How to Apply Ration Card Online in Uttar Pradesh State

How to Apply Ration Card Online in Uttar Pradesh State

It is the government’s responsibility to Uttar Pradesh made ration cards dependent on the income level of families within the state. In the Food & Logistics Department issue ration cards. The UP government supplies foodstuffs listed on the ration card with subsidized costs. In order to apply for an Uttar Pradesh ration card, citizens should go to at the Food & Civil Supplies Department of UP.

A New Update for UP Ration Card

In response the Corona Pandemic lockdown The Governor Yogi of Uttar Pradesh Yogi announced to provide 15kg of rice and 20kg of wheat for a month to families of those who are under Antyodaya Ration card, MNREGA holders, and others. The food is distributed to more than 1.65 million families living in Uttar Pradesh. UP state.

It is possible to use Ration Cards in UP

The Uttar Pradesh government segregated the Ration cards into three categories according to families’ earnings.

APL Ration Card APL Ration Card APL Ration cards are given to families who are Above Poverty Line (APL). The state government offers 15kg of rations per month.

BPL Ration Cards: BPL Ratio cards are offered to families that live below the poverty limit (BPL). In accordance with BPL the income of the family cannot exceed 10000 rupees. According to BPL, the UP government will offer 25kg of food ration each month to these cardholders.

AAY Ration Card AAY ration cards are given to families who live in poverty. For those families the state government will provide 35kg of food per month.

The primary goal of the Ration Card is making it simple for residents of the state who want to get a ration cards with out any hassles like waiting in long lines and visiting the municipal office and the Gram Panchayat.

With this UP cards for rations, residents will be able to purchase food items such as wheat, rice, sugar and so on. At a reasonable cost so that families living in less privileged sections can afford food.

Documents required to complete the UP Form for Application to a Ration Card Formula

Aadhaar Card

PAN Card

Valid Mobile Number

Passport-sized photo that shows the Head of the Family along with the rest of the family members

Electricity bills

Income Certificate

Caste/Category Certification

Gas Connection Details

Bank Passbook , photocopy of the first page


How to Apply Ration Card Online in Uttar Pradesh State

Eligibility for Application to apply for Uttar Pradesh Ration Card

In order to apply for an online ration card applicants must meet the criteria for eligibility listed below.

Candidates must be permanent resident from Uttar Pradesh.

Families living below the poverty level may be eligible for UP food card.

UP Card online applications are slightly distinct to Urban and Rural regions.

The name must be in the title of the person who is the chief of the household is the food card is provided. The family head member’s age must be at least 18 years old.

How can I Apply to apply for UP Ration Card online?

The UP ration card works in offline mode only.

Citizens looking to apply for an UP ration card need to visit the Food & Civil department’s site.

On the homepage you can click on the download link.

UP Ration Card Online Application Formula

A new page will open with two links Application for ration cards for urban and rural areas.

Download the UP online application for ration cards form and print it out.

Complete the UP online application for ration cards form with the necessary information and attach the documents required.

Fill out the application form and then submit it to the closest CSC centers and Tehsil offices. specifically designated offices of the authority.

In the event that an application has been found to be not complete and is found to be incorrect, the application will be deemed to reject.hsil office, or designated office by the authority.

In the event that an application appears to be not complete and is found to be incorrect, the application is rejected.

To apply a new Ration Card, go to the official website
Go to the NFSA application link.
You can see the navigation to the new registration register, just click on it.
Enter all your details such as area, mobile no, district.
Click the Next button
Now you get OTP (one-time password) to your mobile number.