Latin Baby Names Girls Boys with meanings

75+ cute Latin Baby Names for Girls and Boys with meanings

Latin name for babies are stylish more than any other. It’s usually a source of happiness for parent to choose to name the child in honor of the classical language of ancient Rome. Latin can also be a source of the basis for many other languages, including Italian, Spanish and French. We know that religion plays a an important role in the name of your child. For those who are seeking an Latin connection or strong Christian names, here’s our selection of Latin baby names that have significance.

Latin Baby Names Girls Boys with meanings
Latin Baby Names Girls Boys with meanings

Popular Latin Baby Names for Girls and Boys:

Latin Baby Boy Names:

1. Abantiades:

Latin origin, it is an original name for a newborn boy. It is a timeless name that is a name with a profound meaning. Abantiades refers to “descendant of Abas”. It’s a name each Latin child would like to be named in the event that they were able to know the meaning behind the name. Evidently, it’s one of the top Latin names available currently.

2. Acastus:

From Greek mythology is Acastus The name is one among the many legendary Latin Baby boy names. The name has its roots in Greek culture , and has an interesting meaning. Acastus means “Argonauts”. It could be considered to be among the best names for all Latin baby girls out there.

3. Ace:

A Anglo-Saxon boy’s name Ace is a name that comes from the Anglo-Saxon language. Ace is very peaceful, and its meaning is similar to that of well. The name Ace signifies “unity”. It is mainly because of its meaning, the name could be considered to be one of the most popular names for Latin baby girls.

4. Achaeus:

It is a distinctive Latin name for the boy. The word Achaeus makes a lovely namesake for Greek children, and is similar to an authentic Greek. It’s a popular Latin name and is frequently employed for Latin people. This name’s pronunciation is beautiful that others will be tempted to call this name simply because of its stunning pronunciation.

5. Achilles:

A boy’s name in Greek mythology refers to Achilles to be one of the most skilled soldiers of Troy. He was an authentic Trojan and a skilled human being. It is a huge honor to an Latin child to get given with this name. If you’re looking for an excellent Latin name it could be considered the perfect name for you.

6. Achivus:

The Latin baby’s name for a boy is a gorgeous Latin name for babies. It is a name that is quite old and has been in use for a long time. The meaning behind”Greek” is “a Greek”. The majority of the time, Greek babies are named in this manner.

7. Achillides:

If you’re looking for to find one of the best Latin names, then this is the name for your child. The name Achillides is a reference to “descendant of Achilles”. It’s, in fact, among the top sought-after names for all Latin youngsters that are out there.

8. Achates:

Are you searching for an Greek baby name? little boy? This is a wonderful as well as meaningful one. It was a significant character in the the ancient Greek mythology. This is a name that is equal to God and is an excellent gift for the child to be named in this manner.

9. Bacchus:

Bacchus was the Roman mythological god of wine, poetry, and drinking. Bacchus is of Latin name and is a suitable Latin name to those who are looking for religious connections. You might think of this as a name for your child.

10. Benedick:

Benedick means ‘blessed’. It is a popular Latino baby name with an extremely religious association. Around 15 Popes were named after Benedick , and could be a great name for your child. This is a good Biblical Latin name.

11. Dario:

Dario means ‘attractive’. It’s a very basic Latin name and is sometimes used as also an official name. It is of Italian source and is commonly used by people who are Latin.

12. Dexter:

Dexter is of Latin origin and translates to ‘right’ or ‘just right’. The name is popularly used by a number of parents to name their son. This is a great name for your son’s name.

13. Evander:

Evander is a common Latin name used for newborn boys. It means ‘goodman’. Evander could also refer to an God within Roman mythology. It is believed to have a Latin source and is linked to mythology.

14. Eloi:

If your baby is the gift from God and you believe the possibility, Eloi will be a great name to choose. Eloi is a Greek word meaning ‘the one chosen. It is of Latin origin , and is an abbreviation form of Eligius.

15. Germanus:

Germanus refers to ‘brotherly’, and is derived from Latin germen, which is a synonym for’sprout’ or’. The Latin baby name for a boy is ideal for your child if she is a social person who likes people.

16. Hector:

Hector is a great Latin name. It means’steadfast’, and is taken in Greek legend. Hector was also the main hero in Troy during Troy during the Trojan war. It could be a suitable name for your young warrior!

17. Illan:

Your child is likely to be known for a lifetime as “young and youthful” should you have this name. The name means exactly that. It is of Latin origin , and is a well-known choice parents choose for their child.

18. Jove:

What is Jove? Jove is a contemporary Latin male name. It means ‘father of sky’,’majestic’. It has an important Latin connection, and could be a good option for your baby’s name to reduce.

19. Janus:

Here’s another Biblical Latin name for your baby boy. Janus is Latin for “archway”. In Roman legends, Janus has been regarded as being god of beginnings, endings. God who is the God of Beginnings as well as Endings. Janus is represented by the head with two faces. Janus’ name and meaning are powerful.

