Check Aadhaar Card Online Status By Name Enrolment No

Check Aadhaar Card Online Status By Name Enrolment No

Aadhaar Card is a government-mandated document given by UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority for India) to all citizens of India. You must keep your background details of Aadhaar holders current as it is primarily used for verification of identity purposes. It also aids in the eradication of fraudulent identities, too. If you’ve recently made an application for the Aadhaar update and are having trouble determining your Aadhaar status, fret no further. We’ve got you covered! All you have to do is go to UIDAI’s website of official UIDAI webpage and adhere to the easy step-by-step procedure. Each step is simple to understand and takes only minimal effort.

The most appealing aspect of this UIDAI website is aside from checking your Aadhar status it also allows you to perform different actions with it. For instance, you can apply for Aadhaar or the location of an enrollment center or download Aadhaar and many more. The site is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical expertise to access it.

Don’t waste time, let’s strike the straight chord and get to the core. Continue reading to discover all the necessary details on how to verify your Aadhaar number online.

How can I Check UIDAI Aadhaar Card’s Status online?

You can check how you are doing with Aadhaar through a variety of ways that comprise the number of your enrollment, contact numbers, and the portal online. The official UIDAI website https://www[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot] allows you to track your Aadhaar Card delivery and application status.

Verify the status of Aadhaar Card Online by Enrollment Number

To check the Aadhaar Card update status online, you only need to visit the official UIDAI website uidai[dot]gov[dot]in. There aren’t any fees or charges to access the service. Follow the basic steps as follows:

Visit the official Resident UIDAI website: resident[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot]in/check-Aadhaar

You’ll require an Enrollment ID or EID to check your online account status for Aadhaar

Enter the EID at the front of your acknowledgment slip/enrollment slip, which comprises the 14-digit enroll code as well as when and date of enrollment, which is completely voluntary.

Aadhaar Card Online by Enrollment Number

Input your Captcha Code of verification and select check status.

Click on”Download Aadhaar” and then click on the “Download Aadhaar” option to download your e-aadhaar.

It is also possible to receive an Aadhaar via your mobile phone. To do that, you must select”Get Aadhaar” on the “Get Aadhaar” option from your Mobile option.

You will get the status of your Aadhaar through the mobile number you have registered.

Check Aadhar Card Online Status By Name Enrolment No

How can I Check my Aadhaar card status online without Reviewing the Enrollment Number?

If you do not have an enrollment number and would like to check your Aadhaar status online You can do this on UIDAI’s web-based UIDAI website. You can go to uidai[dot]gov[do and the residents UIDAI website. This is an excellent method, especially for those who’ve lost the enrollment number that they were given when making an application for a brand new card or changing their Aadhaar number. Here are the steps you must follow to:

Visit https://resident[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot]in/lost-uideid to get the enrollment number.

Choose the option that reads “Retrieve Forgotten or Lost EID/UID”

When a form is displayed you must enter all necessary information such as name and email address, as well as the security captcha and mobile phone number. After that, select the “Send OTP” and ” send OTP” option.

The recipient will be notified of an OTP instantly on your mobile phone if you choose the “Send OTP” and “Send OTP” option. Enter the same number to confirm it.

After verification, you’ll receive an enrollment code on your mobile phone or email address.

You can then use your enrollment number to determine whether you comply with your Aadhaar status.

If you don’t, then select another method to find the enrollment number using the OTP. The Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) will be created by an algorithm that is in effect for 30 seconds.

Update the Aadhaar Card Address Status using URN (Update Request Number)

It is an innovative method to verify UIDAI and Aadhaar information. It is required to go to www.uidai[dot]gov[dot]in “Check Aadhaar Status” option. Generally, when you ask for the Aadhaar update or the creation of a new Aadhaar you will receive a URN (Update Request Number). It’s a 14-digit number that is sent to the applicant via SMS to your registered phone number. You can find your status update for your Aadhaar number with this URN. Below are the necessary steps to follow:

Visit Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal.

