Full Details Of Delhi Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir -

Full Details Of Delhi Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir

Full Details Of Delhi Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir


  • Locality/village: Gurgaon
  • State: Delhi
  • Country: India
  • Best Season To Visit: All
  • Languages: Hindi & English
  • Temple Timings: five.00 AM and nine.00 PM.
  • Photography: Not Allowed.

The Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir, also called the Sheetla Mata Temple, is a famous Hindu temple located in the coronary heart of Delhi, India. The temple is devoted to Sheetala Mata, the goddess of smallpox, measles, and other illnesses. The temple complicated is unfold over an area of about 1.5 acres and houses numerous shrines, which includes those dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Hanuman.

The temple is located inside the suburb of Gurgaon, near the well-known Rajiv Chowk. It is said to were built within the early 18th century, and over time, it has been renovated and elevated numerous instances. The temple’s structure is within the North Indian style, and its walls and pillars are embellished with complex carvings and artwork depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.

Legend and History of the Temple:

The temple has an thrilling legend related to it. It is said that the temple changed into built to honor Sheetala Mata, who regarded within the form of a goddess to treatment a virus that had unfold in the place. The ailment became believed to be resulting from the wrath of the goddess, who become displeased with the local king’s failure to construct a temple in her honor. The king, figuring out his mistake, constructed the temple and done complicated rituals to assuage the goddess. The disease become miraculously cured, and the temple have become a popular pilgrimage website online for devotees seeking the goddess’s advantages.

Over the years, the temple has undergone numerous renovations and expansions. In the early 20th century, the temple was renovated by using a nearby merchant, who added numerous new shrines and buildings to the complicated. In the Nineteen Eighties, the temple was multiplied once more, and a brand new sanctum sanctorum became built to house the idol of Sheetala Mata.

The structure of the Temple:

The Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir is constructed in the North Indian fashion of structure, with its partitions and pillars adorned with intricate carvings and artwork depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. The temple’s most important entrance is a large archway, with numerous smaller arches main to exceptional parts of the temple complicated. The temple’s sanctum sanctorum homes the idol of Sheetala Mata, that’s made of black stone and is embellished with gold embellishes and different valuable stones.

The temple’s walls are embellished with colorful frescoes depicting scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata,  of the most vital Hindu epics. The frescoes are in particular striking, with their vivid shades and intricate details. The temple’s architecture is a blend of conventional and modern-day styles, with the use of modern-day substances together with cement and metal, together with traditional substances including marble and sandstone.


Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir Delhi Full Details

Full Details Of Delhi Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir


Rituals and Festivals:

The temple is open to site visitors all 12 months spherical, and several rituals and gala’s are performed on the temple all through the 12 months. The most important competition celebrated on the temple is the Sheetala Ashtami, which falls on the eighth day of the waning section of the moon within the Hindu month of Chaitra (usually in March or April). During the competition, the temple is embellished with lights and vegetation, and devotees throng the temple to offer their prayers and are trying to find the benefits of the goddess.

Other critical fairs celebrated on the temple encompass Holi, Navratri, and Diwali. During those gala’s, the temple is adorned with colorful lighting and flora, and unique puja ceremonies are executed to invoke the advantages of the deities.

The temple also has a special presenting called “roti and chana,” that is a type of bread made from wheat flour and gram flour and is stated to be a fave of Sheetala Mata. Devotees can offer this unique prasad to the goddess and are looking for her blessings.

Visiting Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir :

Visiting the Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir can be a satisfying and spiritually uplifting enjoy for every body inquisitive about Hindu subculture and mythology. The temple’s architecture, difficult carvings, and colourful art work depicting scenes from Hindu epics are a feast for the eyes. The temple’s sanctum sanctorum, where the idol of Sheetala Mata is housed, is a non violent and serene space in which devotees can provide their prayers and are searching for the blessings of the goddess.

The temple’s precise imparting of “roti and chana” is a should-strive for all of us traveling the temple. The temple’s control is efficient, and the agree with organizes several social welfare sports, making it a temple with a noble motive. Overall, a visit to the Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir is a worthwhile revel in which can go away a lasting influence on one’s mind and soul.

How to reach Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir :

The Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir is placed in Gurugram, that’s about 25 km from Delhi. The temple is without problems reachable by using road, and numerous modes of transportation are available to reach the temple.

One of the very best approaches to reach the temple is with the aid of hiring a taxi or a cab from Delhi. The trip can take about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the traffic. Alternatively, one also can take a bus from Delhi to Gurugram, after which rent a taxi or an automobile-rickshaw to reach the temple.

The nearest metro station to the Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir is HUDA City Centre, that is positioned at the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. From the metro station, you may rent a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to attain the temple, which is about 5 km away.

Another option is to take a educate to Gurugram railway station, that is located about 10 km from the temple. From the railway station, you’ll rent a taxi or an automobile-rickshaw to attain the temple.

Overall, reaching the Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir is quite smooth, and several modes of transportation are available for site visitors to select from.


The Shri Sheetala Mata Mandir is a respected Hindu temple positioned inside the heart of Delhi. Dedicated to the goddess Sheetala Mata, the temple draws hundreds of devotees each 12 months, who come to are seeking the blessings of the goddess and offer their prayers. With its wealthy history, beautiful architecture, and colourful tradition, the temple is a have to-go to vacation spot for anybody inquisitive about Hinduism or Indian way of life.

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