How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Bihar State Online Offline -

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Bihar State Online Offline

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Bihar State Online Offline

Bihar has a large number of populations and in the lead electoral process in this large section, there is more flexibility and transparent ability in electoral process. The electoral commission is entitled to vote for persons aged 18 and over. But the registration to get new voters’ ID cards is quite cumbersome and people do not like to wait in long queues to get their names registered. For this reason, the electoral commission has streamlined the process to make it simple and to have introduced the system of the online voter ID card.

Address such as passport, driver’s license, ration card, etc.

Age proof such as birth certificate, PAN, passport, etc.

III. new Passport sizes


How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Bihar Online / Offline

Bihar Online Voter ID CardThe Bihar Election Commission provides both the facilities and offline methods of Voter ID cards to the people and the process has become very simple. The online application form can be found at:Step 1:

Visit the Chief Electimate Officer ( and click the Citizens Service / Online Registration button, which will lead you to a new tab. There you have to download form # 6, which is for new voters ID applicants.

Step 2:

Fill in the details in the boxes on the screen and together with the filling, you are also required to provide identity and age proof in English or Hindi language. You are also required to sign in with your handynummer and post ID to register with the service.

Step 3:

You will receive a code in your handy number that will allow you to log on successfully with the service. This allows you to access your online forms.

Step 4:

You must complete the registration form and also save your answers for future use. After completing the form, you will be able to download all the documents and submit the form. Once submitted, you will receive a reference number to track your application form.

Step 5:

You can expect a Booth Level Officer in your house who will check all your documents and information. If the verification is successful, you will receive the Voter ID card, which will be sent to your address.


How to Apply for Voter ID Card in Bihar Online / Offline

How to Apply for Voter ID Card in Bihar Online / Offline

It is up to the individuals to choose the method they prefer to get the voter’s ID cards. One can also choose the offline method, which reads as follows:

Step 1:

Visit your nearest electoral office and get the new form in Form No. 6. Fill in all the information in the boxes provided and add important documents such as passport, PAN, driving license, etc.

Step 2:

They are obliged to apply to the electoral officer either by post or in person. You will receive a reference number to follow your application process.

Step 3:

A stand-level officer will come to your home to check all the documents that you have enclosed with the form. Once the entire review is complete, you will get your voter ID card personally or you can get it by mail.

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