Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download PF Statement -

Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download PF Statement

Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024, Download PF Statement from intrahry.Gov.In


Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024 or Haryana Employee GPF Statement 2024 could be issued annually through the Principal Accounts General, Haryana on its professional website, https://intrahry.Gov.In/.

Employees of Haryana state who’re operating in various departments can check information and download the GPF annual assertion from the legitimate internet portal, https://cag.Gov.In/ae/haryana/en.

If you are a central authority employee in Haryana, you are probably wondering about a way to get the right of entry to your GPF slips for the 12 months of 2024. The General Provident Fund (GPF) is a retirement savings scheme for government personnel in India.

As a worker, it’s far crucial to keep in tune with your GPF balance and make sure that your contributions are updated. On this web page, we can offer you all the records you want to get entry to your Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024.

Understanding the General Provident Fund (GPF)

The GPF is a retirement financial savings scheme for authorized eyes in India. It is just like the Provident Fund (PF) provided by using non-public businesses. Under the GPF, a positive percentage of an employee’s profits is deducted each month and deposited into a savings account.

The collected quantity, at the side of interest, is paid to the employee upon retirement. The GPF is controlled by way of the Office of the Accountant General (A&E) in each nation.

In Haryana, the GPF is controlled by using the Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Haryana. The office is chargeable for maintaining the money owed to government employees, consisting of the GPF debts.

What is Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024?

Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024 is a file that shows the info of your GPF account for the monetary 12 months 2024. It suggests the contributions made using you and your organization, withdrawals (if any), and the hobby earned to your GPF account.

Haryana GPF Slip 2024

Name of the SlipHaryana GPF Statement 2024TitleDownload Haryana GPF Annual Statement 2024, SubjectThe Government released Haryana Employee GPF Statement 2024CategoryGPF SlipWebsitehttps://cag.Gov.In/ae/haryana/enGPF Slip http://web1.Hry.Nic.In/aghry/Employee.Aspx

Haryana Employee GPF Slip

Haryana GPF Statement 2024

GPF (General Provident Fund) is a scheme that lets government employees save part of their salary each month, which may be withdrawn at the time of retirement. It is a huge supply of savings for lots of authorities employees in India.

If you’re a government worker in Haryana, you must be aware of the significance of the GPF slip. GPF slip is a report that suggests the information of your contributions, withdrawals, and hobby earned to your GPF account.

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Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024

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Why is the Haryana GPF Slip important?

The Haryana GPF slip is an essential document that can help you plan your future investments and prices. It shows the balance of your GPF account, which is a sign of your financial savings for the 12 months.

It also suggests the full amount of deductions made during the 12 months, which let you tune your costs and plan your budget as a consequence.

In addition, the slip shows the interest earned in your financial savings, which can assist you decide if you want to continue investing inside the GPF account or explore different investment alternatives.

Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download

The GPF Annual Statement is a critical document for Haryana government employees who have a GPF account. It provides them with important facts approximately their savings and allows them to plan their retirement. The system of downloading the Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024 is simple and may be performed online. Follow the stairs given beneath:

  1. Visit the Official Website
  2. To get the right of entry to your GPF slip, authorities employees of Haryana kingdom want to go to the official internet site of the Principal Accounts General, Haryana Website (https://intrahry.Gov.In/).
  3. Click on Employee Corner
  4. Once you reach the authentic internet site, look for the “Employees Corner” phase and click on it on the house web page.
  5. Click on the GPF tab
  6. After clicking that hyperlink, a listing of alternatives will seem. Now, click on the “GPF tab” within the Employees Corner phase.
  7. Enter Login Details
  8. Once you have clicked on the “GPF tab”, you will be redirected to a brand new web page in which you will be precipitated to enter your GPF account range, and PIN and click on the put up button.
  9. Select the Year
  10. After login the net web page, pick out the yr from the list that you want and click on the generate GPF slip button.
  11. Download GPF Slip
  12. After clicking on the button, your GPF slip for the selected 12 months can be displayed on the display screen. You can both download the slip or take a printout for Destiny’s reference.

What to do if you face trouble downloading the GPF Slip?

If you face any issues even when downloading the Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024, you could contact the Accountant General Haryana workplace for assistance. The touch details of the office are available on the authentic website. You can also go to the workplace as an individual for help.

Other Important Details

Apart from checking your Haryana Employee GPF Slip 2024, there are some other vital details that you want to hold in mind concerning your GPF account. These encompass:

  1. Interest Rate: The interest charge on GPF money owed is revised in each zone. As of 1st January 2024, the hobby rate on GPF bills is 7.1% in step with the annum.
  2. Contribution: As an employee, you are required to make a month-to-month contribution to your GPF account. The contribution quantity is often a percentage of your simple profits and dearness allowance.
  3. Withdrawals: You can withdraw cash out of your GPF account for sure purposes, which include training, scientific treatment, and housing. However, there are positive regulations and regulations which you need to maintain in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Haryana GPF Slip?

  1. The Haryana GPF (General Provident Fund) Slip is a record that includes the details of the contributions made by an employee to the GPF account all through a selected length.

How can I access my Haryana GPF Slip for 2024?

  1. You can get entry to your Haryana Employee GPF Slip for 2024 with the aid of traveling to the authentic internet site of the Accountant General Haryana at https://intrahry.Gov.In/.

What information is blanketed within the Haryana GPF Slip?

  1. The Haryana GPF Slip consists of statistics including the worker’s call, GPF account quantity, the opening and closing balance of the account, the quantity contributed at some point of the duration, and the interest earned at the account.

Is it mandatory for all Haryana country authorities employees to make contributions to the GPF?

  1. Yes, it’s miles mandatory for all Haryana kingdom authorities personnel to contribute to the GPF.

How is the interest rate calculated on the GPF contributions?

  1. The interest price on GPF contributions is decided via the Government of India and is a concern to exchange every so often. The present-day fee for the monetary 12 months of 2024 is 7.1%.

Can I withdraw my GPF contributions before retirement?

  1. Yes, you can withdraw your GPF contributions earlier than retirement in positive situations along with marriage, schooling, purchase of a house, or for clinical treatment.

How can I check the status of my GPF withdrawal utility?

  1. You can take a look at the fame of your GPF withdrawal software by way of journeying the respectable website of the Accountant General Haryana and coming into your GPF account quantity and password.

What have I done if there’s a blunder in my Haryana GPF Slip?

  1. If there is a mistake on your Haryana GPF Slip, you need to touch your department’s GPF phase to rectify the error.

The Haryana Employee GPF Account Slip 2024 is a vital report for authorities personnel because it presents them with information on their GPF account stability for the yr 2024.

Haryana government employees can without difficulty download and check their GPF balance for the 12 months of 2024 using following the stairs stated in this text. It is crucial to preserve the music of your GPF balance as it’s far a vital source of profits after retirement.