How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking? -

How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking?

How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking?


Are you looking for Srikalahasti temple sevas that you can book on line? If so, you’ve observed the web site that carries all the crucial information. However, in this article, you will be capable of analyze the details about Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online reservation.

You must first locate the problem you’re searching for. Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online reservation? There isn’t an online booking handy at Srikalahasti temples for Sevas. Other than the Kalahasti temple tickets you can go to the temple and buy tickets to seva/darshan on the temple’s premises.

Today, you’ll be able to recognize greater about the temple which include its history as well as its timings, lodging, and other details.

Srikalahasti Temple Seva Bookings Online Information

Reservations for sevas aren’t to be had on line, and direct reservation is available most effective. The temple has a extensive type of sevas to carry out including Goovu Pooja, Suprabatha seva, Paalabhishekam, Rudrabishekam, and numerous others. Select the form of seva that you would love to do and then ebook by the favored seva.

Complete Guide of Kalahasti Temple Kala Sarpa Dosha Pooja

Srikalahasti Rahu Ketu Pooja Timings & Process

Unknown Srikalahasti Temple Story:

Srikalahasti Temple has an exciting history in the back of it. The temple was once a place where the god Shiva was worshiped via three deities of Snake, Elephant Snake, and spider of their respective methods. As such, Elephant will carry out abhishekam to the god by way of bringing water with its trunk to the nearby pond. Spider worships the usage of the web to shield the Lord Siva Lingam from decay at the same time as the snake worships the lord via setting its most valuable Naga Mani upon the Siva Lingam.

On a selected day, the three worshippers strayed from their worship to each other. In the period in-between, Elephant notion that spider worship become wrong and fell it through pouring water out of its trunk. The spider and snake have been furious and went into the trunk of an elephant.

When it entered the vicinity, the snake began eating and passing poison. The elephant killed the spider and snake with the aid of hitting the 2 with its trunk. After a short time, elephants surpassed away due to the poison effect.

Then, Lord Shiva were given thrilled via the absolute determination of the snake, elephant, and spider, and presented a Lifeline to three of his devotees.

However, the temple’s call came from Sri-Kaala-Hasti, which means that Spider-Snake-Elephant.

In terms of the ancient historical past, Pallava Dynasty built this temple within the fifth century. Following numerous years the temple become restored, as changed into the principal shape built inside the Chola dynasty.

However, at some stage in the year 1516 AD the main temple appeal a hundred pillar corridor changed into designed by using Sri Krishnadevaraya.

How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking

About Srikalahasti Temple Timings:


The temple opens at 6:00 am.

On Sunday, Saturday, and Monday, the temple might be closed by using nine:00 PM.

Additionally, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday temples will near at 9:00 pm.

Here are the specifics of the Darshan Seva/Darshan rite at the Srikalahasti temple. There isn’t Srikalahasti on-line booking for seva; we are able to e-book via attending to the temple.

  • Suprabatham————————-5:30 AM
  • Sarvadarshanam———————–6:00 AM
  • Pradhama Kala Abhishekam————-7:30 AM
  • Dwithiya Kala Abhishekam—————nine:00 AM
  • Ucchi Kala Abhishekam—————–10:30 AM
  • Rudra Homam————————-eleven:00 AM
  • Chandhi Homam———————–eleven:00 AM
  • Nityothsavam————————-11:00 AM
  • Nithya Kalyanam———————–11:30 AM
  • Prodhosha Kala Abhishekam————-five:30 PM
  • Nirajana Manthra Pushpam————-7:00 PM
  • Ekantha Seva————————–9:00 PM

How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking?


Nearby attractions to go to:

You also can go to the vicinity around Srikalahasti Temple.

  • Sahasra Linga Temple
  • Sri Subramanya Swamy temple
  • Bhakta Kannappa Temple
  • Bharadwaja Theertham
  • Durgambika Temple
  • Veyeelingala Kona Waterfalls

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking:

The following are some of the guesthouses/choultries that offer rooms inside the budget.

  • Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Guest House
  • Sri Gnana Prasuna Sadan
  • Bharadwaja Sadan
  • Siva Sadan
  • Trinetra Guest House
  • Ganga Sadan of TTD
  • Bhakta Kannapa Guest House

Since online reserving isn’t viable, we may reserve the lodging upon the day of arrival.

How toh Srikalahasti Temple

  • Many choose going to the shrine from Tirupathi.
  • It is suggested to visit the temple whilst you’ve reached Tirupathi. Tirupathi is placed  37.Three miles far from the temple and could take approximately 1 hour to reach.
  • Also, the city of Srikalahasti is domestic to an airport, that’s the Srikalahasti educate station.
  • We can also rent a vehicle and taxis from the station to get to the temple placed  2.8 kilometers.
  • In the same manner buses frequently go away from famous towns within the area, like Tirupathi, Chennai, and Chidambaram.

Now, you are aware about the way to acquire Srikalahasti Temple sevas at the internet for reservation and the timings for poojas/sevas. Close by traveller points of interest, and plan your go to to Srikalahasti and feature a chilled darshan.

You Must Watch the Srikalahasti video of the temple:

This video will permit visitors via the Srikalahasti temple in a visual way in addition to provide a few additional facts concerning the temple.

Some More Queries:

Srikalahasti temple’s internet page? An reputable internet site on hand for the temple gives complete records about the temple. Go here to visit the internet site.

How do I reach the Srikalahasti Temple from Tirupati?

We normally see many people go to the Srikalahasti temple following Tirupati darshan. The truth is that buses and personal vehicles are accessible in Tirupathi to journey to. Therefore, you could rent taxis and a car to take you to the temple by three.

What year did the Srikalahasti temple construct?

The temple’s production started during the 5th century underneath the Pallava Dynasty. It changed into later restored by the Cholas at some stage in the tenth century.

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