Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings -

Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings

Traditional Hindu Baby Boy Names (A to Z) with meanings

Hindu name for baby boys can be found in a variety of! Some are chic and trendy and others are connected to the mythology of nature and. It is not uncommon to see names that are similar to these. If you’re looking for a name for your baby boy for your child Here are some of our top ideas. The only thing you need to do is figure out the theme you want for him to be given and upon the theme, pick a name.

Best Hindu Baby Boy Names:

1. Aadavan:

Aadavan is one of the most well-known names in Hinduism. Could it be a good idea to shine a light in the lives of your children by calling him Aadavan? Aadavan is a name that means “sun”.

2. Aahan:

Aahan is a popular Hindu baby boy’s name. It means ‘dawn , or the morning glory’.

3. Aakav:

Have you ever heard of this name? It’s a distinctive Hindu names for babies meaning “form or shape.’

4. Aakesh:

Aakesh is considered to be an alternative that is modern and fashionable to the more traditional name Aakash. It is the word that means ‘lord of sky’.

5. Aakil:

Aakil means ‘intelligent or smart’. A clever name for the genius your son is going to end up being!

6. Aanan:

Another contemporary Hindu baby boy’s name, Aananmeans “appearance”.

7. Aanav:

This is the reverse of Daanav. Aanav is a reference to ‘humane’.

8. Aarush:

Here’s the latest Hindu boy’s name that is a reference to ‘bright, shining as well as sun’.

9. Aayu:

Aayu means “life span’.This is an original Hindu names for baby boys if you’re searching for one.

10. Abhik:

Abhik means ‘beloved’ , and “fearless”.

11. Achintya:

Acintya is a Hindi word meaning ‘unimaginable’. It is a different Hindu baby boy’s name.

12. Adbhuta:

The name is of Sanskrit origin , and it just hints at certain positive meanings for the word. It is a reference to ‘extraordinary, extraordinary incredible, amazing, and amazing’.

13. Adhija:

Adhija, the name is now becoming extremely popular with Hindus and is a reference to’superior by birth’.

14. Advit:

Looking for a unique name? This name will do justice since the name itself is a synonym for “unique”.

15. Bhadrak:

According to the mythology, Bhadrak is the name of the King of Anga. The word translates to “handsome”, “brave” and good.

16. Bodhi:

Bodhi is an Sanskrit term that’s growing in popularity. The word means ‘awakening’ or “enlightenment”.

17. Chaitanya:

This name, which translates to “energy or vitality,” was given to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was a renowned Vaishnavite saint.

18. Chaitya:

Chaitya is, in its meaning can mean perceivable.

19. Chakshan:

A great name to consider! Chakshan means ‘good looking’.

20. Charun:

Have you heard of this name before? Charun is the French word for ‘one who has stunning eyes’.

21. Chinmay:

Chinmay is a reference to the Lord Ganesha. It is the word that means “consisting in pure thinking’.

22. Chitayu:

To be the smart being your son may end up being, Chitayu means ‘born of the intellect’.

23. Chitin:

Chitin means ‘intelligent’. This is the most recent Hindu baby boy’s name for your son.

24. Daiwik:

Are you looking for a name that has a religious significance? Don’t look any further. It’s a word that means “God’s grace”.

25. Deekshant:

Deekshant is a reference to ‘gifts from God’. It’s an easy and simple name.

26. Deepit:

Deepit is a synonym for “passionate, illuminated, inflamed or excited’. If you want to impart positive energy to your child This could be the best name.

27. Devaj:

It is a reference to ‘born of God’. It sounds like a name you would give your child?

28. Devak:

This is a lovely name that is a synonym for ‘awesome beautiful, glorious, and religious’. It’s the perfect name as a name for your kid.

29. Devin:

Devin name has a spiritual connection. The word means “resembling God poetry or God’.

30. Devyan:

What do you think of this adorable Hindu baby boy’s name? Devyan is a reference to’serving the Gods.

31. Dhanvin:

Dhanvinrefers the god of Lord Shiva. The name has been considered as a very holy name.

32. Dhavak:

The word ‘forerunner’ means “forerunner”..

33. Dhavit:

Explain to your child that it is important to be a clean and pure person. This name is definitely a good one. It is a reference to purity.

Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings

34. Dhir:

One of the key qualities to cultivate is Dhir is a term that means “patience.’

35. Dhira:

Dhira is another well-known name in Hinduism. The word Dhira refers to brave..

36. Dhrishnu:

Are you looking for a name that is traditional? You must consider Dhrishnu which translates to’son of Manu’.

37. Dhrsita:

Dhrsita is the newest Hindu boy’s name derived from the Sanskrit word ‘dhrsita’ which means “brave or bold’.

38. Ehan:

Ehan means ‘expected.’

