How to Apply Ration Card Online in Assam State

How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Assam State


In Assamation cards are also known as Family Identify Cards (FIC) and are issued to any eligible family in the state. In Assam, a person with a valid FIC can only take advantage of the PDS system/system. Here we discuss various details such as how to apply online for Ration Card / FIC, track status, search ration cards and issue double FIC cards in Assam. But above all else, we will discuss some common aspects that will give you deep knowledge about various day-to-day stuff with an FIC card in Assam.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Assam State

Type of ration cards / FIC in Assam

In Assam, FIC cards are issued in different colors and each color is a different category. For now, the government gives 3 kinds of ration cards, APL, BPL, and AAY in Assam. All categories are defined based on the annual budget income and receive unique advantages. Belo is the chart showing the criteria and the amount of rice with the price displayed for each type.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Assam State

Eligible persons to apply for Ration Card in Assam
Here are all possible scenarios under which a person can apply for a new ration card or apply for changes to the existing ration card.A person without a ration card
It is very rare, but if you do not have a Ration Card, then you must have a written certificate from one of the Head / Gaon Panchayat President / Ward Commissioner / Inspector, FCS & CA / Affected Authority stating that this person has no Ration Card For his family. You must include this written certificate in the original Ration Card application form.

Duplicated Ration Card
Losing your card or something has happened, this scenario applies. In this case, you must submit your application stating the reason why you want a double ration card. A duplicate ration card will be issued and you will have to pay standard processing fees.

Change of address
In this case, a transfer certificate is required from the responsible FCS & CA authority with a clear statement of your previous place of residence. You must request this declaration with your application form. Without a proper transfer certificate, you can not change your address on the ratio / FIC card.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Assam State

Adding the name after the marriage
In such cases, you will need a deletion certificate issued by the FCS & CA Authority. It should mention that your name will be deleted from your previous ration card and now it can be added to the new one. Once you have this statement in writing, you can continue with the addition of a newly married person to your existing Ration Card.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Assam State

Newborn infants and deaths
In either case, you need either a birth certificate (newborn child) or a death certificate (death) for adding or removing a particular name from the existing Rashan card.

Apply online for Ration Card / FIC in Assam

Now I see no way to apply online. For example, you must submit your duly completed Ration Card form to the FCS & CA Authority of the District / Subsection (C).

Please have a look at all the necessary documents, which you must edit during the ration card.


Assam Ration Card Eligibility Criteria

There are a few eligibility requirements that all citizens of Assam must meet before applying for a Ration card. If you meet the requirements will be eligible to apply for a Ration card. Since the ration card serves as evidence of your identity as well as your economic standing. It is required for citizens from Assam in Assam to get a Ration card since it can benefit them greatly. We have listed the eligibility requirements for all citizens of Assam.

The government will provide the ration card for the oldest women in the family.

The annual revenue of the entire family ought to not exceed Rs.1 lakh.

The applicants must be residents of Assam.

If the oldest female in the family, the male member may apply for a ration card.

A person who has moved from one place to the next is also eligible for the Ration card.

If there’s an addition to the ration card, then this can also be made.


The principal goal of the scheme is to give a ration card to each citizen of Assam since it is as one of the most significant documents for every citizen of India. With this ration card, citizens will get necessities for daily life at a low cost which is beneficial to the citizens. For those in need of Assam who is unable to arrange the meals they need with their loved ones, they may also apply to the scheme.


Types Of Ration Card

The state government in Assam has introduced different kinds of ration cards available to all citizens. Candidates can apply for cards according to their category. We have listed the category-wise ration cards for every citizen.

The APL (Above Poverty Line) – The card for rations will be distributed to above-poverty line residents, who could not afford the cost of their daily food. Therefore, their income doesn’t play a role in this instance.

BPL (Below the poverty level) The government will issue the ration card for below-Poverty Line applicants whose family earnings are insufficient to cover their daily expenses.

