Irene Banerjee Wiki Biography

Irene Banerjee Wiki Biography

Irene Banerjee Wiki (Steve Banerjee’s Wife) Age, Kids, Parents, Death, Net Worth, Biography & More


Irene Banerjee (born 10 November 1956, died on 8 February 2001. age 44) was an eminent media face, accountant, and entrepreneur, as well as a celebrity partner and social media celebrity who was from Lackawanna, Erie County, New York, United States. She was well-known throughout the United States as the spouse to a billionaire businessman called Steve Banerjee.


Who is Irene Banerjee, Steve Banerjee’s Wife?


It is well-known it is true that Steve Banerjee aka Somen Banerjee was a businessman. Let me tell you that He was the owner and founder of Chippendales which was an international dance group most well-known for its masculine striptease shows. People frequented the club to view the shows and also to praise the show. Then, he was detained for plotting to murder the show’s director De Noia, former dancer Michael Fullington, and other dancers.

Just before the sentence was handed down He was discovered to be dead inside his prison cell, on the 23rd of October 1994. He was hanged in his cell and then died. He donated his entire home along with his company to Irene. Irene kept a quiet life and did not talk about any of her secrets with anyone.


Irene Banerjee Age, Education, and Birthday


Irene Banerjee Wiki I’m going to be clear that her actual birth name was Irene Katherine Tychowskyj. However, the name was changed following being married. She celebrated her birthday with family on the 10th day of November each year. She makes a small cake for her family members at home. Furthermore, her birthplace was her parents on the 26th of September 1956, at Lackawanna, Erie County, New York, United States.

The age of her death was 44 at the time of her death and she held her nationality as America. According to different sources, following her primary education and enrolment in South Park High School in Buffalo, New York. The additional information on her bachelor’s degree isn’t available at this time.


Irene Banerjee Wiki Biography


Irene Banerjee Wiki and Biography

Full Name Irene Katherine Tychowskyj.
Famous Name Irene Banerjee.
Age (at the time of death) Aged 44.
Birthday 10 November 1956.
Place of Birth Lackawanna, Erie County, New York, United States.
Occupation Accountant, Media Face, and Entrepreneur.
Education High School Graduate.
Alma Mater South Park High School.
Net worth (approx. ) USD 4-5 Million.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Death Date 8 February 2001.
Death Place Playa del Rey in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States.
Death Cause Breast Cancer.
Religion Christianity.
Nationality American.

Irene Banerjee Parents and Siblings


Biodata the parents of Irene Kate Tychowskyj is originally from Ukraine and moved to America. United States for better career opportunities. The name her dad is Wolodymyr Tychowskyj, and he passed away in 1984. On the other hand, the name of her mom is Anna Szypka and she passed in the year 2011. Irene always learned a variety of useful lessons from her family members.

Let me tell the reader that her mother was by five siblings. The names of her brothers include Myron as well as Robert Tychowskyj. On the other hand, there are three sisters, named Olga Liberti, Kathy Tychowskyj as well as Helen Merryman. In all likelihood, she was a believer in her Christianity religion and was part of the mixed ethnic race of Ukrainian ethnicity.

Mother Anna Szypka.
Father Wolodymyr Tychowskyj.
Brothers Myron and Robert Tychowskyj.
Sisters Olga Liberti.
Kathy Tychowskyj.
Helen Merryman.

Irene Banerjee’s Death Cause and Obituary

According to authoritative sources, Irene was killed on the 8th of February, 2001 at Playa del Rey in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and died at barely 44. According to reports she took numerous drugs and chemotherapies to treat cancer but was unable to be healed cancer. Numerous celebrities attended funerals.

Irene Banerjee’s Husband, Kids, and Marriage


Let me tell you that Irene’s private life isn’t secret because her husband was a famous businessman from the region. After a few years, she was married to Somen Banerjee or Steve in the late 1980s. The couple had a happy and enjoying healthy life. I will inform you the truth: Steve Banerjee was a businessman and was the creator of Chippendales that was a well-known male dance group across the United States.

Irene Banerjee’s husband Steve Banerjee

He was involved in a murder trial that caused him to take his own life in prison on the night of the 23rd of October 1994 the day he was due to serve his sentence. The couple was blessed with two adorable children. The son’s name is Christian Banerjee, he is working as a stripper at an establishment. In contrast, their daughter of theirs is Lindsay Banerjee and she took great care of their home.


Relationships and Boyfriend

Marital Status married.
Husband Steve Banerjee.
Marriage Date 1980s.
Son Christian Banerjee.
Daughter Lindsay Banerjee.
Relationship Committed.
Boyfriend Steve Banerjee.

Physical Appearance

  • Height (approx. ) 5 feet 7 inches or 170cm.
  • Weight (approx. ) 56 kgs / 12 lbs.
  • Hair Color – Brown.
  • Eyes Color – Brown.
  • Body Stats 34-27-35 inches.
  • Piercing– Ears.

Work, Chippendales, and Net worth


According to official sources Irene Banerjee worked at various places after finishing her education. She worked as an accountant for reputed firms for several years. After she got married after which she quit her job to concentrate on the education of her kids. After the demise of Steve Banerjee, she became the sole owner of Chippendales Company, investments, and all shares.

She didn’t control Chippendales and was able to let the business go. The report says that she sold the group at US $2.5 million and deposited all of the proceeds to the Swiss Bank for their bright future. Unfortunately, Christian Banerjee said that he was informed that there were millions of dollars within the Swiss Bank but when he was able to claim the funds there was nothing.

I would like to inform the world that Irene Banerjee was living happily and extravagantly in a stunning home. She was always taking care of the food as well as other necessities that belong to her family. Her cars were brand-name and a lavish mansion, too. According to sources her net worth at the time was estimated to be between USD 4-5 million (approx. ).

Facts About Irene Banerjee, Steve Banerjee’s Wife


  • We tried to locate her on her social media handles but she’s not online.
  • Steve Banerjee was an Indian who traveled to America for work and business.
  • Irene was a resident of New York for 27 years before moving to Los Angeles.
  • Many people attended her funeral in the American Martyr Church in Manhattan Beach.
  • Irene Banerjee used to donate many things to people in need like food, clothing, and much more.
  • A well-known platform Hulu launched a miniseries that is based on Steve Banerjee’s life Steve Banerjee titled ‘Welcome to Chippendales which was launched on the 22nd of November, 2022.

“Welcome to the Chippendales series


  1. Is Irene Banerjee now?

    She died on the 8th of February, 2001.

  2. Who are Irene Banerjee’s children?

    Lindsay Banerjee and Christian Banerjee.

  3. What is the net worth of Irene Banerjee?

    USD 4-5 Million (approx. ).

  4. The date when Irene Banerjee and Steve Banerjee get married?


  5. What happened to Irene Banerjee’s death?

    Breast Cancer.

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