Biography of singer Sujata Mohan

Biography of singer Sujata Mohan


Sujata Mohan is a well-known playback singer in the South Indian film industry. With her enchanting voice, she has won the hearts of people from South India and sang over 4000 songs in various languages, including Tamil and ‘Telugu’ as well as ‘Malayalam”, ‘Kannada’, and Hindi. “Fresh White Rain, “Rose of Love “Change from Yesterday, “Attangarai Tree” ‘Sound of Flowers Bursting”, ‘Hidden In the Flowers In Your Kitchen” The song ‘Desire Now “Heart All Yours, “Wind” Songs such as ‘Bhasa’ are evidence of her beautiful voice. In the film industry for over twenty decades, Dhinakaran was awarded numerous prizes like the ‘Award’ as well as the “Swaralaya Yesudas Award’.

Born 31 March 1963

Source: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Occupation: Background Singer

Citizenship: Indian


Sujatha Mohan was born Lakshmi and Lakshmi on 31 March 1963, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Her father d. K. Narayana Pillai was the first Chief Minister of Travancore Cochin after the independence.

Education and early life

His father passed away when he was 2 and began his studies when he was seven years old. Carnatic music is a genius, and the legendary playback singer “KJ Yeahudas” has performed in more than 2000 stage productions and captivated music lovers with his soulful vocals. At the age of 12, M.A. K. Arjunan recorded his first film industry, performing the track ‘Kannejhuthi pottuthotto” in the movie musical “Tourist Bangla”.. Then the composer MG Ramakrishnan gave him many non-film songs. At that moment, I had the chance to perform in Tamil.




Biography of singer Sujata Mohan

His contribution to the film industry

Her debut came in a Malayalam film by singing 2 songs from the Mohanlal actor’s ‘Chitram’ of the Tamil film “Gayatri”. Following this, she began singing in all languages such as Tamil, Malayalam and ‘Telugu’ as well as ‘Kannada as well as Hindi. She sang more than 4000 songs. She was also awarded many awards.

His career in the Tamil film industry. Tamil film industry

Sujatha became in the limelight as a singer for playback in Tamil cinema through”Gayatri,” a film in 1977, sang in the song “Kalaip Pantayil” from the musical style of Ilayaraja. In 1992, he took over the heart of Tamil music when he sang two songs ‘PuduVellai Majai and the song ‘Kadal Rojave in the film “Roja” produced by Mani Ratnam. Beautifully performed by his lovely singing voice, these tracks will have all Tamil music fans in an uproar. Then, Sujatha sang several Tamil songs, including ‘Ninnalani Marta’, “Attangarai Cherttu”, ‘Na Inti Toto’ and ‘Pulu Vikasinane’, ‘Puvvulo Dogunnavi’, ‘Edo pata’and Bhasha’. Although many songs such as Gali’, ‘Irava ‘ Bagala’, ‘Kaadal” “Alaguril Poothawale, and ‘Asai Ippolu’, ‘Mee kitchen had been a hit Sujatha poured out music on her gentle voice.

A few Tamil songs performed by him

“New Dawn” (Pink) and ‘Rose of Love’ (Pink), ‘Change from Yesterday’ (New Face)”In My Garden’ (Gentleman)”Athangarai tree” (Eastern Border)”No More Fear’ (Indira)”Dillana Dillana’ (Pearl), “The Flower” Whispers’ (Electric Dream) and ‘Who Touched the Moon’ (Savior), ‘Hidden in the Flower’ (Jeans), ‘Something’ (I Gave Myself to You) (Pearl), ‘An Untrue word’ (Janta), ‘Kadal Neetana’ (Time), Irava Bagala’ (Poovellam Kettupar)and “Chota Chota Nanayuthu’ (Taj Mahal), “Wadi Wadi Nattuk Katta’ (Allittanta Vanam), “In Your Kitchen’ (Dil) and ‘Manchal Psum’ (Friends), ‘Kavidhaikal Sollava’ (Ullam Kollai Pokute) (Taj Mahal), ‘Kadal Psase’ (Pargu)as well as “Asai Asai’ (Podi), “Alaguril Pughwale” (Tirumalai)as well as “Nencham Ellam Thy’ (writing of weapons)”wind language” (language).

Biography of singer Sujata Mohan

home life

Sujatha married Krishnamohan in the year 1981. He works as a physician. Their sole daughter has the name “Swetha Mohan”. The singer is also a performer.

Honors and Awards

In 2001, the film ‘Dil’ the song ‘Mee vanta Kavala’. It was from the film ‘Vidyutkala In 1996 to the track ‘Poo Pookum”, which was from the film “Kotta Mukha” in 1993″What a transformation. She was awarded the Tamil Govt. State Award for Best Playback Singer in the song “En Veetu Thottam” in the film ‘Ninna as well as “Gentleman”.

Eleven Film Critics Award.

‘Cinema Express’ Award.

‘Dinakaran’ Award.

Kerala State Film Awards 1996 1999, and 2008.

Asianet Film Awards in 2001 as well as 2004.

2008 – GMMA Award for Best Female Singer

2009 – Swaralaya Yesudas Award.

Sujata Mohan has been the possessor of a quiet low, unassuming voice. He still captivates movie music fans with his beautiful and enchanting voice. That’s.. numerous artists are making their debut in Tamil films. Just a handful have been singing a variety of songs and captivating the audience with their sweet vocals. There is no doubt Sujata’s name is on the list of these performers.


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