Full details of the International Mango Festival

Full details of the International Mango Festival

The International Mango Festival is a grand event that is celebrated every 12 months in India to show off the form of mangoes which are grown in the united states. The festival is commonly held in Delhi, the capital metropolis of India, and attracts traffic from all over the global. It is organized by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation in collaboration with the Delhi Government, and the National Horticulture Board.

The first International Mango Festival was held in 1987, and it has due to the fact emerge as an annual event that takes location in July. The pageant is a celebration of the mango season in India, which lasts from May to September. During this era, the country produces over one thousand types of mangoes, and the festival provides a platform for farmers and mango enthusiasts to show off their produce.

The festival is held at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi and lasts for 3 days. The stadium is converted right into a colorful and colourful mango bazaar in which farmers and buyers from special parts of the united states of america come together to show their mangoes. The mangoes are arranged in distinct categories, based on their length, form, and color.

Full info of the International Mango Festival

Apart from the mango bazaar, the pageant additionally consists of diverse competitions and cultural activities. There is a mango-ingesting competition, where members compete to see who can devour the maximum mangoes in a given time. There is likewise a mango carving opposition, in which individuals showcase their talents in carving complex designs into mangoes.

Cultural activities at the festival encompass performances by way of folks artists, who exhibit the conventional song and dance of various components of India. There also are cooking competitions, in which cooks from exceptional elements of the usa showcase their mango-primarily based recipes.

The festival also affords an opportunity for farmers and mango fans to have interaction with experts and learn about the contemporary strategies in mango cultivation. The National Horticulture Board units up a stall wherein farmers can get records approximately new styles of mangoes, in addition to hints on pest control and soil fertility.

Full info of the International Mango Festival

One of the highlights of the competition is the mango public sale, wherein rare and exceptional sorts of mangoes are offered at high expenses. The public sale is carried out by using professionals who compare the high-quality of the mangoes and set the charges therefore.

The International Mango Festival attracts traffic from everywhere in the global, which includes mango lovers, buyers, and farmers. The pageant provides a platform for them to come together and have fun the range of mangoes which might be grown in India. It is also an possibility for the usa to exhibit its agricultural history and sell its mango industry to the arena.

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