Biography of Vijay Mallya -

Biography of Vijay Mallya

Biography of Vijay Mallya


Vijay Mallya

Born on the 18th of December, 1955.

Profession/Job/Position: UB Group Chairman, Rajya Sabha MP

Vijay Mallya is an Indian politician and businessman. He is chairman of UB Group whose business spans industries like aviation, liquor fertilizers, real estate, and liquor. Mallya has also been a Rajya Sabha MP. He is also the co-owner of the Sahara Force India team of Formula One. Another owner of the team is Subrata Roy Sahara. Other than that, Mallya also owns Indian Premier League (IPL), and I-League teams such as Mohun Bagan AC, East Bengal FC, and “Royal Challengers Bangalore”. He is known for his colorful and outspoken personality Vijay Mallya’s principal source of income is the business of liquor.

Life is the first step.

Mallya was born on December 18, 1955. His hometown was Bantwal town, located in Mangalore, Karnataka. He began his education at La Martiniere Boys College, Kolkata, and then graduated from St. Xavier’s College (University of Kolkata), Kolkata.


Biography of Vijay Mallya


Biography of Vijay Mallya


Following the sudden demise of the father, he loved in 1973. Vijay took over as chairman of UB Group at the age of 28. Since that time, UB Group has grown into a global conglomerate that includes about 60 businesses. Between 1973 and 1999, the turnover of the group was up by 64 percent. Vijay has consolidated all the company’s subsidiaries and then ended or sold the loss-making businesses. He concentrated his efforts on liquor, which is the principal business of the group. He not only strengthened his core business but also diversified his business by purchasing numerous businesses.

He purchased numerous companies in various sectors. The most prominent among them are Berger Paint, Best, Crompton, Malabar Chemicals, and Fertilizers. There were also acquisitions within the media sector including ‘The Asian Age and ‘CineBlitz’.

The parent company of the UB Group United Spirits Limited is now the second-largest liquor retailer worldwide under the direction of Vijay Mallya. As of 2012 UB Group had to transfer control over United Spirits to UK liquor giant Diageo.

Vijay Mallya launched Kingfisher Airlines in the year 2005. It was the first airline in India to launch operations using all-new aircraft. This is what makes Kingfisher Airlines the first airline in India to buy the Airbus A380. Due to financial issues the company was able to sustain massive losses for several years before eventually going bankrupt as a result of which it had to shut down its operations in 2013.


Biography of Vijay Mallya

Mallya has a particular interest in sports. He is particularly interested in motorsport. In the 1970s and 1980s, he participated in various race events on the track. He also won of the Sholavaram Grand Prix (1980/1981) and Kolkata Grand Prix (1979). Apart from that the fact that he was also a participant in many rally rallies that were classic in Europe. Because of his love for racing, he acquired the Spyker 1 F1 team, and changed its name to Force India F1′. The team is currently owned by two owners the first of them is Vijay Mallya and the other is Subrata Roy from Sahara Group. Sahara Group. He also enjoys breeding horses along with horse racing.

Mallya is also a Rajya Sabha MP from his state of Karnataka and is a member of numerous important committees of the Parliament.

In addition to his love of politics, business, and sports, Vijay Mallya is known for his other passion – returning things of historical significance to the nation. He was able to bring back to India objects of historical significance that relate to the life of Tipu Sultan and Mahatma Gandhi, by purchasing the items at auctions. The most notable of these included Tipu Sultan’s sword, which was purchased at an auction held in London for a price of Rs 175,000.

Its UB Group also sponsors various teams and tournaments. The most prominent of these are:

Signature Golf Tournament

Mohun Bagan AC (I-League Team)

Kingfisher Derby Team (Horse Racing)

East Bengal Club (I-League Team)

Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL Team)

Force India (Formula One Car Racing Team)

McDowell Indian (horse running).


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