An (Antodaya Anna Yojana) AAY – People with a low income lower than Rs.250 will be able to get the ration card in this category. It will allow you to buy food and other items at a very affordable cost. Individuals who are not employed or fall into the extremely poor class can apply for a Ration card.

The Red/Blue/Pink/Blue Ration card- People who fall above the poverty level can get the items they need through this ration card. you can buy kerosene and gas cylinders at a low cost.


How To Apply For Assam Ration Card?

Everyone who applies from various classes can apply for a Ration card to avail of food at a lower cost. This is very beneficial for all natives not just for grain, but also to utilize the ration card for proof of identity. We have reviewed how to apply for a Ration card.

For the application for the Ration Card, you must first go to your local (FPS) Fair Price Shop to make an application for the same.

After you’ve visited the (FPS) Fair Price Shop, you need to request the application form to apply for the card for rations.

Then, you can begin filling in the application form. You should also attach all the documents required to the application form.

Once you have completed the application, take it to the authority responsible.

Additionally, you have to pay the application fee in addition to the application form.

If you follow the above steps, you can apply successfully to get your Assam food card.

Required Documents

There are several essential documents that applicants need to include with their application forms. Without the necessary certificate, the application form cannot be processed. Below, we have provided the list of documents that applicants need to include with on the form.


Information about the relatives

Certificate of birth for the smallest member of the household (below the age of 10)

Photocopies of the voter’s list

Income certificate

Address the proof

Aadhar card

Pan card

Voter ID card

Driving License

Electricity bill

Bank Passbook

Telephone bill

Any municipal receipt

Required Documents For Separate Ration Card

Anyone who has applied for a separate card of rations will need to provide the necessary documents for the same. They’ll be required to submit different documents. You may apply for an additional ration card. If you’re willing to obtain another ration card, you can apply for it as well. Check out the following list for an additional ration card.

Original surrender certificate of the applicant

Birth date of the applicants (Academic certificate for the class between 10th and 12th)

The candidate must provide proof of address.

Pan card

Aadhar card

Bank passbook

Driving license

Voter id

Self-declaration form for candidates

A recent passport-sized photo clicked of the applicant

Parents’ ration card (Original)

No objections from your patents

A document from the village/Gaon Panchayat.

Assam Ration Card Duties Of Card Holder

There are certain obligations that cardholders are required to fulfill and it is completely up to the person who holds relevant information regarding their Ration card. The cardholder will be accountable for their ration card, in situations like the ones below.


The person who holds the card must maintain their card close to them. They must not give or share their ration card with any person.

If there’s a requirement for alteration, damage, or an addition on the card the holder of the card must notify the authority responsible for the matter.

If the person’s name appears on the ration card has died or has migrated, then the name of the person is taken off the card of rations.

When you purchase products from your ration card the person who holds the card must verify the quantity and quality of items and must also verify the details on the ration card.

Procedure To Check The District Wise Ration Card List

Anyone who has applied for a Ration card can check the list of districts-wise ration cards on the website of official authorities. Each district is issued a ration card. You can look up the categories-wise list of the card holders.

To find the district-wise ration cards, you must first go to the website for the Government of Assam i.e.

Once you’ve logged on to the official website, on the main site you will see a District-wise Ration Card list. Click on it.

Then, you’ll be directed to a new page on which you will be able to see the list of districts on the food card.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to select your district from this page.

On the next page then on the new page, the Tehsil the wise lists will be displayed in front of you.

You must then tap your Tehsil.

The village-wise lists will be displayed before you.

Then tap on the name of your Village.

After that, you’ll be able to check the list of district-wise ration cards and verify your name is on the list.

How to Apply for Ration Card Online in Assam State


If you want to change the head of the family in your ration card, you must show the death certificate of the previous head person (in the case of a head) or an affidavit with the reason to replace the current head name from the card. You do not have to file an opposition certificate.

In case of inquiries/concerns, you can contact:

The director,
Food, civil, and consumer goods
Bhangagarh, Guwahati-781005, Assam

Free of Charge No (s) – 1. 18003453611

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