How to Apply Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online -

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online

How to Apply Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online

A guide inspires people to do great things. For a leader is nothing hard, but for the masses finding a leader is undoubtedly a hard task. However, in the past decades, a very interesting tool has been handed over to the people, i. suffrage. A voice has such tremendous power that it can turn the direction in which the whole nation moves. A good leader can transform the image of the whole country, whether it be heaven or earth, or heaven on earth, Jammu and Kashmir. Yes, if you live in J & K, you can also apply for your Voter ID Card. Here is the step-by-step procedure for the same.


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Online procedure


     Step 1:-Visit the official website for registration
How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online
To register your name for the Voter ID Card, visit the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer of Jammu & Kashmir at
     Step 2:-Go to the online registration portal
In the right column of the homepage of the website, you will see some tabs like ‘Search Your Name, ‘Download Electoral Rolls’ etc. From there, click on the ‘Online Voter Registration tab. They are directed to a window with a registration portal with some instructions on the left.


    Step 3:- Register


When you apply for a voter ID for the first time, click Login to receive your username and password. When entering the information, double-check and make sure that you enter your correct handy number. After registration, a confirmation code is sent to this mobile phone as an SMS. This mobile number is also used as a user name.
How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online
     Step 4:-Login and fill in the form
Read the instructions on the left carefully. Then, use your username and password in the portal and fill out the form. Make sure that all information is correct, as incorrect information may lead to a subsequent deletion of the form.
Also note that you will be prompted to upload some documents in PDF format, such as your photo, address verification, photo ID proof, etc. Combining them, the size should be less than 1 MB.
Then, click Send.
     Step 5:-Check by BLO
When submitting the form, your information will be passed on to the Booth Level Officer (BLO) through the respective voting room in your area. He will then visit a visit to your place of residence to review the information. After a complete check, you will receive your Voter ID Card by post within a few days.
How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online

If you are interested in finding the BLO of your region,


Offline procedure


The procedure for applying for the Voter ID Card offline is almost the same as online. The only difference is the submission of the form.
After reaching Jammu and Kashmir CEO cooked. nic. On-site, as mentioned in step 1 of the online procedure, follow these steps.
   Step 1:- Go to forms
Check out the homepage of the website. In the left column, you can see a button for downloading forms. Click on it. From there you will be converted to a list of forms
   Step 2:- Download the form
In the list of forms, you will see four tables. Scroll down to the second table with the heading for voters and look for Form 6 there. The form is available in English as well as Urdu. Download the form.
You can also download the form directly by going to EForm6.Pdf.


   Step 3:- Fill out the form


Take a printout of the downloaded form and fill it in properly with a ballpoint pen. Attach the necessary documentation.


    Step 4:-Submit to CEO’s Office


Please submit the duly completed form with the documents accompanying your company’s CEO Office. To find the office, visit the official website by the CEO.
Again, your form will be played in the BLO Office and you will receive a confirmation number to track the status of the card. And within two to three weeks you receive the Voter ID Card by mail.


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How to Apply for Voter ID Card in Jammu and Kashmir Online

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