Hindu Baby Names that Have Meaning Girls -

Hindu Baby Names that Have Meaning Girls

Hindu Baby Names that Have meaning Girls

Have a look at some of the top girl baby names you could think of for your little girl.

1. Aadhira:

Aadhira is a well-known girl’s name in Hinduism that translates to moon..

2. Aaloka:

It is a very uncommon Hindu baby name which translates to “cry of victory”.

3. Aashi:

For the gorgeous smile that your baby is likely to give a few days after being born, this photo will give you the fullest justice. Aashi is a Japanese word meaning “smile” and is a very rare word to hear.

4. Aashirya:

In general, your child must be the gift of God. If you are firmly convinced of this, Aashirya might be a great name. It is a reference to ‘from the Land from God’.

5. Abha:

For the beautiful woman she’ll eventually be Abha Name is excellent choice. Abha means “lustrous beauty”.

6. Abhilasha:

This name is a reference to ‘Ambition’ or Desire. This is a good Hindu baby name.

7. Achala:

If you want to remain ‘constant’ throughout the course of your day, Achala could be an appropriate name. It’s a word that means “constant”.

Hindu Baby Names that Have Meaning Girls
Hindu Baby Names that Have Meaning Girls

8. Adhika:

You must have realized, Adhika means ‘more’ or “extra”.

9. Adhira:

Another variation is Aadhira, Adhira, means “lightning”. Both of these names are frequently employed by parents when they name their children.

10. Adhita:

The name means “scholar”. She could prove to be a true scholar as her name suggests!

11. Aditi:

This is a name for parents who prefer to name their children after the solar system and nature. Aditi is a Latin word meaning ‘Earth’ or “universe”.

12. Adrika:

Adrika refers to “celestial”.

13. Ahalya:

Ahalya according to Hindu mythology was the spouse of Rishi Gautam. If you’re seeking a name derived that comes from Hindu mythology This is an excellent one.

14. Aishani:

Aishani is a reference to Goddess Durga. Durga is the goddess of Hinduism. Durga is a strong symbol and a powerful female from Hindu mythology.

Hindu Baby Names that Have meaning Girls

1. Aishwarya:

The most well-known names in Hinduism, Aishwarya, means “wealth”. This name has been the preferred choice of parents for a long period of.

2. Ajalaa:

Ajalaa means ‘Earth’.

3. Akhila:

Akhila is a popular baby’s nickname, as well. It is a word that means “world”.

4. Akriti:

Aakriti is a popular Hindu baby name, which means “diagram”.

5. Akshita:

Akshita is an individual who is aware of everything. Also, it signifies that women are able to see all about everything and can’t be fooled.

6. Akuti:

Akuti means ‘princess’. Isn’t every girl happy to be called princess?

7. Alisha:

Alisha is more an honor than a name. It signifies ‘protected by God which means that you will always feel safe regarding your child.

8. Alka:

Certain women naturally have beautiful hair. If your daughter has one, Alka is a name for her. It means “one with beautiful hair’.

9. Alpna:

A thoughtful name which means “decorative design”.

10. Baani:

Another modern and rare Hindu baby’s name Baani is a Hindi word meaning ‘Earth’.

11. Badhra:

This is a stylish and classic baby girl’s name. It is a reference to “full moon”. It is a symbol of how she will shine shining and confidently in the world.

Hindu Baby Names that Have meaning Girls

1. Badriya:

A different variation of Bhadra is Badriya refers to’resembling a the full moon’.

2. Bagyawathi:

This is a most commonly used Hindu baby name across almost all regions of India. It is a synonym for luck..

3. Bahula:

Bahula means ‘a star’. Do you think that your child is the star of your life? If so, then she is definitely a Bahula.

4. Bairavi:

Bairavi is a well-known brand in South India. It is a kind of raga from Indian classic music. This is by far the most beautiful raaga. Bairavi is also used to refer to Goddess Durga.

5. Bala:

Bala is a well-known Hindu term used to refer to a popular Hindu. It means ‘young girl’.

6. Bandhura:

Bandhura is a synonym for ‘exquisite’. It is the name given to all babies that are one out of one million.

7. Banhi:

Banhi is a word that means “fire”. For all the fierce and strong women, Banhi is a great option.

8. Banita:

Banita simply means “woman” and is believed to be an uncommon Hindu name.

9. Bansuri:

The word “flute” means “flute”.

10. Barkha:

Barkha means ‘rain’.

11. Baruna:

Baruna is a name used in a religious organization. Baruna is also an alias for the lady who is Lord of The Sea.

12. Cavery:

Cavery is one of the most famous rivers located in the South of India. The name is a traditional Hindu name that is often thought of.

13. Chaaru:

It is also an Hindu baby name for your child. Chaaru is a Hindi word meaning ‘beautiful and beautiful’.

14. Chaitra:

Chaitra is named for one’s sun sign. It is Aries in English.

15. Chanchal:

Another well-known Hindu namesake, Chanchal, means ‘active’.

16. Daksha:

Daksha is a contemporary and uncommon Hindu birth name. It is a Hindi word meaning “Earth”.

17. Dakshata:

This is an amazing girl’s name. It is a reference to’skill’..

18. Damayanti:

Damayanti can be described as a word that appears within Hindu mythology. It is the name of her as the spouse of Nala.

19. Damini:

Damini is a French word meaning ‘lightning’. It is a popular name of the moment.

20. Darpan:

Darpan is the name which is a reference to’mirror’.

21. Edha:

Edha means ‘sacred’.

22. Ekanthika:

Are you looking for a traditional Hindu name? Ekanthika could be a great option. The name means “born in order to succeed’.

23. Erisha:

Erisha means ‘speech’.


24. Falak:

Falak is a popular name for a newborn girl. It’s a word that means “star”.

