How to Apply Ration Card Online Rajasthan State

How to Apply Ration Card Online Rajasthan State

This page contains information about Rajasthan Ration Card, Application Form, Status and Update Rajasthan Ration Card, Corrections, Deletion, Name Change, Address- Request Rajasthan Ration Card. This page has a lot of information to help you get a double or new ration card for Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jodhpur. Follow the rules and instructions provided by Rajasthan Food Supplies Department for ration card holders.

How to Apply Ration Card Online Rajasthan

Ration Card Department in Rajasthan-
Department – Department of Food, Commodities and Consumer Goods
Postal address number 6203, Mantralaya Bhawan, 381, Civillinien, Jaipur 302005
Phone No. 0141-2227563
Official website –
Search your Ration Card (Rajasthan)
How to Apply Ration Card Online Rajasthan
Ration Maps in Rajasthan-

Rajasthan government issues a unique colored ration card for each category of consumer.

Blue Ration Card to APL double gas bottle holder (General Consumer).

Green Ration Card to APL Single Gas Cylinder Holder (General Consumer).

Dark Pink Ration card to BPL Families Gram Sabha/ Municipal Corporation/ Municipality Selected BPL Families

Dark Ration card Green to the State BPL Familys selected by the municipality. (Gram Sabha/Municipal companies / State BPL family selected by community).

Yellow colored ration card assigned to the AAY (Gram Sabha / Municipal Corporation / Municipality Selected Antyodaya Anna family)
Claim for Ration Card in Rajasthan-
Every citizen of the Rajasthan state can apply for the Ration Card.
Ration Card Application form in Rajasthan-
The application form must be completed first before the applicant can apply for the ration card. The application form has been submitted by the Rajasthan government to the offices of the Plenipotentiaries. The application form can be downloaded from the office during normal working hours. You can download the application form from the official website for food, civil and consumer protection in Rajasthan.
Download application form here

Authorization for RationCard
Search your Ration Card (Rajasthan)
Documents for Ration Card in Rajasthan-

1. New Ration Card

Address proof electricity/water / telephone bill/voter identity card/pass/driver’s license/marriage certificate

Photograph of the birth certificate issued by Gram Panchayat at the time of the child’s arrival.

2. Inclusion Name of the Wife –

To add to the New Name in Ration Card after marriage, the name from the previous card (from the father’s card) should be removed first. A copy of the marriage certificate is attached.

Two passport-sized photos of the head of family members were taken by witnesses.

Validity of the Ration Card in Rajasthan-
The validity of the Ration Card is 5 years in Rajasthan.
Application forms for Ration Card-

You can also change the address request form with the new record.

Delivery of the Ration Card-Simple application

Change of name (s). – Application form with certificate for proper modification Marriage Card/Invitation Card / Deadline/Transmittal Letter / Birth Certificate/Death Certificate / Marriage Registry

* The cardholder can request changes to his ration card in the event of a change in the address. After the expiry date of the 2 month old card, he must obtain a certificate for transition.

Ration Card Fee in Rajasthan-
  •     APL Yojana- Rs. 5 / – per card.
  •     BPL Yojana- Rs. 5 / – per card.
  •     Antyodaya Yojana- Rs. 3 / – per card.
  •     Application form – A – Rs. 1 / – per form
  •     Duplicate Card Rs. 10 / – per form

Double Ration Card in Rajasthan-
  • Individuals from other countries must provide a transfer certificate and other declarations when applying for a ration card. After a 24-hour process, applicants will be issued a temporary Ration Card that is valid for three months.
  • Rajasthan- Maximum time to get a Ration Card
  • New ration card available for 7 days
  • If the physical exam is required differently, the member can be added or removed within 7 days.
  • To change the address the same day as the presentation of all required documents
  • The transfer certificate is issued the same day as the application
  • The double Ration Card can be obtained 7 days after all documents have been submitted
  • Rajasthan Ration Card Search
Ration Card holders can search their Ration Card online at the official website –
  Choose the name of the district from the drop-down menu.
    Select the option for the search either “by ration card number” or by the name of the “Rati
   More Information Visit