EJHS Health Cards Download Journalists Employees Health Scheme

EJHS Health Cards Download

EJHS Health Cards Download Journalists Employees Health Scheme

Telangana Govt Employees Health Care Scheme and Telangana Journalists Health Care Scheme by Govt of Telangana state. Health Cards online download.Electronic Health Record to Book an Appointment on Mobile | Download Health Cards Online, his health card, ehs,ehs health card, employee health scheme, employee health care, telangana health card, health card Telangana, ts health card, employees health card, ehf health card, health card online, employee health scheme Telangana, journalist health card, health card download, employee health card Telangana, health card telangana hospital list, Journalist Health Schemes, Journalist Health card, EJHS Mobile App ,Download Health Cards.

Telangana Employee Health Scheme

Telangana Employee Health Scheme will grant inpatient treatment for the listed therapies beneath all specialties in the empanelled hospitals. Arogyamithra in the empanelled health center will guide and facilitate the movement of EHS Patient (Employee/Pensioner/Dependent Family Member) from the time of registration until the time of discharge. Out Patient cure for pre-defined long-term (chronic) ailments will be furnished in notified hospitals. *The duration from the date of reporting to clinic to 10 days after the date of discharge from the medical institution will probably be treated as phase of the package. The package will encompass the complete vary of investigations, medicines, implants, consumables, diet, post-operations / post-treatment complications and follow up care arising from the therapeutic intervention.
Telangana State Government Employees and Pensioners have to register themselves at the official website http://www.ehf.telangana.gov.in to get a Health Card for them and for their structured household members. However lot of personnel have already been registered for this scheme whilst they had been in the unified Andhra Pradesh. Employees have to down load their Health Card by logging into the legitimate website.
How to Download Health Card?
Health Card can without difficulty be downloaded from the official website. To download Health Card, the Telangana State Government Employee/Pensioner has to login to the www.ehf.telangana.gov.in website. The following steps must be accompanied to download health card.
Sign in to the ehf telangana portal
  • Enter Treasury ID as USERNAME if you are an Employee, Enter Pension PPO Number if you are a Pensioner
  • Password has already been despatched to the registered cell number of the Employee/Pensioner whilst registering. If you are unaware of the Password, then you have to click on the “forgot password” link.
  • A clean password will be sent to the registered mobile variety of the Employee/Pensioner.
  • Employee/Pensioner has to signal in with the new password
  • After login in, you can see the following window.
  • Left Side, under registrations tab, you can see “Download Health Card” Option. Users have to click on that. Then Health Card will be downloaded to the gadget in PDF format. Users have to store the downloaded PDF file and have to laminate that.
Telangana health card download
Telangana State Government is NOT gathering any subscription charges to avail this scheme. Health offerings will be furnished free of price to all the state government employees, teachers and Pensioners. Aided instructors will likely be added to the worker health scheme after few days.
  • The following fashionable time table of Rates are authorized for Employee Health Scheme
1. Stay in Semi Private ward Rs.1,200/- per day in non-NABH accredited hospitals and Rs.1,500/- per day in NABH permitted hospitals.
2. Stay in Private ward Rs.1,500/- per day in non-NABH authorized hospitals and Rs.2,000/- per day in NABH approved hospital. (NABH=National Accreditation Board for Hospitals)
NOTE: The above rates/details are prescribed/mentioned in the G.O Ms.No.174, one hundred seventy five and 176 which have been released by means of the previous Congress Government in the unified AP. Telangana Govt may additionally launch separate G.O regarding worker fitness scheme bundle rates. Page will be updated as quickly as the G.O if any releases.
  •     ‘కార్పొరేట్‌’లో ఉద్యోగులు, జర్నలిస్టులకు
  • ఏడాదికోసారి ఉచితంగా వైద్య పరీక్షలు
  •  దీర్ఘకాలిక రోగులకు
  •     నెలవారీగా ఉచితంగా మందులు
  •  700 రకాల బ్రాండెడ్‌
  •     మందులు అందించే యోచన
  •  వైద్యం కోసం ముందుగా
  •     రిఫరల్‌ ఆసుపత్రులకు…
  •  అక్కడ్నుంచి పై ఆసుపత్రులకు రిఫర్‌ చేస్తేనే కార్పొరేట్‌ చికిత్స
  •  అత్యవసర సమయాల్లో మాత్రం నేరుగా వెళ్లేందుకు వెసులుబాటు
  • వైద్య ఆరోగ్యశాఖ నిర్ణయం
  •  ఈజేహెచ్‌ఎస్‌ పథకం అమలు 


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