Italian Boy Names Child Names and Meanings -

Italian Boy Names Child Names and Meanings

Italian Boy Names Child Names and Meanings

Italian names are growing in popularity and more recognition every day as parents of today’s generation are looking for significant Italian baby names for their children. Italian babies’ names are impressive and attractive and carry a significance to them. This is an extensive list of over 70 Italian baby boy names that have significance for you to choose the most appropriate choice for the child you are raising.

The language of romance and love can be described as Italian, Italian boy names are hypnotic in them. They also contain Latin roots.

 most popular Italian Boy Names and Meanings for Boys:

Here is the complete listing of Italian boy names that have meanings:

1. Acciai:

The name is an occupational title. It is the name given to someone who is a axe-wielding person or has to use an Axe. It is a well-known name in Italy for boys.

2. Aldus:

Aldus is a well-known term for the son who is first or older son. The reason for this is because the name means Older or the older one. It is among the top Italian boy names.

3. And:

Arnold is among the most sought-after Italian boys’ names. Its meaning is in Old French or Old German is a reference to ‘Eagle Ruler’.’

4. Armani:

It is a well-known name for fashionistas everywhere. The boy called Armani is a good choice for all Guccis and Channels who’s parents are fans of the luxury brands. The name’s fame comes from the legendary Italian brand Giorgio Armani.

5. Belvedere:

Belvedere is a popular boy’s name that is of Italian origin. It is a reference to ‘beautiful’. One of the most unique Italian boy names to name your precious child.

6. Bravo:

Bravo is an Italian boy’s name that is of Italian origin, which translates to excellent or brave. It has seen huge growth in popularity throughout the years.

7. Carmello:

The name originates from Hebrew meaning orchard, or a garden. although it’s not very well-known yet however, it is an ideal name for your child.

Italian Boy Names Child Names and Meanings
Italian Boy Names Child Names and Meanings

8. Federico:

The abbreviated version that comes from the word Federico that comes from Italian origin. Federico is a reference to a peaceful ruler.

9. Geremia:

It is believed that this Italian boy’s nickname is an additional variation from that Hebrew term Jeremiah which is a reference to the Lord exalts.

10. Giustiniano:

Giustiniano is an Italian name. It is of Italian as well as Latin origin. It is a reference to fairness or justice. It is among the top Italian male names for babies.

11. Herinimos

The meaning behind the meaning of this Italian American boy names is as gorgeous like the names themselves. It is among the top Italian male names, and is a reference to ‘Sacred Name.’

12. Italo:

The name itself indicates its significance. It is the name of someone who comes originally from Italy. It is an Italian-origin name that is extremely well-known.

13. Jeno:

This is an ancient name that is of Greek origin. It is a reference to noble or well-born. It is another well-loved name that comes from Italy.

Italian Boy Names Child Names and Meanings

14. Karmello:

This contemporary Italian baby boy’s name comes from a variation of the famous Hebrew word Carmello and is a reference to an orchard, or a garden.

15. Kosmo:

Kosmo can be described as an Italian origin name, and is a gorgeous version of Cosmo. The word refers to order, organization, or beauty. It can be a stunning and distinctive name for your child’s tot.

16. Michelangelo:

It’s a mix of two gorgeous Italian names: Michel which means one who looks like God according to Hebrew and Angelo meaning messenger in Greek. The name Michelangelo is a reference to God’s messenger.

17. Napoleon:

Napoleon is an Italian name with Italian origin that has a variety of meanings that are possible. It could refer to someone who comes or is a descendant of Napes and Sons of Mist or even Lion.

18. Orazio:

The name is derived from Italy meaning prayer. If God has answered your prayers and provided your with the gift of a son you’ll find this to be the perfect name for your child.

19. Premo:

Premo and Primo both have Italian origin and refer to the first. This is a great name for your baby’s first or your first son.

20. Renzo:

Renzo can be described as a word with Italian Origin. It can also be thought of as an abbreviated variant of Lorenzo. It’s an Renzo in Italy refers to the Third Link which is also known as third son. A perfect name for your child’s third.

21. Romeo:

Romeo has been the term that is associated with the tragic couple from literary works. But, it is also possible to consider Romeo the serial flirt which is why that it was never as popular for a child up to the year 1996. But, the new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet that starred Leonardo DiCaprio came out in the US and made it a cult name. it was also the name of famous football player David Beckham, and Victoria Beckham have named their second son Romeo.

22. Secondo:

The significance of this renowned Italian name is in its name. It is a reference to the second son. It is a perfect name for your second child.

23. Tasso:

The meaning behind Tasso that is that is of Italian of Italian origin is “cup..’

