Full details About Se Cathedral Church

Full details About Se Cathedral Church


Goa Se Cathedral, also known as Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina, is one of the most impressive religious structures in India and a significant symbol of Goa’s colonial past. Situated in Old Goa, the former capital of Portuguese India, this magnificent cathedral is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Se Cathedral stands as a proud testament to the grandeur of Indo-Portuguese architecture and the enduring legacy of Christianity in Goa.

Historical Background:

The construction of the Goa Se Cathedral began in 1562 and was completed in 1619, during the reign of the Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Francisco da Gama, as a celebration of the Portuguese victory over the Muslim army in 1510. It commemorated the triumph of Afonso de Albuquerque, the Portuguese general, and his troops, which led to the annexation of Goa to the Portuguese Empire. The location of the church was chosen as it marked the exact spot where a Muslim mosque once stood before being destroyed to make way for the new Christian place of worship.

Architectural Style:

The architecture of Goa Se Cathedral is a splendid fusion of several styles, prominently incorporating the Portuguese-Manueline and Tuscan styles. The cathedral’s facade displays an exquisite blend of white granite and basalt, adorned with Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian pilasters, arches, and columns. The two sturdy bell towers flanking the facade contribute to its imposing appearance and are reminiscent of medieval European cathedrals.

Design and Layout:

The Goa Se Cathedral boasts an imposing Latin cross plan, with its main body stretching approximately 250 feet in length and 181 feet in breadth. The central nave rises to an impressive height, emphasizing the verticality of the structure, and the transepts intersect it, forming the cross-shaped layout. The interior comprises three aisles, each flanked by a series of chapels showcasing a captivating array of religious artwork, sculptures, and paintings.


Full details About Se Cathedral Church


Full details About Se Cathedral Church


Main Features and Highlights:

Golden Altar: The main altar is an opulent work of art, embellished with exquisite gilded woodwork and intricate sculptures depicting scenes from the life of Saint Catherine. At its center stands a stunning statue of Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of the cathedral.

The Cross of Miracles: One of the most venerated artifacts in the cathedral is the Cross of Miracles (also known as the Khuris), believed to have miraculously survived a massive fire in 1643, which engulfed the wooden structure of the church.

The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament: Situated in the southern transept, this chapel houses the tabernacle and is adorned with beautiful paintings and statues representing various saints.

The Chapel of St. Catherine: Located on the northern transept, this chapel is dedicated to the cathedral’s patron saint, Catherine of Alexandria, and houses her sacred relics.

The Baptistry: On the right side of the main entrance, the baptistry is an essential part of the cathedral, where countless baptisms have taken place over the centuries.

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary: This chapel, on the left side of the main entrance, features a statue of Our Lady of the Rosary and an altar adorned with captivating murals.

The Se Cathedral Festivals:

The Goa Se Cathedral is not only a place of worship but also a vibrant center of cultural and religious festivals. The most prominent celebration is the Feast of St. Catherine, held on November 25th annually, attracting a multitude of devotees from across Goa and beyond. The festivities include processions, music, dance, and traditional Goan cuisine, making it a truly grand and joyous occasion.

Preservation and Restoration:

Over the centuries, the Se Cathedral faced its fair share of challenges, including natural disasters and human neglect. Fortunately, concerted efforts by the Archaeological Survey of India and various preservation organizations have helped maintain and restore this architectural gem. Conservation projects have focused on structural stability, preserving historical artworks, and safeguarding the cathedral’s legacy for future generations.

How To reach Se Cathedral Church :

To reach the Se Cathedral Church in Goa, you can follow these directions:

The Se Cathedral Church is located in Old Goa, about 9 kilometers east of the capital city, Panaji. If you are in Panaji or any other part of Goa, you can use the following transportation options:

Taxi or Cab: The most convenient way to reach the Se Cathedral is by hiring a taxi or cab. You can find taxis easily throughout Goa, and most drivers are familiar with popular tourist destinations like the Se Cathedral. Ensure to negotiate the fare beforehand or use the meter.

Local Buses: Goa has a well-connected local bus network. Look for buses heading to Old Goa or “Velha Goa” and inquire about the nearest stop to the Se Cathedral. Be prepared for a short walk from the bus stop to the church.

Rental Scooters/Bikes: Renting a scooter or bike is a popular option for tourists in Goa. It offers flexibility and allows you to explore the surroundings at your own pace. You can easily find bike rental services in major towns and tourist areas.

Private Car: If you have access to a private car or are traveling with someone who does, driving to the Se Cathedral is an option. Just use a navigation app to find the best route to Old Goa.

Guided Tours: Many tour operators in Goa offer guided tours that include the Se Cathedral Church as one of the destinations. Joining such a tour is an excellent way to explore the church and other historical sites with the guidance of knowledgeable locals.

Remember, the Se Cathedral is a popular tourist attraction, so you can ask locals for directions if needed. Additionally, check the opening hours before your visit to plan your trip accordingly. Enjoy your visit to the magnificent Se Cathedral Church!

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