39. Ehit:

You’ve heard of this before? The name is a reference to ‘ever smiling” it is now also a popular Hindu baby boy’s name.

40. Elil:

Another gorgeous namesake, Elil, means ‘handsome’.

41. Erish:

Erish means ‘to cherish’.

42. Ganak:

Ganak refers to a person who is able to calculate’.

43. Gana:

Gana is the Lord Shiva. Name your child Gana could be the most effective method to show respect and reverence for Lord Shiva.

44. Gaoushik:

The name refers to Lord Buddha and isn’t the most well-known.

45. Hariaksh:

This is another name that is connected the Lord Shiva.

46. Harin:

Harin means ‘pure’. Harin is currently the preferred choice of parents of their sons.

47. Harman:

Harman is a reference to ‘Lord’s Heart’..

48. Harshill:

Harshill is an Indian name thought to be a suitable Hindu boy’s name. It is a synonym for ‘joyful’.

49. Harshith:

The word means joy or happiness.

50. Hemil:

Unique Hindu male name, which translates to “gold” is the perfect option for your son’s name If you’re looking for something special.

51. Hrutesh:

Hrutesh refers to the ‘Lord Of Springs’.

52. Ibhan:

Here’s a contemporary Hindu baby boy’s name. Ibhan is a reference to the god Lord Ganesha.

53. Ijay:

Ijay is a name not too often used that is a reference to Lord Vishnu.

54. Iravaj:

Another unusual Hindu male name that translates to “born from water.

55. Ishir:

It’s a cool and fashionable name It’s not it? Ishir is a synonym for “fire”.

56. Jogesha:

Jogesh is a reference to the ‘Lord of Yoga’.

Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings

57. Joshit:

Here’s one of the cool names that you can give to your kid. Joshit refers to ‘pleased’, or “delighted”.

58. Kahan:

Kahan is an Indian name which refers to Lord Krishna.

59. Kalin:

Kalin is a gorgeous name that translates to ‘growing or rapidly growing’. It is a good way to motivate your son towards a path of success.

60. Kanan:

Kanan refers to ‘forest’. Kanan was made famous by the Indian YouTube phenomenon.

61. Kanha:

Kanha is a reference the name of Lord Krishna. The name means “dark or dark’.

62. Kiaan:

Looking for a fashionable boy’s name? This is the name we suggest. Kiaan means ‘king’.

63. Kunal:

A popularly-repeated adorable Hindu names for babies, Kunal is a Hindi word meaning ‘one who has beautiful eyes’.

64. Madhuraj:

Madhuraj means ‘wax’.

65. Mahin:

Mahin is a name with an relationship with nature. Mahin is a term that means “Earth”..

66. Mahir:

Mahir means ‘expert’. An excellent name to give your child, so that he can become an expert in what is his job.

67. Mayank:

Mayank means ‘moon’. The name is a reference to the connection between celestial bodies.

68. Mayur:

Mayur means ‘peacock’.

69. Milan:

The name means ‘unique fashionable name of the past

70. Naman:

Naman is a modern Hindu baby boy’s name. It is a name that translates to a wonderful basic nature.

71. Neer:

How do you choose a beautiful nickname for him? Neer is a word that means “water” and symbolizes the importance of your son to you.

72. Neeraj:

Another variant of neer the name refers to ‘born in water’. It also means “illuminate”..

73. Nrpati:

Sound like something like something new? This is our favorite. It means “Lord of the men’ or ‘king’.

74. Omkar:

The name comes of Om, which is the Sanskrit ‘ Om’. It is a very popular name for an Hindu boy.

75. Parthiv:

The traditional name for your child The most recent Hindu Baby boy’s name is “Royal”.

76. Pranay:

Pranay is a sweet name for a son, that means “affection” or “love”.

77. Pravir:

The name translates to ” Brave’.

78. Purnit:

Purnit means ‘ complete’. Isn’t your son completing you? If he does then this name is named for him.

79. Rakshan:

The name is associated with a spiritual affiliation that is ‘protector’. It is also a reference to Lord Krishna.

80. Rasajja:

Another unique Hindu baby boy’s name. It means “one is able to understand the rasta’s.

81. Ravishnu:

It is the word that means ” God of Love’. It’s also a rare name to be found.

82. Rijul:

Rijul refers to ‘honest as well as innocent’.

83. Ronit:

Ronit is the word for ‘a tune of abundance’.

Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings

84. Saket:

Saket declares,’a paradise-like place’. It is in reference to the ancient term Ayodhya.

85. Sankalp:

Sankalp means ‘ determination’. This can be a good method to teach your child not to quit.

86. Sarva:

Sarva means “all things”. The name of the newborn baby for an Hindu baby boy has become a popular one.

87. Sharad:

A unique baby name which translates to “white Lotus”.

