Dugarwadi Waterfalls In Maharashtra -

Dugarwadi Waterfalls In Maharashtra

Dugarwadi Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Dugarwadi Waterfalls, additionally referred to as Dugarwadi Falls, is a enchanting natural attraction located in Maharashtra, India. This majestic waterfall is nestled within the Sahyadri mountain variety, mainly in the Dugarwadi village of Nashik district. With its picturesque beauty and tranquil surroundings, Dugarwadi Waterfalls has end up a popular vacation spot for nature lovers, adventure lovers, and travelers searching for respite from bustling metropolis lifestyles.

Geographical Location:

Dugarwadi Waterfalls is situated approximately 30 kilometers faraway from the city of Nashik in Maharashtra. The waterfall cascades down from a top of round three hundred feet (90 meters) amidst lush inexperienced forests and rocky terrains. It is placed on the banks of the Dugarwadi River, a tributary of the Godavari River, adding to its scenic attraction.

Natural Features:

Dugarwadi Waterfalls captivate web site site visitors with its breathtaking herbal functions. The waterfall flows down a sequence of rocky steps, forming more than one cascades that create a stunning visible display. During the monsoon season, from June to September, the waterfall is at its pinnacle waft, providing a mind-blowing sight as the water gushes down the rocky cliffs with great force and creates a misty environment. The surrounding panorama is adorned with verdant plant life, consisting of thick forests and luxurious meadows, which include to the picturesque splendor of the location.

Best Time to Visit:
The best time to visit Dugarwadi Waterfalls is in the course of the monsoon season, which spans from June to September. The heavy rainfall all through this period ensures a enormous extent of water flowing through the waterfall, improving its grandeur. The lush greenery and cool climate similarly decorate the general enjoy. However, it’s essential to check weather conditions and keep away from travelling at some stage in excessive rainfall or flood signals for protection motives.

Things to Do and Attractions:
Dugarwadi Waterfalls gives visitors a variety of activities and nearby attractions to discover. Here are a few famous options:

Trekking: The location surrounding the waterfall gives terrific trekking possibilities for adventure enthusiasts. Trekking trails lead thru the dense forests and hilly terrains, providing a threat to witness the splendor of the Sahyadri mountain range up near.

Photography: The scenic beauty of Dugarwadi Waterfalls offers a super backdrop for photography enthusiasts. The cascading water, misty environment, and plush green surroundings provide infinite photo-ideal moments.

Nature Walks: Take strolls around the waterfall place, exploring the flora and fauna of the place. The sound of flowing water and chirping birds create a calming atmosphere, perfect for rest and rejuvenation.

Camping: Many journey groups organize tenting trips near Dugarwadi Waterfalls, allowing visitors to spend a night time inside the lap of nature. Camping underneath the starry sky, near the gushing waterfall, can be an unforgettable enjoy.

Visit Trimbakeshwar Temple: Trimbakeshwar, one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples devoted to Lord Shiva, is positioned approximately 18 kilometers from Dugarwadi. Pilgrims and non secular travelers regularly go to this respected temple to seek benefits.

Wine Tasting: Nashik is renowned for its vineyards and wineries. While visiting Dugarwadi Waterfalls, one also can explore the nearby vineyards and take pleasure in wine-tasting classes, gaining knowledge of about the winemaking method.


Dugarwadi Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Dugarwadi Waterfalls In Maharashtra

Near By Attractions :

Dugarwadi Waterfalls in Maharashtra is surrounded through several different sights that are worth exploring. Here are some nearby points of interest that you may visit whilst within the place:

Trimbakeshwar Temple: Located about 18 kilometers from Dugarwadi, Trimbakeshwar Temple is one of the maximum famous temples in Maharashtra. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple’s structure is tremendous, and it attracts a sizable wide variety of devotees and travelers throughout the year.

Anjaneri Fort: Situated round 25 kilometers from Dugarwadi, Anjaneri Fort is thought to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, a respected Hindu deity. Trekking enthusiasts will experience the adventure to the castle, because it gives panoramic perspectives of the encompassing valleys and hills. The castle holds ancient significance and is a popular spot for journey seekers.