20. Justin:

Justin was likely to be the most well-known Latin man’s name. Justin was so frequently used in the 1980s that many parents considered abstaining from adopting this name. Today, Justin is gaining popularity and is an extremely popular name.

21. Konstantin:

Konstantin is something or someone which is permanent or stable. The name is of Latin source and has become a well-known name for the city.

22. Liandro:

Liandro is a popularly chosen name choice among parents. It is of Latin origin and translates to”lion-like”. What do you think about do you like this Latin boys’ name? child?

23. Leo:

This name will not be lost. Leo is a popular name in any time. Leo is a Latin word meaning ‘lion’ and is a strong Latin connection. It’s an additional name for a well-known Pope. The Lion is also an important figure in art and religious works.

24. Magnus:

Magnus Magnus, as with the word Magnus, means “great’. The modern Latin name was also the title of several kings from Norway in addition to Sweden.

25. Nardo:

Nardo means ‘strong’. It has both German as well as a Latin source. It is a stylish Latin name and a formal baby boy’s name.

26. Paul:

This is a name that applies to anyone who is seeking a spiritual connection to their child. Paul is a Latin word meaning ‘little’ however, it also has an important place to the Bible. Paul served as an apostle, and evangelist. Paul was also a prominent figurehead of his time.

27. Pax:

Do you have a child who is quiet and serene? Pax is his name. Pax means ‘peaceful’. Pax is of Latin name and has a suitable Latin names for babies.

28. Phoebus:

The word’shining one’ means’shining one’. It is of Latin source. Phoebus could be an epithet for Apollo from Greek mythology. It could be a great name for your son’s baby.

29. Rhesus:

Rhesus is an Mythical King of Thrace. It has a solid Latin source.

30. Salvator:

Salvator means ‘saviour’. It is of Latin source and is a popular choice for Latin parents. You can imagine this.

31. Toland:

Toland refers to ‘praise worthy’. It is of Latin source and is one of the most popular Latin name for babies. It is a two-syllable name and therefore is easy to spell.

32. Valentino:

Valentino is a Latin word meaning’strong and brave’. It is of Latin source and is one of one of the name of the Spanish city. Valentino is a distinct Latin birth name.

33. Victoro:

Victoro means ‘conqueror’. Victoro is a Latin birth name of a baby is distinctive and well-known.

Latin Baby Girl Names:

34. Balbina:

The baby’s name is Italian in origin, as is Polish in the origin. The meaning behind this name Balbina can be described as “strong”, and it is believed to be among the most appropriate names for youngsters that are available. If you’re looking for a name that is appealing to the ear you can say this to your child.

35. Adria:

This is a distinctive Latin girl’s name. Adria is a gorgeous name for all Latin girls and refers to “woman from Adria” Adriatic Sea region, and refers to “dark”.

36. Adrienn:

It is another great choice that is suitable for Latin babies. This name sounds so attractive along with it’s meaning (the woman who is Adria) that anybody would love to shout the name loudly. Someone with this name is pretty confident right from a young age.

37. Alba:

Alba is a fantastic girl’s name. Latin girls are typically white in skin tone. That’s why the name (Alba is fair or white) is perfect in the case of Latin girls. Parents will be able to give their children the nickname (baby daughters).

38. Bea:

Bea is a simple and sweet Latin baby girl’s name that you could come up with. It is the word for ‘bringer of happiness with an enduring Latin connection. It is also simple to pronounce.

39. Beatrice:

Beatrice has become a popular name following the Shakespearean production ‘Much ado About nothing’. The name was popular with a large number of Latin users and parents.

40. Caca:

Caca is the Goddess of Hearth. In Roman mythology Caca has the status of being the sister to the giant Cacus. As the goddess of Earth and the Earth, she was relegated to a very minor part in the story of Hercules.

41. Calida:

Here’s a beautiful name idea for your gorgeous baby girl. Calida is a Latin word meaning beautiful which is an excellent choice for your beautiful daughter.

42. Damara:

Damara, the name Damara refers to “gentle”. Damara was a woman who was educated as per Biblical reference. Damara is a Biblical reference to an educated woman. Latin Girl’s Name is an excellent option for your child.

43. Eleta:

Eleta is a chic elegant Latin baby girl name to give your little girl. The name translates to “chosen” and is from Latin origin.

44. Eleana:

Eleana is the name given to the ‘daughter of Eleana’s mother, the Sun’. If you’re a parent seeking a religious meaning This could be a great idea.

45. Fabianna:

Fabian is the feminine variant of Fabian. The name is derived in its Roman Family name Fabius. It has Latin source and is likely one of the modern Latin name that comes to mind.

46. Fania:

Fania means ‘free’. The name has become quite popular with Latin speakers , and is of Latin roots too. It is a good Latin names for your little girl.