88. Shresht:

Shresht is a classic Indian Hindu baby boy name which translates to ‘best’ superior’ “king”. It’s quite the name!

89. Skanda:

Skanda refers to Skanda is a name that is a reference to Lord Vishnu. It is mentioned as a name in Vishnu Sahasranama, a religious book for the Hindus.

90. Sujal:

Sujal is the word for affectionate..

91. Suresh:

Suresh says that god is ruler’.

92. Taral:

Taral means ‘ liquid’.

93. Tavish:

The word’strong’ means “one who is brave as well as strong’. It also means “gold’.

94. Urjit:

Another name that is popular for Hindus, Urjit, means “powerful and energized”. Do you think this is exactly like the son you have? If so, then you’d better give him a name like this.

95. Ved:

Modern Hindu name, which refers to the holy text of the Hindus known as the Veda.

96. Viaan:

Viaan refers to ‘abundant with vitality as well as energy’. This is the same name given to Lord Krishna.

97. Viksya:

It’s a uncommon Hindu name that translates to “actor”. It also means “awesome’.

98. Vyan:

Vyan refers to the breath of life’. The name derives from Vyan, which is the Sanskrit term VyAna.

99. Yuvan:

Yuvan refers to’strong and healthy’. strong and healthy.’

100. Yuvraj:

This name translates to “Prince’. It is widely used to describe the son who is the eldest of the Rajput family.

Unique Hindu God Baby Boy Names:

Do you want to name your child in honor of the name of a Hindu God? Here are some suggestions.

101. Aadidev:

This is the name given to an Hindu god who is a long-standing god.

102. Aditya:

The name comes from the well-known Hindu god, the sun.

103. Adinath:

Adinath refers to the name given to Lord Vishnu.

Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings

104. Arjun:

The name Arjun is the son of the Lord Indra’. Arjun is among the siblings of Pandavas.

105. Bal Gopal:

The name is commonly used to refer to young boys. It is a reference to the young Krishna.

106. Brahma:

Brahma is acknowledged as the creator supreme. He is therefore Lord of the universe.

107. Chandramouli:

The name is a reference to Lord Shiva and is a popular name in south India.

108. Chiranjeev:

Chiranjeev means ‘ immortal’. It is also a reference to Lord Vishnu.

109. Deependra:

Deependra is the God of the Lights.

110. Devesh:

Devesh is the name of Lord Shiva.

111. Ekaling:

The name of the Lord Shiva.

112. Ganesh:

Ganesh is a popular Hindu name that refers God Ganesha.

113. Gautam:

Gautam is the moniker given to Lord Buddha.

114. Girish:

Girish refers to the title given to Lord Shiva. It also is the name of Lord of the Mountains.

115. Hari:

Hari can be described as Lord Vishnu as well as God Narayan.

116. Indra:

Indra is the most well-known God of war and weather. Indra can also be referred to as Lord of Devas.

117. Kamlesh:

Kamlesh can be described as the title given to Lord Vishnu who is often referred to as the ‘preserver’.

118. Mahendra:

Mahendra is the god of the sky.

119. Narayan:

Narayan can be described as Lord Vishnu the Lord himself.

120. Niranjan:

Niranjan refers to the name given to Lord Shiva.

121. Shiv:

The name Lord Shiva.

Modern Hindu Twin Baby Boy Names:

If you have twins and are seeking to name them, here are a few ideas.

122. Anuj as well as Tanuj:

Anuj is a reference to’the younger brother’ and Tanuj refers to ‘the dawning Sun’.

Hindu Baby Names A to Z Boys and Girls Names with Meanings

123. Mukul as well as Mrudul:

Mukul is a word that means “blossom” and mrudul is a synonym for soft..

124. Lalit as well as Lohit:

Lalit is a reference to ‘elegant’ and Lohit refers to’red’.

125. Sanket along with Sankalp:

Sanket refers to a signal and Sankalp is a reference to ‘decision’..

126. Tapan as well as Tapas:

Tapan refers to’sun’ The word “Tapan” also means “sun”. Tapas is a reference to heat..

127. Hitesh Ritesh Ritesh:

Hritesh refers to the Lord of goodness’. Ritesh refers to “Lord of Truth’.

128. Madhur as well as Milan:

Madhur refers to sweet and Milan is a reference to ‘ Union’.

129. Girish Harish and Harish:

Girish signifies God of the mountains The word “Grish” refers to God of the mountains, and Harish refers to Lord Shiva

130. Ketan as well as Chetan:

Ketan means ‘home’, and Chetan means ‘ life’.

A few of the most popular Hindu name for a baby boy have been put together for you. The majority of them are names of Gods. If you’re searching for twin names, this list of names is the perfect selection for you. If you are aware of the kind of name you’re seeking to name your child you can easily locate the one you want for your son.