Free Laptop Scheme for College Students in Karnataka

Free Laptop Scheme for College Students in Karnataka

The government of the state of Karnataka has announced the beginning of a laptop-free scheme in the state. In the scheme, the state government is distributing laptops at no cost to students who wish to further study after having passed their high school senior examinations.

Laptops could be provided to all students who are admitted within the calendar year into Engineering, Medical, Polytechnic, and First Grade Colleges. The students who are accepted into government faculties will be able to use a laptop for free under the scheme. The free computer plan could provide advantages to approximately 1.5 Lakh students. In 2014, the state government also suggested a free computer plan that would benefit 10.Five Lakh college students studying in all private and government colleges. However, the scheme was canceled due to the high costs (About the sum of Rs. 3000 crores) to the government’s budget. The new plan could cost 350 Crore when the cost of each laptop is the equivalent of Rs. 30000.


Free Laptop Scheme for College Students in Karnataka

The Launch Date or Year of The Laptop Bhagya Program

The scheme was officially announced through the government of the state of Karnataka during the finance cabinet meeting to discuss the state’s budget for the financial year 2017 through 18. The program was officially launched as part of the state’s PM Yojana in the State with the name Laptop Bhagya that will be used by students who have completed their secondary school exam for the school year 2017-18.

Eligibility Criteria for the Bhagya Laptop scheme

All categories: The Karnataka government has made it clear that everyone in the category (previously restricted to the ST/SC category) is keen to benefit from this scheme.
admission to professional training can also be recognized under this scheme.
Domicile According to the plan, it’s a given that the applicant must be an Indian resident of Karnataka state of birth. This means that the student must be a resident within the state.
Students in college: As the scheme is only available to the most worthy students, so the government will offer benefits to UG students to benefit from this scheme. It is the first and second year.
Some of the key characteristics that are part of the Laptop Bhagya Scheme

The program was launched to provide rewards to students who passed an exam. Karnataka state secondary examination for the current academic year.
In the scheme, certainly, students hoping to get into college courses that are professional and accredited and Polytechnic institutions can be easily accepted into the Laptop Bhgaya Scheme.
Also, under the Laptop Bhagya scheme over 1.50 lakh students from the state who belong to ST and SC groups will be able to avail the benefits.
The program is designed to assist students who fall into the ST/SC and are incapable of investing funds to purchase laptops because of their financial circumstances.
The initiative was initiated by the State Government, to help students learn to use computers more effectively in their academic studies.
The government has also announced it will invest between $32,000 and 35,000 per laptop purchased.

Important Documents Needed

Domicile Certificate To be registered under this scheme, it is certain that applicants will need to submit an original copy of their residency document (Domicile Certificate).
12 the Pass Certificate: As the program was designed for students who have completed the 12th exam, they need to submit their secondary school mark sheets.
Caste Certificate: In the framework, it is also mandatory that students provide proof of their casting (ST/SC certificate)
College Fee Structure Aside from that, students must provide evidence of their college fee receipt.

The course is available under the Scheme

In the scheme, the state government has announced the scheme applies to students who are enrolled in professional courses like medicine engineering, engineering First Grade colleges Polytechnical institutes, and other post-graduate programs.

Official website of Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme / Laptop Bhagya Scheme

If you are interested in getting registered under this scheme, you can register here. Bhagya Laptop scheme, then you need to sign up on this official site

Registration forms and other information regarding registration

To register for the scheme, candidates who meet the criteria can sign up on their official site. Application forms online are available to be downloaded via the website.
Date of Start: The portal online is currently available to students who want to register for a free laptop.
Last Date: The final date or the closing date for registration has not yet been officially announced by the local government.

How do I sign up under the Free Laptop Scheme in Karnataka

You must first log in to the site and confirm the criteria for eligibility. Once you’ve verified your eligibility, you are eligible, you can download the application form online via the portal.
Take a printout from the form and fill it out with your current details on the application form.
You must attach your passport-sized photo and any other documents required with the application form.

Students who are selected for the list

From the official website, you must search to find the “select Students” option to access the Bhagya laptop scheme. Click it.
You will be taken to the webpage that displays the entire list of students selected as part of the program.
Free Laptop SchemeThe administration of Karnataka has launched a new, loose program for computers to students within its monetary cost range for twelve months. College students who have recently passed their final secondary exam and who have been accepted into colleges during the instructional twelve months could be eligible for the laptops at no cost.

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