Complete Information of Chikmagalur Hill Station

Complete Information of Chikmagalur Hill Station


Chikmagalur is a picturesque hill station situated in the state of Karnataka, India. The town is nestled in the Western Ghats, a mountain range known for its stunning landscapes, waterfalls, and biodiversity. Chikmagalur is known for its coffee plantations, serene environment, and pleasant climate, making it a popular tourist destination.


Chikmagalur has a rich history dating back to the 11th century when it was ruled by the Hoysala Empire. Later, it was ruled by the Vijayanagara Empire and the Mysore Kingdom before becoming part of independent India in 1947.



Chikmagalur is situated at an altitude of 1,090 meters above sea level, making it a perfect getaway from the heat and humidity of the plains. The town is located in the Malnad region of Karnataka and is surrounded by hills, rivers, and valleys.


The climate in Chikmagalur is pleasant throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season from June to September is the best time to visit as the region receives heavy rainfall, making the waterfalls and rivers come alive.

Complete Information of Chikmagalur Hill Station



Chikmagalur is known for its natural beauty, and there are several attractions to explore in the area. The Mullayanagiri peak is the highest peak in Karnataka and is a popular spot for trekking and hiking. The Baba Budangiri range is also a popular trekking spot, known for its lush green forests and scenic views.

The Hebbe Falls and the Kalhatti Falls are two of the most popular waterfalls in the region. The falls are located in dense forests, and visitors can take a dip in the cool waters to refresh themselves.

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including tigers, elephants, leopards, and Indian bison. Visitors can take a jeep safari or a trek to explore the sanctuary.

The Chikmagalur town itself is a beautiful place to explore. The town is known for its coffee plantations, and visitors can take a tour to learn about the coffee-making process. The Mahatma Gandhi Park, the Hirekolale Lake, and the Kondadarama Temple are some other popular attractions in the town.



Chikmagalur is known for its delicious cuisine, and visitors can indulge in local dishes such as Bisi Bele Bath, Akki Roti, and Maddur Vada. The town is also famous for its filter coffee, and visitors can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while taking in the scenic views.


Chikmagalur has a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Visitors can choose from luxury resorts, homestays, and budget hotels. The town is known for its eco-tourism, and there are several homestays that offer visitors a chance to experience the local way of life.

Complete Information of Chikmagalur Hill Station

Complete Information of Chikmagalur Hill Station


How to reach Chikmagalur


Chikmagalur is a popular hill station located in the state of Karnataka, India. It is well-connected to major cities and towns in the state and can be easily accessed by road, rail, and air. Here are the different ways to reach Chikmagalur:

By Road:
Chikmagalur is well-connected by road and can be reached from Bangalore, Mangalore, and other major cities in Karnataka. The distance from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is around 245 km, and it takes around 4-5 hours to reach by road. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) operates regular buses from Bangalore and other major cities to Chikmagalur. Private taxis and cars can also be hired from Bangalore to reach Chikmagalur.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station to Chikmagalur is in Kadur, which is around 40 km away. Kadur is well-connected to major cities and towns in Karnataka and other states. Several trains run between Kadur and Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and other major cities. From Kadur, taxis and buses can be hired to reach Chikmagalur.

By Air:
The nearest airport to Chikmagalur is Mangalore, which is around 170 km away. Mangalore airport is well-connected to major cities in India and abroad. From the airport, taxis and buses can be hired to reach Chikmagalur. Another option is to take a flight to Bangalore, which is around 245 km away from Chikmagalur, and then take a taxi or bus to reach the hill station.

Local Transportation:
Chikmagalur is a small town, and most of the attractions are located within a 10-20 km radius. Local transportation options include auto-rickshaws, taxis, and buses. Buses are the most economical option, and they connect the town with nearby attractions such as the Mullayanagiri peak, the Baba Budangiri range, and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Taxis and auto-rickshaws can be hired for shorter distances or to explore the town.

Chikmagalur is a beautiful hill station that offers visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in nature. With its lush green forests, waterfalls, and wildlife, Chikmagalur is a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.
Chikmagalur is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka, known for its natural beauty and serene environment. It is well-connected to major cities and towns in the state, and visitors can easily reach the hill station by road, rail, or air. Local transportation options include buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws, making it easy for visitors to explore the town and nearby attractions.

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