How To Get A Voter ID Card Apply In Delhi -

How To Get A Voter ID Card Apply In Delhi

How To Get A Voter ID Card Apply In Delhi

How do I get a new voter ID card in Delhi and form details of the elector’s card or voter card?
A voter ID card is one of the most important and most common id-proof for Indian citizens. It gives you the right to vote as well as makes you a legal person in the country. The elector ID card or the electoral card is issued for persons over 18 years of age. It can also be used as a photo card and proof of address in the bank and other government offices.

How to get a Voter ID Card Apply in Delhi

The registration process for Voter ID cards in Delhi


 To receive the election card in Delhi, you can apply both offline and online. Although online registration is much easier and takes less effort than the offline process, some people prefer to go with the offline process as most people in India are from villages and they do not know how to use computers and the internet. We have discussed the registration process in detail.
Find your voter ID card here: –
Offline registration for voter ID card
Here are some simple steps for the offline electoral card to apply for.
  •     Go to the next Election Office and fill out a form 6 [Request to Include Name in Election Scroll].
  •     Add a copy of the address correction and Id-proof each with the form.
  •     Send the form with documents.
  •     The elector will confirm your address.
  •     Now you will get your voter card at your address when the check is complete.
You can also get your elector id status online at or by dialing toll-free # 1800111400
Online registration for Voter ID card
Online registration for the election card is explained in very simple steps.
  •     Visit and log in as a new user.
  •     Fill out and complete form 6.
  •     Download a password-size photo.
  •     Upload the scanned copy of the address verification and the identity verification with the date of birth to the age verification and submit it.
If you are unable to submit the documents online, you can submit them to the Booth Level Officer, who will visit your home for address verification, or you can perform the Voter ID Verification online.
Alternative booking option
There is also an alternative option for registering the voter card if you do not want to go with over two. The entire process is given here.
  •     Go to the website of the Chief Election Officer of Delhi.
  •     Search form and search for form 6.
  •     Download Form 6 and print it out.
  •     Fill out the form and add the necessary documents together with the photo.
  •     Send it to the office of the Election Office of Delhi by mail.
Various forms are available for registering the voter ID card
    Form 6This form is used to record the name or to apply for a new election card.
    Form 6 This form serves to include names of overseas electors or NRI electors.
    Form 7This form is used for any objection to the inclusion of names or deletion of the name in the electoral list.
    Form 8 This form is used to modify or correct entered entry forms.
    Form 8 This form is used to change the address.
    Form 2This form is for service selectors. This form is an explanation of the ordinary residence by the members of the armed forces.
    Form 2A
    This form is used for the statement of the ordinary place of residence by a member of the armed police of a state serving in other states.

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