Kopeshwar Temple Kolhapur Maharashtra

Kopeshwar Temple Kolhapur Maharashtra


Kopeshwar Temple Timings, History & Accommodation
Kopeshwar Mandir/Kopeshwar Temple Kolhapur is an extremely ancient and beautiful temple situated along the shores of the River Krishna, which is an outstanding example of old techniques of sculpture. The Kopeshwar temple’s timings are 7 am to 8 PM.


Kopeshwar Temple In Kolhapur Maharashtra

The Kopeshwar temple was constructed during the 7th century A.D. during the reign of the Chalukya rulers. It was the Sahara Kingships of the 12th century that were the patrons and it was reopened in the 13th century, just a couple of centuries later. The temple is constructed of basalt stones and is an outstanding illustration of the art and craftsmanship of the time.

The most striking aspect of this temple is the fact that it was built with black stones (basalt) that were used to construct the temple and were not discovered within the immediate vicinity and at least 600 kilometers in any direction.

The legend says that the stones are originally from South India and were moved by the Krishna River canal to build the temple. Kopeshwar Mandir is also referred to in the form of the Khidrapur temple.

The temple is an open-sky roof hall, hall, ancient sculptured pillars of gods as well as animal-themed sculptures on its walls, as well as female and male performers who perform diverse dances.


Kopeshwara Temple History and Structure

Kopeshwar temple is shaped like a star and is mostly broken into 4 sections. Swargamandapam, Sabhamandapam, Antara Kaksha and Garbha Griha.

First Section
The section is the entry point to the temple as well as the overall appearance of the temple. The external pillars which extend from the temple’s foundation symbolize strength and power.

A carving depicting wild elephants, wild goats as well as elephants. together with an Ox and crooked Horns symbolizes the strength symbolically of the temple’s construction.

The sculptural representations of the divine trinity of gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are guarded by the sides and at the back of the temple. In the temple, there is Lord Shiva in between the three idols suggesting that the temple was always one of the Shiva temples.

Second Section
The most thrilling and appealing part is the second segment. The top of the dome is a dome that has an open circle.

If you sit down in the dome and stare at the sky, you can be able to feel how close the moon appears! It makes you feel like being on the moon.

According to the local legend, the reason for the dome lies in rituals that were performed in the past and sacred recitations the sacred smoke is remitted to the gods of heaven.

Third Section
This Third segment is comprised of several sculptures on the temple pillars of Kopeshwar that describe the ancient Panchatantra as well as the Ramayana as well as a collection of mythological stories about the reincarnations of different gods.

Monuments to Gautama Buddha as well as saints from other religions are the most intriguing and controversial sections of this area. This temple is a legitimate secular one and targeted people of all faiths.

Fourth Section
It is believed that the Fourth portion of the temple makes up the sacred sanctum theorem (central dome). In the middle of this area is Shivalingam.

Kopeshwar Temple Kolhapur Maharashtra


Kopeshwar Temple Kolhapur Maharashtra


Destruction of the Kopeshwara Temple Kolhapur
Unfortunately, during that time, the Islamic invaders destroyed several sculptures that were close to the base of the earth in the next centuries.

Adil Shah, the ruthless ruler of Bijapur, and Aurangzeb Khader Khan, the ruthless ruler of Bijapur and his army, destroyed the carvings of the temple. They also cut nearly all elephant trunks.

While there isn’t any definitive proof of the historical fact that ‘who did what to what’, it’s heartbreaking to witness an amazing piece of art lost to destruction.

How do I reach Kopeshwar Mandir?
Devotees can visit Kopeshwar Temple or Khidrapur Temple via Kolhapur, Ichalkaranji, or Miraj.

The distance between Kolhapur towards Kopeshwar Temple is about 58 kilometers.

The nearest bus stop and station: is Kolhapur Railway Station / S.T. Bus Depot in Kolhapur city.

State transport buses travel through Kurundwad (Kolhapur) up to Khidrapur for 1 hour between 08:00 am and 12 noon.

Kharagpur has situated 18km from Kurundwad and takes 20 to 25 minutes to travel there.


Kopeshwar Temple Timings

The Kopeshwar timings for the temple are from 7:00 am until the hour of 8:00 pm.

Accommodation and Food
Kidrapur is just as excellent as hotels or lodges. Therefore, it is recommended to locate a hotel at Kurundwad and Narsobawadi. There is nothing here apart from that the Kopeshwar Temple, so there is no need to remain for the night.

A few food establishments provide essential snacks such as Vada Pav, Bhaji Puri, and others. However, it was strongly suggested that you bring your food with you and plenty of water.

The best time to go to Kopeshwar Temple
Devotees can go to Kopeshwar Temple any time of the year, but not during the summer season (April through June).

Morning visits are the best time to view the entire temple and its surrounding area.


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