Kerala State Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply -

Kerala State Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply

Kerala State Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply


Kerala is among the very first Indian states to digitize the entire process of obtaining documents related to property. It is easy to make an application for An Incumbrance Certificate in Kerala along with other documents on the portal online from Kerala Registration Department.

The excitement of purchasing an investment property could be disastrous in the event of financial or legal issues with it. Fortunately, there is an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) that protects homeowners in these situations. You must present this legal document before buying or selling a home or when you apply for a loan for your home to prove that the home is free of any legal or financial obligation.


Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala


It is the Encumbrance Certificate (EC) in Kerala is evidence of ownership. The certificate is provided by the Registration Department in Kerala and indicates that the property is devoid of all legal and financial liability. All financial and legal transactions are recorded upon an EC. The EC is a legal ownership title for the land, and it is possible to transfer ownership without any litigation.

Kerala Government, Department of Registration has launched a brand new IGR website for the registration of properties online. On this website, the Kerala government will provide providing more services.

The list of services will be available @

Document Registration

Encumbrance Certificate

Copy certified by a third party

Chitty Registration

Marriage Registration

Society Registration

Stamp Duty & Fee

Doc. Writer/ Scribes fee


Kerala State Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply


How to Apply Online for an Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala

In Kerala In Kerala, obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate is easy and extremely easy. All you need must do is adhere to this easy-to-follow guide. Application of Encumbrance Certificates is required to be submitted to the Sub-Registrar by the applicant on the prescribed form along with the required fee either in person or via post. Applications for Encumbrance Certificates that have fees that have been paid at twice the normal rate will have precedence over applications where the fee has been paid at the normal rate. The fee details for an encumbrance application can be found on the official website.


Use these instructions to fill out an online application to obtain an entitlement certificate in Kerala:

Visit the Official Kerala Registration Department Website

Click here Kerala Registration Department to visit the official portal online.

Select ‘Encumbrance Certificate

Place your cursor over your anchor on the “Certificate” option in the upper navigation bar, and then select “Encumbrance Certificate” by selecting the dropdown list. After that, click “Submit Application for EC.” You will be redirected to a new webpage that contains your application.

Enter Personal and Property Details

On the application form, it is necessary to complete your personal information and the title deed or document information, as well as property details. After you have completed this you can select “Save/Update” or continue with the application form.

Calculate the Fee

After you have completed the search area After you have completed the search, click “Calculate Fee” and provide the details of the fee.

Submit Application

Finally, you must provide the reason for the certificate. Click the button “Submit Application.”

View and Acknowledge the Application

After submitting, you’ll receive an acknowledgment message. Select “view and print Acknowledgement” Keep your Transaction ID mentioned in the message for later information.

You will receive an SMS that contains the status of your application.


Importance of Encumbrance Certificate


EC is an essential document for the reasons listed below:

It is a requirement when applying for a home loan or loans against property. So without EC, you’re not eligible to receive a loan.

When you apply for a home loan or loan against property an Encumbrance Certificate will inform you if the previous owner got a loan using the home as collateral.

It reveals the number of owners who have owned the property from the time it was constructed. EC also reveals whether the property was ever bought or sold without the consent of the original owner.

If you are looking to take out funds from the provisional fund to construct or purchase the building, you will need to present this certificate.

EC informs you whether the land tax is paid regularly on the land. If the tax has not been paid for at least three years then you must give this document to the officer of the village/panchayat.


Application Fee for Obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala

Based on the location of the property and the state-owned body and the state government body, the cost to obtain an Encumbrance Certificate will be different. The Kerala Finance Act  provides the updated charges associated with EC.

Transaction Fee

The cost of application for a certified copy and an Encumbrance Certificate 15 Rs. 15

For general searches in the initial 5 years of Rs. 105

For general searches, between 6 and 30 years, you can use the search box. 250

For general searches after 30 years, Rs. 250 + Rs. 30 for every year which is over 30 years

Priority application A charge of 100 rupees. 100


Details in Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala

Owner’s name.

Information about the property.

Description of the property.

Loan details.

The order of transactions is chronological.

Gift deed details.

Release deeds are required in the event the property was bought mutually.

How to Track the Status of Encumbrance Certificate?

Once the application form has been completed, you can verify the status of your document by following these instructions:

Step 1: Go to Kerala the official website of the Registration Department.

Step 2. In the “Certificate” dropdown menu, choose “Encumbrance Certificate” and click on “EC Status.”

Step 3. A new webpage will appear where you need you to enter “Transaction ID”, and the captcha code. Finally, click “Check Status.”

Step 4: You’ll be able to check the state of your request. If it reads “Certificate Issued”, you can click “Certificate Download” and receive an electronic copy of a PDF.

What is the time frame to get an Encumbrance Certification in Kerala?

In Kerala, If you make an application at a Sub-Registrar’s Office typically, it requires a minimum of 15-30 days to get the Encumbrance Certification. But, you can speed up the process by submitting your application online. The Kerala Registration Department can take between 2 and three working days to process the online application form. You must send an electronic copy of the certificate.

The entire procedure of getting EC is different for each state. So, the length of time required to receive an EC certificate is not specified. Furthermore, if a person fails to fill in the application correctly there could be delays in the receipt of EC.

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