Biography of Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar

Biography of Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar


Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar

Born 4 February 1947, Lahore

Occupation/Position/Job: Chairman, ITC

Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar is chairman of the renowned company ITC. Through his tenure of more than 4 decades of service, Deveshwar developed ITC’s offerings into a variety of new markets. Deveshwar was hired by ITC in a period when the company was seeking to expand its operations, however, most of the experiments that were made in this direction failed. Additionally, the company suffered massive losses. In the meantime, certain senior executives of the company were accused of committing foreign exchange fraud and are currently under investigation.


Although Deveshwar was crowned with his crown of thorns by his ingenuity and perseverance and shrewdness He led ITC on a path of success and expanded the company into a variety of fields. He increased the size of ITC to include, until now, mainly involved in tobacco, into industries like agriculture FMCG as well as IT and hospitality. In 2009, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan award in recognition of his contribution to India’s economy.


The first step is life.

Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar was born on the 4th of February 1947. He was born in Lahore, British India. He received his BA in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. The graduate graduated from Tech in the year 1968. He has an AMP Certificate in the form of an AMP Diploma from Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, and took the course Advanced Training in Hoteliering and Services at Cornell University, USA.


Biography of Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar


Biography of Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar



Deveshwar was hired by the Indian Tobacco Company (OTC) in the year 1968 as a management trainee. He joined the company in 1972 and was hired in the capacity of MBO consultant for OTC’s headquarters in Kolkata. In 1974, he joined the ITC Packaging and Printing Plant in Chennai as the Factory Manager. He was appointed director at ITC in 1984. He has been the CEO and Chairman of ITC Foods Limited since 1996. In 2004 ITC was the only Indian company to file an annual sustainability report to the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.


The report was compiled by YC Deveshwar, ITC won the ‘World Business Award’ jointly awarded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF). ITC’s “e-Chowpal,” an online platform that empowers farmers in India is now integrated into the Harvard Business School curriculum. The project was awarded the ‘Development Gateway Award in Beijing.

YC Deveshwar has been the longest-running Chairman in the history of ITC. He was elected Chairman and the Managing Director of Air India in 1991. He was able to fulfill his duties effectively and was successful. He also serves as a member on the board of Indian Airlines, International Airports Authority of India, Airports Authority of India, and Air Mauritius Limited.

YC Deveshwar also serves as the president of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Additionally, he is a part of the Board of Governors of the Indian School of Business and the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management.


Biography of Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar

Contribution to ITC

In the era of YC Deveshwar, ITC grew from Rs.5,000 crore to Rs.27,000 crore for the company. The company’s profit has grown from Rs.260 crores to Rs.4000 crores.

Apart from bailing out ITC, Deveshwar expanded the company’s activities beyond tobacco. The biggest benefit is the decrease in the dependence of the company on tobacco. Because of the high level of public awareness of trade regulations that are restrictive and anti-smoking campaigns, the tobacco business is becoming extremely difficult. Deveshwar has proven his expertise and expanded the product line. The company has also extended into the hotel, paper, and FMCG business, and expanded the brand ‘Wills’ to other areas too. Deveshwar was the first to create the Hospital Administration Welcome Group in Manipal. He was awarded the award in 1986. won the “Best Hotelier of the Year award for his outstanding service to the hotel industry.

Honors and Awards 

Honorary Fellowships from the All India Management Association

“Alumni Award” from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

“Marketing Man of The Year 1994 Award

“Manager Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from Ernst & Young in 2001

UK Trade and Investment named the man a Business Person of the Year in the year 2006.

Inducted into the Hall of Pride’ of the Indian Science Congress in 2006

Lakshya Business Visionary Award, 2006.

“Sustainability Leadership Award” 2007

Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in the year 2011.

Named ‘Business Leader of the Year in 2012 by the All India Management Association

In 2013, Harvard Business Review named him the “Top CEO with the highest performance in India and placed seventh on the list of “World’s Top CEOs’.


Biography of Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar

Life events

1947 born on February 4, 1947, in Lahore

1968 Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 1972: Worked as an MBO Consultant for a Company in Kolkata.

1974: Was employed as a Factory Director in the ITC Packaging and Printing Plant, Chennai

1984 appointed as Director to the Board of ITC Limited

1986 Award: ‘Hotel Property Owner of the Year 1986: ‘Hotel Owner of the Year Award

1991 appointment as chairman and managing director of Air India

1996: He was appointed the Chairman of ITC Foods Limited.


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