Sula Vineyards: Nashik, the town closest to Dugarwadi Waterfalls, is famend for its vineyards and wineries. Sula Vineyards, positioned about forty kilometers away, is one of the maximum famous wineries within the area. You can take a tour of the vineyards, find out about the winemaking procedure, and take pleasure in wine-tasting sessions.

Someshwar Temple: Situated at the banks of the Godavari River, Someshwar Temple is an historical and revered shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple’s architecture, surrounded by means of natural splendor, is a sight to behold. It is placed around 25 kilometers from Dugarwadi and attracts devotees and non secular seekers.

Pandavleni Caves: Located on Trimbak Road in Nashik, Pandavleni Caves is a collection of 24 rock-reduce caves dating again to the 3rd century BC. These Buddhist caves hold historic and archaeological significance. Visitors can explore the intricately carved caves and revel in the panoramic perspectives of Nashik City from the top.

Ramshej Fort: Situated about 28 kilometers from Dugarwadi, Ramshej Fort is a hill castle acknowledged for its historical significance. Trekking to the fort affords breathtaking perspectives of the surrounding landscapes. The fort is likewise home to a temple devoted to Lord Shiva.

Gangapur Dam: Located at the outskirts of Nashik, Gangapur Dam is a popular spot for picnics and outdoor sports. The dam gives a serene environment, surrounded through lush greenery. Visitors can revel in boating in the reservoir and spend exceptional time amidst nature.

Coin Museum: Nashik is domestic to the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies, which houses the Coin Museum. It is a completely unique museum devoted to the observe and maintenance of cash, showcasing a vast series of coins from different periods and civilizations.

These nearby sights provide a various variety of studies, from religious and ancient exploration to natural splendor and journey. Exploring those places will supplement your visit to Dugarwadi Waterfalls and offer a well-rounded experience of the vicinity’s cultural, ancient, and herbal history.

Safety Precautions:

When touring Dugarwadi Waterfalls, it’s miles essential to prioritize protection. Here are a few essential safety precautions to keep in mind:

Follow specific pathways and avoid straying into constrained areas.

Wear suitable footwear and garb that are appropriate for hiking or walking on slippery surfaces.

Carry drinking water and mild snacks to live hydrated and energized for the duration of the visit.

Do no longer task too near the waterfall, in particular in the course of heavy go with the flow or rough climate conditions.

Avoid littering and assist preserve the cleanliness of the surroundings.

If you are not a assured swimmer, refrain from entering the water and stay careful near the water our bodies.

Follow the instructions and tips supplied by way of neighborhood government or guides.

With its awe-inspiring splendor, Dugarwadi Waterfalls offers a serene retreat amidst nature’s splendor. Whether you are seeking adventure, solace, or an possibility to connect to nature, this captivating waterfall in Maharashtra is sure to leave you with unforgettable reminiscences of its majestic cascades, verdant environment, and the tranquility it gives to each traveller.


Reaching Dugarwadi Waterfalls is fantastically convenient, way to its proximity to Nashik. Here are the not unusual modes of transportation used to get right of entry to the waterfall:

By Road: Nashik is nicely-connected to major towns in Maharashtra and neighboring states via a community of highways. Visitors can pressure to the Dugarwadi village via taking the Nashik-Sinnar Highway or Nashik-Trimbakeshwar Road. Private motors or hired taxis are the favored way of transportation for maximum travelers.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Dugarwadi Waterfalls is Nashik Road Railway Station, which is related to numerous towns in India. From the railway station, you can still hire a taxi or take a nearby bus to reach the waterfall.

By Air: The closest airport to Dugarwadi Waterfalls is the Ozar Airport, positioned round forty two kilometers away. Another choice is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, that’s about 170 kilometers from the waterfall. From the airports, you can actually lease a taxi or use public transportation to reach Dugarwadi.

Dugarwadi Waterfall Location

Below is the Dugarwadi waterfall.

Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, Maharashtra

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