eSHRAM Card Download By Aadhar Card Mobile Number UAN Number

eSHRAM Card Download By Aadhar Card Mobile Number UAN Number

eSHRAM Card Download by UAN number, mobile phone, and Aadhar Card along with the process of downloading is given here. Download and read your eSHRAM card on the official website.

How to Download eSHRAM Card
eSHRAM Card Download
The Ministry of Labour & Employment is always working towards the well-being of the working workforce of the nation by offering social security to them. In this particular sequence, the ministry has designed the eShram portal to help workers who are not able to be employed, like sellers in street cleaners, immigrants from other countries who are employed here construction workers, and so on.

They are all part of this program of officials of India. Government officials of India have issued approximately 28,24,717,000 e-Shram cards as of now. Anyone who has registered to get an E-SHRAM card can download their card on the official website.

What’s The E SHRAM Card Function?

Registration for the eSHRAM card registration of workers will benefit them in a variety of ways. The registration is an initiative by Central Government.
It’s a collection of data of unorganized workers that are seeded by using an Aadhar Card. The process is carried out using an online application.
After the registration has been completed after the registration is completed, insurance coverage of 2 lakhs rupees will be provided as part of the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana (PMSBY).
It assures the laborers that the unorganized workers will be able to get social security benefits with the aid of this website.
Furthermore, the government has announced that in the event there is a crisis or emergency such as a pandemic officials will make use of this information to aid people.
The benefits are only given to unorganized workers who are eligible according to the rules. Go to the official website to verify eligibility before applying.
The cards are issued to people registered with the National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW). The E SHRAM card was created to record the details of those working in unorganized sectors that are not registered for work. which can lead to problems like a lack of certainty about their job, lower income, and working in dangerous conditions to earn a living every day.

eSHRAM Card Download By Aadhar Card Mobile Number UAN Number
eSHRAM Card Download By Aadhar Card Mobile Number UAN Number

Get an e-SHRAM Card By UAN Number
UAN number is given through the state government to all who have registered their numbers through their Aadhar cards. You can benefit from the following registration to participate in the Shrimik Yojana. Universal Account Number (UAN) is the 12-digit number that is provided to you once the registration process has been completed. This allows them to avail the benefits offered to them by the government. You’ll get the insurance coverage you need for accidents throughout the year.

By using this unique number, the person’s name, as well as the job are registered with the ministry. This helps the person be employed in the position he/she can get. The cards are issued to those who are in the age range of 15 to 59. The card will look identical to the Aadhar card and will have details such as:

eSHRAM Card Download By Aadhar Card Mobile Number UAN Number

Your name is
Your photo
Name of father
Date of Birth
Universal Account Number
Mobile Number
Download E SHRAM by Aadhar Card
It will be necessary for the registration of employees. Eligible candidates are not able to apply for registration if they do not carry an Aadhar card. The cards are made available under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana (PMSBY). Aadhar is linked to its eSHRAM card. It is free to anyone who can apply for the card. The eSHRAM card is downloaded following the instructions in the following paragraph.

The applicants who haven’t yet registered should do so by going to the official website. It is necessary to be a resident of India to get a card. The required document is an Aadhar card photo, electricity bill, and mobile number that is linked to the Aadhar card. The OTP is sent out to that number and accounts in the bank so that the money is transferred by authorities in the scheme.

How to Download an eSHRAM Card?
Anyone who has registered to the eSHRAM scheme can access the card. The steps are simple. Download your eSHRAM as soon as possible and take advantage of the benefits offered to you by the government.

For downloading the cards, you will need to go to the official website for E SHRAM.
On the homepage, you will see”Register” on the right side. Register on the eShramis link on the right.
When you click the link, another tab will open.
Already registered drop-down menu, choose the UAN card download link. UAN account link.
Once you have entered 12 digits of your UAN number into the three boxes available.
In the next box, you must enter your birth date then enter the captcha well, and click generate OTP.
An OTP will be delivered via a registered number to your mobile. After that, enter the OTP that was sent to the number that is linked to an Aadhar card to activate your eSHRAM card through the website.
Then, click Download UAN card. The card will be downloaded onto your computer.
After downloading, you will be required to print an image.
The people who have signed up must communicate information about the schemes with other people so that they may also benefit from the benefits provided by the federal government. Follow the above procedure to download the card. Then contact the number given under the section on FAQs in the event there is any issue download of E SHRAM card. E SHRAM card.

Official Website

What is the exact version of UAN?
The Universal Account Number or UAN can be defined as a 12-digit code that is unique for every non-organized worker who is registered through the portal of eSHRAM. Once the number is issued, it will not be charged until the duration of the worker’s tenure.

After registration, when I can utilize this eSHRAM card?
After registration is completed and the card issued it’s valid for all-time use.

What is the date that you have to meet to sign up for this eSHRAM card?
There isn’t a deadline. open. You can sign up at any time you like.

Who can I contact in the event of need?
The government has also provided the government with a Helpdesk number which is 14434 (or a 10-digit number, according to CSC).

What is the frequency I have to upgrade my eSHRAM card?
This update will only be needed when there is an alteration in address, phone number, and bank accounts. It is possible to update your account once per calendar year to maintain your eSHRAM account current.


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