CEO Kerala New voter ID Status Online -

CEO Kerala New voter ID Status Online

CEO Kerala New voter ID Status Online at


Kerala State New Voters Status Check Online at HTTP: //…

The Kerala Chief Election Commission has allowed the unregistered voters and citizens of Kerala to register now. Yes, you can register as a voter for the state of Kerala with their online web portal. Later, you can also check your voter application status online. Yes, you can check whether your voter registration is successful or not.
You can also check your name on the electoral list. The process of online Kerala New voter ID status check can be done in quick and easy steps. So it is easy to register now and check your status online. The Chief Election Commission of India and the Kerala Chief Election Commission have initiated the CEO Kerala website for the well-being of the citizens of India and Kerala. Follow my instructions carefully with the help of screens.

CEO Kerala New voter ID Status Online

Step 1:
Or first step is to visit the chief election committee of Kerala website.CEO Kerala website link is Click on the link below or copy the link in your browser’s address bar to go directly to your website homepage. CEO Kerala’s website homepage can be seen in the picture below.


Step 2:


After the visit to the CEO Kerala website, we have to look for our electorate status. Now click on the “Dialing” button, which allows you to link to a new website where you can check your status online. It is on the sixth link in the center of the site. See the following image for a better understanding. Click on the link and you will be brought to a new page to check your voting status from their website.


Step 3:


After redirecting to a new website, check your voting status. The website link is on it. Your search with either your Voter ID reference number or by your name, a relationships like father, mother, etc, and house name. After filling in all the details, click on the search button to get your voting results. The site would be similar to the following image. Now you’ve seen your registered application status, where you’ve also assigned the EPIC number and your poling status details. 

Click here to visit the National Voters’ Service Portal. 

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