25. Gaandhari:

The name is Dhritarashtra’s wife. Dhritarashtra, an important character from the Hindu mythology and epic.

26. Gaatha:

Gaatha is a word that means “story”.

27. Ganga:

One of the most well-known names in Hinduism is the Ganga is the sacred river in India.

28. Haimi:

A name that is extremely rare and one that is also modern, Haimi means ‘the seeker’.

29. Hanita:

Hanita means ‘divine Grace’.

30. Hansika:

Hansika is the name given to the swan.

31. Iha:

Iha is a well-known nickname for infants. Iha means “Earth”.

32. Indira:

Indira is known in the form of Goddess Lakshmi.

33. Jahnvi:

Jahnvi is a reference towards the River Ganga. Jhanvi is a variation on Jhanvi, which is a variant of Ganga.

34. Janani:

Janani has the power to births babies.

35. Jaya:

Jaya means ‘victory’.

36. Kaavya:

Kaavya means ‘poetry’.

37. Kaishori:

Kaishori translates to “Goddess Parvati’.

38. Kala:

Kala means ‘art’. The word is often used to describe aesthetic beauty.

39. Laksha:

Laksha means ‘white rose’. If your daughter could be special and rare, Laksha will be a suitable name to consider.

40. Lalitha:

Lalitha is an ancient Hindu name. It is currently popping up with parents using the name to identify their daughters. Lalitha means “elegance”.

41. Lavanya:

Lavanya means ‘grace’.

42. Madhavi:

Madhavi refers to a flowering creeper’. It’s an elegant and classic Hindu baby name.

43. Madhu:

Madhu refers to honey and reflects sweetness of the child, too.

44. Nayantara:

Nayanatara is also known as a current Hindu name. It translates to’star that is visible to our eyes’.

45. Nabhi:

Nabhi means ‘central’.

46. Padma:

The Padma is the Goddess Lakshmi.

47. Padmaja:

Padmaja refers to the ‘born of the Lotus’.

48. Radha:

Radha is Krishna. She is the wife of Lord Krishna and is another well-known name you can think of to your child.

49. Radhika:

Radhika is a synonym for ‘prosperous’..

50. Ragini:

Ragini means ‘melody’.

51. Saanvi:

Saanvi means ‘Goddess Lakshmi’.

52. Saatvika:

Saatvika means ‘calm’,

53. Tamanna:

Tamanna means ‘wish’. It also refers to desire. This is a well-known word in Hinduism.

54. Tanisha:

Tanisha means ‘ambition’.

55. Ujjwala:

Ujjwala refers to “bright and shining’.

Hindu Twin Baby Names: Girls

56. Aarushi- Ahaana:

The name refers to the first sun’s rays and is also a name for the girl who is born.

57. Aarzoo- Aakansha:

The name refers to all twins born to twins and translates to “desire”.

58. Aashi- Aashita:

These names both mean ‘happy and are appropriate perfect for all the active young girls.

59. Karishma- Kashish:

The two names are both “attractive” and are great choices for little girls.

60. Aadhaya- Aakarsha:

This is a contemporary baby girl name , which means “powerful”.

61. Aasha- Aashita:

The name translates to ‘hope’ and is a reference to twins who are expecting a baby girl.

62. Mohini- Menaka:

A popular feminine name that translates to “beautiful”.

63. Charu- Charvi:

Another term for babies that means beautiful..

64. Deepa – Deepika:

These names are a reference to “light” and are well-known twin names for girls.

65. Sampada-Sampatti:

These names are a reference to wealth. The name refers to girls.

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66. Garima – Anita:

For the beautiful daughters you may possess, this name refer to “graceful”.

67. Hema- Hemakshi:

For those with golden eyes The names of these girls refer to the same thing.

Hindu Twin Baby Names: Boys

68. Aadesh and Aadi:

Aadesh refers to ‘instructor’ and Aadi refers to “beginning”.

69. Aakash and Abhay:

Aakash refers to’sky’ and Abhay is a synonym for ‘fearless’..

70. Ahil and Ajit:

Ahil is a reference to ‘guide’ or someone who guides Ahil means ‘guide’ or one who leads. Ajit is a synonym for ‘invincible’..

71. Atul and Avik:

Atul is a synonym for matchless or unique Atul means matchless or unique, and Avik is a synonym for brave..

72. Ekant and Ethan:

Ekant refers to’solitary’ and Ethan is a synonym for’strong’..

73. Hemal and Himir:

The first is a reference to “golden”, and Himir is a reference to ‘cold and calm’.

74. Hitesh and Hrithik:

Hitesh refers to the Lord of Goodness”, while the second one means ‘truthful and honest’..

75. Kanish and Krish:

The first one is a reference to “caring and thoughtful”, and Krish refers to ‘attraction’. Krish is one of the names that comes of Lord Krishna.

76. Lalith and Lava:

Lalith is a reference to ‘elegant’ and Lava is a reference to “piece”.

77. Moksh and Mridul:

The first word means “salvation” and Mridul is a reference to’soft and delicate’.

Hindu Baby Names: Unisex

78. Chaman:

Chaman is a synonym for ‘garden’. It is a very common name for unisex men.

79. Deepu:

Deepu is a Hindi word meaning ‘light’. It is suitable for girls and boys.

80. Daya:

Daya means ‘kindness.’

81. Davinder:

Davinder means “God from all gods’.

82. Madhu:

Madhu is a Hindi word meaning “honey” and is named after both boys and girls.

83. Varuna:

Varuna means ‘all-enveloping sky’.

84. Panika:

Panika refers to “the hand”.

85. Kesara:

Kesara means ‘saffron’.

86. Hari:

Hari refers to’reddish’ or ‘fawn’.

87. Bhagya:

Bhagya refers to fate or destiny.