Complete Details About National Song of India -

Complete Details About National Song of India

Complete Details About National Song of India


The song was composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterji in Sanskrit The song Vande Mataram was originally intended to inspire the masses in their struggle for freedom. While it was written in 1876, its first public release came out in 1882 in the novel ‘Anandamatha’, amid fears of a ban being imposed by the British Raj. The song is on par with the song Jana-Gana mana (National Indian Anthem) the song first was sung at the session of 1896 in the Indian National Congress. Vande Mataram served as a vocal protest against British rule in the war for freedom. At first, those with enthusiasm for the cause flooded through the city of Calcutta and other cities, singing the slogan “Vande Mataram or “Hail To the Mother (land)!




Infuriated by the threat, the British banned the expression of music and detained freedom fighters who refused to obey the orders. Vande Mataram was initially used in the role of National Anthem of India, however, later, Jana-Gana-mana was chosen as the national song of independent India. This was due to the Muslim sect of India believing they were being influenced by the tune since it depicted the Indian nation as “Ma Durga which is a Hindu goddess. While Vande Mataram aptly illustrated the nation’s enthusiasm and zeal before independence the song was adopted to be an official National Song of India. In the next lines, we’ve included the lyrics from The National Song of India and its English translation.

Complete Details About National Song of India


National Song Of India

Vande maataraM
sujalaaM suphalaaM malayaja shiitalaaM
SasyashyaamalaaM maataram ||

Shubhrajyotsnaa pulakitayaaminiiM
pullakusumita drumadala shobhiniiM
suhaasiniiM sumadhura bhaashhiNiiM
sukhadaaM varadaaM maataraM ||

Koti koti kantha kalakalaninaada karaale
koti koti bhujai.rdhR^itakharakaravaale
abalaa keno maa eto bale
bahubaladhaariNiiM namaami taariNiiM
ripudalavaariNiiM maataraM ||

Tumi vidyaa tumi dharma
tumi hR^idi tumi marma
tvaM hi praaNaaH shariire

Baahute tumi maa shakti
hR^idaye tumi maa bhakti
tomaara i pratimaa gaDi
mandire mandire ||

TvaM hi durgaa dashapraharaNadhaariNii
kamalaa kamaladala vihaariNii
vaaNii vidyaadaayinii namaami tvaaM

Namaami kamalaaM amalaaM atulaaM
SujalaaM suphalaaM maataraM ||

ShyaamalaaM saralaaM susmitaaM bhuushhitaaM
DharaNiiM bharaNiiM maataraM |”

Complete Details About National Song of India


English Translation

Mutter, I bow before you!
Rich in thy rushing streams,
sparkling with orchard gleams
Cool, with thy breezes of joy,
Dark fields waving Mother of Might,
Mother’s free.

The moonlight glimmering in the night,
Over thy branches and the lordly streams,
In thy blooming trees,
Mother, the giver of ease
The sweetest and most low-key laugh!
Mother, I kiss thee feet,
Sweet speaker and low!
Mother, to you I take a bow.

Who said that thou was weak in the land of your birth?
When the sword is fleshed out in the hands of seventy million people
Seventy million voices roar
Your terrible name, all the way from coast to shore?
With many strengths, who are powerful and well-stocked,
To you I pray for Mother to thee, and Lord!
But who is the one to save, rise and save?
To her, I cry out whoever her adversaries drove
Returned from plain and Sea
She shook her head and walked away.

Thou ist wise You are law,
Our heart, our soul Our breath, our soul
Although art is divine love and the Awe
Our hearts are the only thing that can conquer death.
The strength of the arm that can numb the arm
The beauty is in the eyes, and the beauty, the charm.
Every image made divine
In our temples, is thine.

Thou art Durga, Lady, and Queen,
Her hands strike, and her
swords of sheen
You are Lakshmi’s lotus-throned
The Muse is a hundred-toned
Pure and unsurpassed without peer
Mother lend thy ear
The rich and thriving streams are rushing by,
The orchard’s gleams are bright with the glow of thy,
Dark of hue, O fair-cautious

Within thy heart and with a sparkling hairstyle
And that gorgeous smile of yours,
The most loving of all earthly lands,
Riches from the well-stored hands!
Mother My mother!
My sweet mother, I bow before you,
Mother Great and Free!

The song served as an inspiration to many patriots and is owed all the respect of the Indians like the National Anthem – ‘Jana Gana Mana. It was first used in the session of 1896 the Indian National Congress.

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