24. Tempo:

The tempo is a well-known boy with Italian origin. Tempo means Time in Italy.

25. Ursino:

Ursino can be described as a word that has Italian origin that refers to a bear.

26. Ugo:

The short and sweet name, which is of Italian origin is extremely popular and significant. The meaning behind Ugo is that Ugo is that it means a thinker. If you’re hoping for your child to be a great brooder, then this name could be the perfect choice for his name.

27. Veneziano:

The name comes from Italian origin is linked to the city of Venice, which is very well-known. It’s a reference to Venice which is also a popular name for boys.

28. Yovanney:

Yovanney is an Italian name that is connected to the Hebrew name Yovanny. The name is well-known because it has a gorgeous name that refers to God’s Graciousness.’

29. Gian:

The spelling of the name is Jon. Jon is a name that has Hebrew and Italian origin, meaning God is generous.’

30. Rochus:

Rochus can be described as the Italian and German version that is a variant of Rocco. It is a popular boy’s name which translates to rest.

31. Nunzio:

The name is a reference with Nuncio, the Italian boy’s name Nuncio. The significance for Nuncio as well as Nunzio is messenger.

32. Primo:

The boy’s name has Italian origin, and it comes from the Latin word Primus. It means first, which is why it is often used to refer to the first child.

33. Ettore:

It’s a famous boy’s name that is of Italian origin, which means faithful. Its meaning is gorgeous, making it well-known among the parents of their children.

34. Onofre:

While it can be a bit challenging to pronounce however, the name Onofre is of German or Italian origin is extremely popular in the eyes of parents due to its beautiful meaning it conveys and is a reference to peacekeeper.

35. Kajetan:

Kajetanis is a name of Italian origin, meaning to joy. It is extremely sought-after by Italian parents because it reflects exactly what you feel about being a parent to your new child.

36. Emidio:

Emidio is a gorgeous name that means “Friend of God.’. Emidio is a popular name for Italian parents.

37. Gaetan:

The name Gaeta that is of Italian origin is derived from the place’s name: Gaeta is one of the regions of Southern Italy, to the north of Naples is the gulf of Gaeta.

38. Nardo:

Nardo is a name that means strong and sturdy. Nardo is pronounced as NARDOH. It is a name with Italian origin that means robust and durable.

39. Lapo:

Lapo is a term of Italian origin that means Yahweh might defend. It also means supplanter , secured in the heels.

40. Belvidere:

Belvidere is an Italian boy’s name that is of Italian origin that is a reference to beauty and beautiful sight.

Italian Twin Boys’ Names:

41. Jacob and Jonah:

Jacob can be described as a word that is of Hebrew origin, meaning substituter. On the other hand, Jonah is a dove name and originates from Hebrew origin. The names of both Jacob along with Jonah are well-known Jewish names.

42. Vincent and Victor:

The twin brothers are ready to conquer the world. They both Vincent along with Victor are well-known Italian names that are of Latin Origin. The former refers to conquer, whereas the latter is a synonym for the winner or conqueror.

43. Caleb and Joshua:

Caleb was the Italian boy’s name which translates to loyal, while Joshua in Hebrew signifies ‘Lord is Salvation. Based on scriptures from the Old Testament, people named Caleb and Joshua were the only ones who were over 20 to be admitted into to the Promised Land.

44. Jasper and Jett:

Jasper is a synonym for ‘bringer of treasure’ and Jett is a reference to “black gemstone” or a black mineral. Both names are associated with prosperity and are therefore ideal for twins.

45. Chance and Chase:

Chance could be the French variation to the English name Chauncey that in Latin is a reference to the word “chancellor” as Chase in French refers to ‘to hunt. The perfect mix for twin brothers.

46. James and Oliver:

Fred and George Ron Weasley’s older twin brothers, share an aptly paired name in real life too – James as well as Oliver. James is a synonym for supplant. Oliver is a reference to an olive tree. In the Bible the olive tree is a symbol of beauty, fruitfulness , and dignity.

47. Elijah and Joel:

In Hebrew two names have a connection to God. Both names, Elijah and Joel, have these elements, but in an entirely different order.

48. Maddox and Mason:

Both of these names are derived from surnames. The first is the Welsh surname, which translates to the son of Maddock The latter refers to ‘worker of the stone’. It’s a great name for twins however.

49. Logan and Lucas:

Logan is the Scottish surname, which translates to an empty space, and Lucas refers to a man from Luciana. It’s also the Latin spelling of Luke.

50. Ethan and Evan:

The word “Ethan” in Hebrew, Ethan means strong or solid. Evan On the contrary, is thought to be the most popular name in Wales meaning “Lord is Grateful.” Both names have lovely significance and they also sound great and make a wonderful pair for twins.