Full Details Of Draksharamam Temple

Full Details Of Draksharamam Temple


Draksharamam Temple is a famous Hindu temple placed in the town of Draksharama, located inside the East Godavari district of the country of Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple is one of the Pancharamas (the five most sacred Shiva temples in Andhra Pradesh), and is dedicated to Lord Bhimeswara Swamy, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is also regarded for its association with the 12 Jyotirlingas, with the Amareshwara Swamy Lingam being placed in the sanctum sanctorum.

The History of Draksharamam Temple:

The history of the Draksharamam Temple dates again to the 9th century AD when it became built by using the Eastern Chalukyan king, Bhima I. The temple become later renovated and accelerated by numerous rulers, which includes the Kakatiya dynasty, the Reddy dynasty, and the Vijayanagara Empire.

The temple is famend for its super structure and complicated carvings. The important temple complicated is a massive rectangular-fashioned structure with a significant courtyard and numerous smaller shrines and mandapas. The temple’s partitions are adorned with lovely sculptures and carvings of Hindu deities, together with Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma.

The Temple’s Layout

The temple complicated is split into two fundamental sections: the outer segment and the internal segment. The outer section contains a large courtyard surrounded via a sequence of smaller shrines dedicated to various Hindu deities. The internal section, additionally called the Garbha Griha or sanctum sanctorum, is where the main deity of Lord Shiva is located.

The Garbha Griha is a small, darkish chamber with a tall, conical-shaped roof. The chamber is accessed through a narrow entrance and is illuminated by way of a small lamp. The major deity of Lord Shiva is a lingam, which is a phallic-formed stone that represents the innovative power of the universe.

The temple’s different vital shrines encompass the shrine of Goddess Manikyamba, who is believed to be the presiding deity of the temple, and the shrine of Lord Vishnu, that’s placed in the outer phase of the temple complex.

The temple additionally has a massive mandapa, or corridor, referred to as the Mukha Mandapa, which is used for engaging in various non secular ceremonies and rituals.

The Temple’s Legends and Beliefs:

The Draksharamam Temple has numerous legends associated with it, which add to its spiritual significance. According to 1 legend, the temple turned into constructed at the spot wherein Lord Shiva seemed within the shape of a dragon (or “draksha” in Sanskrit) to protect the world from the evil demon Tarakasura.

Another legend states that the temple was constructed at the website online in which the demon Tarakasura become killed with the aid of Lord Shiva. It is thought that the temple’s lingam includes the electricity of Lord Shiva’s negative power, which is stated to be very amazing and capable of destroying evil.

The temple is also believed to have recuperation powers, and many devotees come here to are searching for comfort from diverse bodily and non secular ailments. It is stated that supplying prayers at the temple can cure sicknesses and bring appropriate health and prosperity.


Full Details Of Draksharamam Temple


Architecture of Draksharamam Temple:

Draksharamam Temple is an high-quality instance of the Vijayanagara fashion of structure, and is understood for its intricate carvings, high-quality sculptures, and exquisite design. The temple complex is unfold over an area of around five acres, and is surrounded by means of a wall with four gates, which might be called the Surya Gate, the Ganga Gate, the Vishnu Gate, and the Lalita Gate.

The important entrance of the temple, that’s positioned on the jap aspect, is referred to as the Kalyana Mandapam, and is embellished with complex carvings and sculptures. The temple also has two different entrances, which are placed at the northern and southern aspects.

The temple complex consists of numerous shrines devoted to different deities, which include Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Sun. The principal sanctum sanctorum is placed at the middle of the temple complicated, and homes the Amareshwara Swamy Lingam, which is taken into consideration to be one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.

The temple additionally has numerous other essential features, such as a massive temple tank, a wedding corridor, a Natya Mantapa (dance corridor), and several different smaller shrines.

Festivals celebrated in Draksharamam Temple:

Draksharamam Temple is known for its grand celebrations of gala’s throughout the 12 months. Some of the foremost fairs celebrated in the temple consist of Maha Shivaratri, Navaratri, Karthika Masam, and Brahmotsavam.

During the Maha Shivaratri festival, the temple is adorned with lighting and vegetation, and heaps of devotees from all over the us of a flock to the temple to offer their prayers and searching for the blessings of Lord Shiva. The Karthika Masam pageant, which falls in the month of November, is some other critical festival celebrated within the temple, and includes a month-long birthday celebration of Lord Shiva.

In addition to those festivals, the temple additionally hosts numerous different essential occasions, together with the annual Ganga Puja, which is well known inside the month of December, and the Pushkaram competition, that’s held once in each 12 years.


Draksharamam Temple Lord Bhimeswara Manikyamba Devi Temple Sakthipeeth


Full Details Of Draksharamam Temple


Significance of Draksharamam Temple:

Draksharamam Temple is taken into consideration to be one of the maximum essential pilgrimage centers in South India, and is visited through lots of devotees every yr. The temple is particularly regarded for its affiliation with the 12 Jyotirlingas, and is thought to be one of the maximum effective places to provide prayers to Lord Shiva.

The temple is also known for its stunning architecture, tricky carvings, and awesome sculptures. The marriage hall, in particular, is a stunning example of the Vijayanagara fashion of architecture, and is decorated with stunning carvings and sculptures.

The temple is also believed to have a massive historic and cultural significance. According to legend, the temple is stated to had been constructed instant where the demon Tarakasura became slain b

y Lord Kumara Swamy, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The temple is likewise believed to have been visited via several superb saints and students over the centuries, together with Adi Shankara, who is said to have visited the temple in the course of his travels in South India.

