy was born on the 25th of January, 1958, in New Delhi, the capital of India in the country, to an Iyer family from Tamil with a background in art. His father was employed in the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and his mother was a lover of traditional Indian dance and music. His name is ‘Sharada’. Krishnamurthy’.

Education and early life

A person of an artistic background, Kavitha Krishnamurthy was inspired by her mother’s passion for Carnatic music, and she decided to incorporate Kavitha within her family tradition of dance and music education. Because there weren’t any good traditional music teachers at the time, he began studying Hindustani music. He also learned the music of the ‘Ravindra Sangeet through his grandmother. In his school years and in vous musical competitions and was awarded gold medals. From the age of 11, He remained in Delhi and graduated with a Master of Arts (BA Hons) in Economics from St. The Xavier’s University, Mumbai.


Biography of Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy


Biography of Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy

Music entry

In the age group of 9, she performed in a Bengali song with the famous singer and composer ‘Hemant Kumar as well as the famous Lata Mangeshkar. He was living in Delhi before moving to Mumbai to pursue an opportunity to work in film. She came across Hemant Kumar’s daughter, ‘Ranu Mukherjee during musical competitions at her college. She got to know Hemant Kumar and had an opportunity to sing as a performer in stage shows. The friend of her aunt’s actress and mother of Hemamali Jaya Chakraborty introduced her to famous composer Laxmikant.


After a long and arduous battle on the screen, he sang his first song using his vocals in the film 1980 “Mang Baro Sajna”. However, the song was not included in the film. In five years of dedication, He sang “Tumse milkar na jane keon” in the movie “Pyaar Jukta Nahi’. When the song became hugely popular it was a great opportunity to keep the song. ‘Mr. The film India’ (1987), He sang ‘Hawa” and ‘Karte Hai Hu Pyaar Mr. India’s songs that made him extremely famous. She co-wrote many hit songs with Laxmikant Pyarelal. She became a well-known performer in the 1990s, singing in numerous films such as 1942: A Love Story and ‘Yaraana’. She also sang ‘Agni Sakshi”, ‘Bhairavi’ and the song ‘Kamoshi’. ‘. Puppy Lahari Anand-Milind, A. R. His songs are used in the works of nearly all composers, including Raghuman, Ismail Darbar, Nadeem-Shravan Jatin Lalit Viju Shah as well as Anu Malik.

Home life

Kavita Krishnamurthy, is married violinist, and the father of three kids. L. She got married to Subramaniam on 11 November 1999. Both of them do not have children.

Other works of art

After her wedding after which her singing stopped in movies and began singing in a group. She also wrote collections of jazz, ghazals, classical music, pop as well as devotional music.

Recognitions and awards

2000 – Bollywood Award

2005 – Awarded 2005 – Won the Padma Shri, India’s fourth most prestigious award.

2008 – Yesudas Award

She was awarded her Filmfare Award for Best Playback Singer in 1995 for her track ‘Pyaar Kou Chupke Se’. In 1996, for her song “Mera Piya Kar Aaya’ and in 1997 for the track “Aaj Main Ubi”. The song was “Dola Re Dola” and she was awarded the 2003 Grammy Award. “For the song.

He was awarded Star Screen Awards in 1997 for the track ‘Aaj mine Uber as well as in 2000 for the song ‘Hum De Suke Sanam.

Zee Film Awards in recognition of the hit song ‘Nimbuda’ released in 2000, and for ‘Dola Re Dola in 2003.


Biography of Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy


1958 born on January 25 of 1958, in New Delhi into a Tamil Iyer family with an artistic origin.

1980 Her first song with her vocals in the movie “Mang Baro Sjna,”.

1987: Her first appearance as a vocalist was in the movie ‘Mr. India’s film, which made him extremely famous.

1999 Violinist 1999: Violinist Dr. L. She married Subramaniam on 11 November 1999.

2005: Received Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest honor.

2008: Received Yesudas Award.

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