Biography of Umran Malik -

Biography of Umran Malik

 Biography of Umran Malik

 Biography of Umran Malik
Biography of Umran Malik

Biography of Umran Malik Umran Malik is a young cricketer . He was born on the 22nd of November 1999, in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Umran Malik is an Indian cricketer. He was chosen for his first IPL match of 2021. Umran Malik began playing cricket when he was 17. Umran Malik was determined to become an excellent cricketer from the time he was a child. Umran Malik’s coach, Randhir Singh Minhas helped develop his skills and afterward there was a change with Umran Malik when he began playing cricket for under-19s. Umran Malik plays for Hyderabad team in the IPL. Umran Malik is yet to be picked for his Indian team.

Biography of Umran Malik
Umran Malik is a resident of Srinagar and was born on November 22nd, 1999. Umran Malik left his studies at the age of 16. Because he was aspired to be a professional cricketer from the age of a child, and began playing cricket at 17. Umran Malik experienced the excitement of cricket in his childhood. The place he grew up in was where his parents and they helped Umran with his playing cricket.

Umran Malik Biography
Umran Malik made his IPL debut in the month of March. He was part of IPL 2021 for the Sunrise Hyderabad team. Umran Malik created history by throwing the fastest ball of more than 150 km/h in the IPL. Many of the top cricketers in India have also been awed by Umran Malik. Umran Malik is yet to be included in the India team.

Umran Malik’s father’s title is Abdul Rasheed. Umran Malik’s father was a fruit vendor. Umran Malik’s siblings are two: one elder as well as one who is younger. Umran Malik plays the position of a right-arm fast-bowler and Umran Malik is a member of Islam. Islam. Umran Malik is the fastest Indian player to throw his ball during the history of the IPL with a speed of at 157 km/h. Umran Malik bowled at a speed of 151 km/h more than two times during the course of an IPL match.

Name Umran Malik
Surname Malik
Professional Indian cricketer (fast bowler)
Born on 22 November 1999
Place of birth Srinagar, India
Age 22 (2022)
Ghrihnagar Gujjarnagar, Jammu, India
Citizenship Indian
Height five feet and 10 inches
70 kg weight
Religion and Islam
Father Abdul Malik (Sells fruits and other vegetables)
Fast and fast right arm bowling
bat left handed
Fast ball 150 km/h
Coach Randhir Singh Minhas
Home Team Jammu Kashmir
ipl jersey number 24
IPL Team Sunrise Hyderabad
IPL Starts on October 3 2021 against Kolkata Knight Riders
Umran Malik’s Early Years
Umran Malik spent his entire childhood in Jammu. Umran Malik was extremely fond of playing cricket in his early years. Umran Malik, who lived in the world of cricket from childhood, grew up in Gujjarnagar. Cricket was played frequently in Gujjarnagar. Umran often went to the nearby field to play cricket during his early years.

Umran Malik was terrified by U-19 trial. He was scared when Umran Malik decided to give U-19 trials. There was no way to get an appropriate spike (a shoe for playing). Then he purchased spikes and tried out for the Under-19 age group. Upon observing the speed with which he was bowling the selector decided to place him as a member of under-19’s team.

Umran Malik Career
The result of Umran Malik’s career was Vijay Hazare Trophy and the Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Umran Malik was able to take three wickets and scored 24 runs at the first game in the Mustaq Ali Trophy playing for the team from home Jammu. Following this, Umran Malik started practicing. During practice, Abdul Samad helped Umran Malik a lot. Abdul Samad is a resident of Jammu and Kashmir. Umran And Abdul Samad have become good friends , and Abdul Samad helps him a great deal during training. India’s fastest bowler, Irfan Pathan taught him how to be art of bowling.

Umran Malik has become the third fastest bowler in the IPL. Umran has bowled at an impressive 151kmph during IPL 2021. The bowl was previously made by Lockie Ferguson and Enrique Nortje as the fastest bowlers in the IPL. On a particular day, when Umran Malik was doing net practice, the former director of the Assam team and the former Indian wicketkeeper Ajay Yatra were also there on the same field.

His attention was focused on the bowling skills of Umran Malik. He praised his bowling skills a lot before Ajay Yatra inquired about team’s officials and coach, Umran Malik, who isn’t playing in any domestic competitions. Umran Malik played his first game in 2021 for the Jammu and Kashmir team against Railway team in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on the 18th of January.

Umran Malik Career in IPL
Umran Malik was bought by Sunrise Hyderabad in 2021 Umran Malik was picked to replace T Natarajan. T Natarajan Umran Malik played his first IPL debut game in the IPL with KKR against KKR He gave 27 runs in four overs. He did not take one wicket.

Umran Malik, IPL Player
Following that, Umran Malik played his second game in the IPL in the IPL against Royal Challengers Bangalore, in which he scored his very first IPL wicket. RCB players Shrikar Bharat. A timer was toss.

Then Umran Malik played his third game with Mumbai Indians in which he got the wicket of Ishaan Kishan. Umran Malik is widely talked about for his bowling. Even India Captain of the team Virat Kohli was impressed by his bowling skills and was awed by Umran. The 2022 season saw Umran Malik took 5 wickets against the Gujarat titans using his speedy bowling.

Umran Malik is a Class X dropout. Umran Malik enjoyed playing cricket. Because of this, he decided to quit his studies at the midpoint

net worth love life
Imran Malik is not married and has no girlfriend. Imran Malik’s net earnings are the sum of Rs 10 lakh.

Q1. Do you know if Umran Malik have a girlfriend?
Answer: No He doesn’t have any girlfriend.

Q2 Where and when Was Umran Malik born?
Answer: Umran Malik was born on the 22nd November 1999, in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

Q3 How old is Umran Malik?
Answer: He’s age 22.

Q4 What team plays Umran Malik play in IPL?
Answer: Umran Malik plays for Sunrise Hyderabad team in IPL.

Q: What’s the price of Umran Malik’s most popular track?
Ans: 157 km per hour.

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