The temple additionally has a sturdy association with the Kalinga dynasty, who ruled over the area in the course of the 10th century AD. The temple is assumed to have been a primary middle of gaining knowledge of and scholarship at some stage in this era, and numerous vital works of literature and philosophy are stated to had been composed here.

Apart from its historical and cultural significance, Draksharamam Temple is also famend for its religious significance. The temple is taken into consideration to be a powerful middle of energy and is believed to possess outstanding recuperation powers. Devotees from all over the u . S . Come to the temple to are seeking for the benefits of Lord Shiva and to provide their prayers and offerings.

The temple also has several specific features that make it stand out from other temples inside the location. One of those features is the presence of a big tree within the temple complicated, which is thought to be greater than 1000 years old. The tree is considered to be sacred, and devotees tie sacred threads round its trunk to seek the benefits of Lord Shiva.

Another precise feature of the temple is the presence of a big statue of Lord Ganesh, that is positioned at the western aspect of the temple complicated. The statue is assumed to be one among the largest in the country and is an important attraction for visitors to the temple.

Draksharamam Temple is likewise recognized for its association with several legends and myths. According to 1 legend, the temple turned into at the start placed at the banks of the Godavari river but become moved to its contemporary region via Lord Indra, the king of the gods, to defend it from the demon Tarakasura. Another legend tells the story of a sage named Vyasa, who’s stated to have meditated on the temple and received divine knowledge from Lord Shiva.

In addition to its spiritual and cultural significance, Draksharamam Temple is also known for its architectural splendor. The temple is a first-class instance of the Vijayanagara fashion of architecture, which became popular all through the 16th and 17th centuries. The temple is known for its complicated carvings, beautiful sculptures, and fashionable design, which make it one of the maximum lovely temples in South India.


Visiting Draksharamam Temple:

Draksharamam Temple is without problems available from the metropolis of Rajahmundry, that’s located approximately 28 kilometers away. The temple is also properly-connected to different fundamental cities in Andhra Pradesh, which include Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Visitors to the temple can both rent a taxi or take a bus from Rajahmundry to attain the temple.

The temple is open to visitors from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm each day. Visitors are required to put off their shoes before coming into the temple complicated and also are required to get dressed modestly. The temple authorities provide dhotis and saris for traffic who aren’t correctly dressed.

There are several other attractions near the temple that site visitors can explore, together with the Pancharama Kshetras, the Antarvedi seashore, and the Kakinada beach. The town of Draksharama is also acknowledged for its lovely herbal scenery and is a famous vacation spot for nature fanatics.

Draksharamam Temple is not best a enormous pilgrimage website however also a center for mastering and scholarship. The temple has an extended subculture of promoting training and has been a primary center of studying for hundreds of years. In the past, the temple become acknowledged for its faculty of Vedas, where young boys would come to study beneath the guidance of experienced pupils.

The temple is likewise regarded for its affiliation with the exquisite saint and logician Adi Shankara. According to legend, Adi Shankara visited the temple all through his travels in South India and had a profound spiritual enjoy. It is said that he contemplated on the temple and obtained divine know-how from Lord Shiva, which he later incorporated into his teachings.

Apart from its spiritual and academic importance, Draksharamam Temple is likewise known for its social welfare projects. The temple has numerous packages geared toward supporting the area people, which includes a unfastened meal program, where site visitors and devotees are supplied with free food, and a healthcare software, where scientific camps are held to offer free healthcare services to the needy.

The temple additionally has a robust tradition of selling the arts and culture. Several cultural occasions and festivals are held at the temple during the yr, such as dance performances, music concert events, and literary gala’s. These events provide a platform for artists and pupils to show off their skills and promote the wealthy cultural heritage of the vicinity.

In current years, the temple has additionally emerge as a famous tourist destination. Visitors come to the temple now not simplest for its spiritual and cultural significance but also for its stunning structure and serene surroundings. The temple is surrounded via lush inexperienced forests, scenic hills, and delightful rivers, making it a super vacation spot for nature enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts.


Full Details Of Draksharamam Temple


How To Reach Draksharamam Temple

Draksharamam Temple is located inside the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India, and can be without difficulty accessed via diverse modes of transportation. Here are some of the methods to attain Draksharamam Temple:

By Air: The nearest airport to Draksharamam Temple is Rajahmundry Airport, that’s located about forty kilometers away. Several airways perform regular flights to Rajahmundry from main towns in India, along with Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the temple.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Draksharamam Temple is Samalkot Junction, which is ready sixteen kilometers away. Several trains from foremost cities in India stop at Samalkot Junction. From the station, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach the temple.

By Road: Draksharamam Temple is nicely-linked by way of road, and you may reach the temple via numerous state-run and personal buses. You can also rent a taxi or a non-public automobile to attain the temple. The temple is placed approximately fifty five kilometers far from Rajahmundry, 70 kilometers from Kakinada, and forty kilometers from Amalapuram.

By Boat: You also can reach Draksharamam Temple through boat. The temple is positioned at the banks of the Godavari River, and numerous boat offerings operate from close by towns and villages. You can take a ship from Rajahmundry or Kovvur and attain the temple in about an hour.

Once you reach the temple, you may discover the diverse points of interest and offerings of the temple. The temple is open from 6:00 AM to eight:30 PM, and you can attend the each day puja rituals and darshan of the deities. The temple is specifically crowded during important gala’s along with Maha Shivaratri, Navaratri, and Diwali, so it’s far advisable to plot your visit hence.

In end

Draksharamam Temple isn’t just an area of worship but a middle for schooling, social welfare, and cultural promoting. The temple’s rich history, cultural significance, and spiritual importance make it a have to-go to destination for all of us traveling to Andhra Pradesh.

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