You must enter in the URN (update request number) and Aadhaar Number

Update the Aadhaar Card Address Status using URN

Type in the captcha code to verify for verification purposes.

Click on the check status button.

Your Aadhaar status will be displayed in your display.

Check Aadhaar Card Online Status By Name Enrolment No

How can I Check the Aadhaar Card Status Using my Name?

Alongside monitoring whether you are in the process of confirming your Aadhaar card It is also possible to track the status of your account using your name. This is also a simple procedure that requires only a few minutes complete. The process consists of the following steps:

Visit the UDAI official website i.e.www[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot]in/details.aspx

Choose the “retrieve lost UID/EID” option or directly visit the official website resident[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot]in/lost-guided

A new page that has an online form will be updated. You will need to fill in your personal information, such as your name email address, phone number, and a captcha number.

Verify Aadhaar Card Status of Application through Name

Choose your “Send OTP” option and then wait to see the OTP delivered to your mobile phone.

Once you have your OTP Enter it into the box that is designated to confirm it.

The condition that you have on your Aadhaar will show at the top of the screen.

The Mobile number of the Aadhaar card Check-up – Step-by-Step Guide

You can verify the Aadhaar card’s status through your mobile number. These are the steps that you should be aware of:

You must make an SMS message to this number 51969 and type “UID STATUS 14-digit enrollment code>.

Be sure to use an account with a registered number for sending the text. If your Aadhaar application has been processed, it will send you an email with your Aadhaar number. If not, you’ll receive an SMS that will show the current state that you have on your Aadhaar.

Another Method of Checking Aadhaar Status Online by using Phone Number or Mobile Number

A different option to SMS is to use the internet-based method to verify your Aadhaar card’s update status. Before going through the instructions, make sure your phone’s number has been authenticated. If so, then you can easily verify the status of your Aadhaar status. If it’s not verified, take these steps as follows:

Visit the official government UIDAI website


Enter your 12 numbers Aadhaar numbers, along with your registered mobile number and email ID

Enter your security number or the captcha on your screen, and then select”Send OTP” or the “Send OTP” option.

The verification number right away on your mobile number. You must enter it in the designated box and then press the verify button to complete the procedure.

You can go to your local Aadhaar enrollment center to provide your biometric data if you do not want to utilize the Aadhaar online.

Check Aadhaar Card DOB Update Status via Phone Call

If you’ve requested changes to the Aadhaar card, then you may determine the status through a phone call in addition. This method is intended to be used by those who do not have access to the internet. To verify DOB updates, you must follow these steps:

Dial 1947, the official toll-free phone number of UIDAI. You will be greeted with the automated voice response (Interactive Voice Response)

The IVR will prompt you to select the language you prefer. Press

1 for Hindi

2 for English

3 for Kannada

4 for Malayalam

5 for Tamil

6 for Telugu

7 for all other languages

Then, when the IVR asks you to click 1 to confirm you’ve enrolled for the Aadhaar.

Press 2 if not yet signed up. Press 3 if you want to find out the state of your complaint. Press 4 to find out the benefits of possessing an Aadhaar.

To check the DOB update status, press 1.

To inquire about the Aadhaar data update, press 2. If you’d like to get in touch with a representative of UIDAI contact us by pressing 9.

Continue pressing 2 for the next step. This will bring you to a different menu, where pressing 1 will let you find out what you need to do to change the status of your Aadhaar while pressing 2 will enable you to see the status of your update request.

If there isn’t a URN then press 2. If you are aware of it then press 1.

After pressing 1, you’ll need to enter the 14-digit URN, and you will receive an immediate update.

Clicking 2 will connect you to a UIDAI agent who’ll be able to listen to your question and assist you with the status update for your Aadhaar to the highest level possible.

Check Aadhar Card Online Status Click Here
Follow the below steps to check aadhar online status:
  Step:1  Please Enter your Enrolment No and Date Time in the form.
  Step:2  Complete the Security code and click on the Check Status button.
  Step:3 Your aadhar status will be displayed on your screen.
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