CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Card Online Registration -

CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Card Online Registration

CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Card Online Registration at

Nagaland State New voter registration or online application at http: // …
The Nagaland government has allowed citizens to register as voters. There are many unregistered voters in the state of Nagaland, so if anyone of them wants to register successfully, the voter can now apply for the electorate registration from online. The voter registration can be done online through Nagaland CEO website.

CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Card Online Registration

The CEO Nagaland website is free to register from online, which can help you register as a voter in less time. The main reason for the release of the online vote is for the well-being of the citizens of India and Nagaland mainly initiated by the Chief Election Commission of India and Nagaland. SO, follow my guidelines below to successfully register your voter application. You can use screen images in the case.

CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Card Online Registration



Step 1:


Now is the only step to visit the Nagaland’s Chief Election Commission. The CEO Nagaland’s website link / address is You can either click on the image above or copy / paste it into our address bar. You will be taken to the CEO Nagaland website homepage. You can see CEO Nagaland’s website homepage in the below image.


Step 2:


The next step is to log on with the e-registration link. To do this, we need to click on the online login link, which is available under the External Links corner. (External link is the eight boxes in black and white color). You can see the picture for a better understanding.


Step 3:


After clicking on them, you will be taken to the Election Commission of India account login page. Where do you have to login to your account? If you have not already made an account, you can use your phone number and your name. Login and you will be redirected to the online voter application page. Where do you have to complete all the electoral details? You can see the link to new voters regurgitation in the bottom picture.
CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Card Online Registration
You must also fill all the details correctly with your photo. After submitting all the details, click the “Send” button. After successful transfer of the completed online registration form, you will receive a reference ID number for further support of status check and etc.

Click here to visit the National Voters’ Service Portal. 

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