Biography Of The Buddha

Biography Of The Buddha

Siddhartha who was later popularly known by the name of Buddha – also known as the Enlightened One, was an emperor who left the luxury of a palace in search of enlightenment. He saw the absolute absurdity of the world and realized the joy of Nirvana. Following his awakening and realization, he spent the rest of his time teaching others how to get out of the cycle of birth and death.

Daibutsu Buddha Kamakura, Japan

Buddha was born in the year 350 BCE in the region of Lumbini which is today modern-day Nepal close to the Indian frontier. He was raised in a palace that offered all the luxury and comforts that could be. As a noble prince of a young age, It is believed that his father wanted to shield Prince Siddhartha from the suffering and pain that the rest of humanity endures. The legend goes that his father was prescient that Siddhartha will one day leave the world.

But, at some point in his adulthood, Siddhartha sought to find the meaning of life. He disguised himself and quit the palace and walked through the kingdom. There, Siddhartha came across different elderly people or illnesses, and also witnessed death. It showed him the cyclical nature of life. This affected him. In the end, Siddhartha determined to search for a deeper understanding of the meaning of his life.

Biography Of The Buddha


Biography Of The Buddha


In secret, Siddhartha left the palace and left his son, wife, and all the material comforts that he’d been able to enjoy. He dedicated himself to meditation and seeking to find enlightenment among the ascetics in the forest.

In his quest for awakening, Siddhartha was a gluttonous eater, and his body began to deteriorate However, despite his best efforts, the path to attaining enlightenment, was still a distance. One time a woman who passed by gave him food and Siddhartha realized that it was not a good idea to seek enlightenment via torture of the body. He recovered his energy and decided to pursue a middle path that would avoid the excesses of fasting and eating.

One day Siddhartha decided to meditate under the shade of a Bodhi Tree until he achieved spiritual awakening. For a few days, he was in meditation, seeking Nirvana. He was shattered by different forces that tried to stop him from reaching his goal.

But, Siddhartha achieved his goal and went into the blissful state of Nirvana for a few days. After returning to normal consciousness Siddhartha the Buddha (Buddha is a reference to ‘enlightened one’) decided to devote the rest of his time to teaching others how to overcome the inherent pain of life.

For several years, Buddha was a frequent visitor to India particularly around the Ganges plain as well as in Nepal, and was a teacher of his doctrine of liberation. His teachings were passed down by oral tradition and not documented until a long time following his demise.


Many stories are connected with the lives of Buddha during this time of teaching. The primary teachings he gave were about love as well as compassion and tolerance. His teachings were of compassion and love. Buddha taught that one who seeks to be a good person seeking to find compassion must be able to relate to all living things and that was the most important lesson. While the Buddha did not believe in strict rules, a monastic community was born for those who were interested in following his way. He advised strict celibacy for those who wanted to pursue his Buddhist ways.


Biography Of The Buddha


The Buddha was often a speaker about enlightenment. However, at one point he held up an oblong and remained silent. A large number of people left, not knowing the significance of this, however, when asked later by the Buddha explained that his actual instruction could only be comprehended through silence. Talks were only able to provide some limited information on the mind, but not enlightenment in the real sense.

The Buddha tried to stay clear of profundity, he was averse to using the word God and instead spoke about the practical ways one could escape cycles of birth, rebirth, and death, and achieve an enlightened state. As with many spiritual teachers, He often taught using stories to keep his messages easy and practical.

The Buddha was a target of hatred from those who were jealous of his popularity and his spiritual growth. One of his monks, Devadatta, was later discontent with the Buddha and attempted to split the monastic community. He tried on three occasions to murder the Buddha however, every time it was unsuccessful. He Buddha was a disciple of Jain Mahavira, the teacher of Jain. Mahavira however, although they shared great mutual respect, they never physically have a physical meeting.

The Buddha was buried after many years of giving lectures and traveling across India. In his final moments, He said to Ananda (his closest student) that he must be able to rely on his teachings and his ethical behavior to serve as the guidelines for his life.

“For many centuries, the illumination of the Buddha shines as an enlightening beacon that has beckoned men into the darkness of the ocean. Like most children, millions of seekers have come to the light of the Buddha with their most fervent desire as the Buddha has taught his followers the Way. The entire world sat before the Buddha in its ignorance and the Buddha the Enlightened One, offered man the Truth. The world offered their ages-old burden to the Buddha’s heart, and the Buddha the God of Compassion taught mankind the path of Dharma.”


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