47. Gloria:

Gloria is a very popular Latin name. It’s a reference to ‘glory’, or’renown’. It is of Spanish source. But, it’s also becoming more popular among Latin natives.

48. Grace:

Like the namesuggests, Grace is a traditional Latin girl’s name that can be thought of. It never goes out of fashion and is a popular choice for many newborn girls.

49. Ibolya:

Ibolya refers to a flower. It is an unusual and unusual name to consider. It is of Latin roots. In Hungarian the word translates to “violet”.

50. Jana:

Jana refers to “gift by God’. It has Hebrew roots and also it has an Irish connection. It is popular with a lot of Latin users nowadays.

51. Joana:

Joana is a variation of John Joana is a variant of John, or more precisely Joana can be described as the feminine variant of John. It is of English and Latin origin , and it is possible to consider this as a Latin American Baby name.

52. Joyce:

Joyce is a synonym for’merry’ and also ‘joyous’. It’s also a possible variation of Jocelyn. It is of Latin origin as well as an English source, making it an additional good option of a Latin American child.

53. Kara:

Kara is the Latin word for pure. It is a popular and well-known word in Latin for a baby girl. It also has a Latin source too.

54. Kaarina:

This is among the most frequently used Latin names of all time. The meaning behind Karina means “pure”. Karina is a name that is absolutely beautiful as is the meaning that everyone Latin males will love women being named in this manner.

55. Lara:

Lara is a name that has been used for ages. Lara is a stylish, most-loved name by many parents. Lara is a synonym for ‘cheerful’ and ‘happy’. The name is of Latin origin. It was also an Roman Nymph, as per mythology, and was believed as having sabotaged the love affair between Jupiter as well as Juturna.

56. Larita:

Larita means ‘protection’. The name is of Latin source and derives from lares, a Roman family God who was believed as the protector of field and home.

57. Mejastas:

Mejastas is, as you may guess, is a reference to “royal bearing”. Majestas was also believed as one of the Roman Goddess of Honor.

58. Olinda:

Olinda refers to “fragrant”. The name comes from Latin Origin and can be a popular Latin girl’s name.

59. Paula:

Paula is a Latin word meaning’small’. It is usually considered to be the alternative of the name ‘Paul’. It is of Latin roots and is a great option for parents who want at naming their baby in honor of the god of their religion.

60. Regine:

Regine means ‘queen’. The name is of Latin source and is commonly utilized by Greeks as well as Spanish people as well.

61. Sabrina:

Sabrina is one name that has an abundance of charm it. It has the appearance of Latin as well as it has a Spanish connection. Sabrina was the name of a Celtic goddess.

62. Sancia:

The name Sancia is a reference to’scared’ in Latin. Sancia is a well-known name for Latin speakers , and could be a great option for your little girl.

63. Sabah:

It is considered to be the most frequently used Latin girl’s name ever. The name has a lovely definition (forenoon) and mostly due to its inner meaning, it is extremely popular. If you’re looking for something truly captivating and captivating, this could be the perfect name you can give your baby.

64. Sabra:

The meaning of the term can be described as Sabra Cactus. If you’re searching to find one of the original names available in the Latin language that isn’t very popular and you want to give your daughter a name like this name. It is thought to be among the most appropriate names for Latin baby girls.

65. Sachi:

Sachi refers to “blessed child”. It’s a wonderful name and is suitable for any baby girl out there. It is a name that is commonly used , and due to its gorgeous pronunciation it is believed to be among the top names for Latin children.

66. Valda:

Valda will be a powerful woman! Much like the meaning behind Valda that is’strong woman’. The name is of Latin source.

67. Verdad:

This Latin woman’s name translates to “true” and is a great option for your adorable baby girl. The name is from Latin origin.

68. Waiola:

It is a Latin name that is derived from Latin for a baby girl , and the meaning behind this term refers to “violet flower”. This is clearly among the top striking names that has ever been used, and anyone who is given this name will surely find it appropriate. If you’re thinking of having a name that is appealing it could be the name you want.

69. Walentyna:

The most fabled names is available for Latin babies. The name has a strong significance to it and, especially with regard to the pronunciation, it is considered to be one of the best Latin name for girls.

70. Wanda:

The name is related to the Vandal tribe, which is a huge East Germanic tribe and is thought to be among the most popular names for Latin girls. If you’re looking to give your child one of the most beautiful names of all time and you are looking for a name that is one of the most appropriate for her.

Latin Baby Names for Twins:

71. Lilliana and Evelina:

A Latin source name for a newborn girl which is a reference to “Lily”. The name is popular and is among the most popular names for the girl.

Evelina is a variation of the name ‘Evelyn” which means “life”. It is widely regarded as among the top trendy and trendy girl names that girls can choose for their babies. It’s also a variation of the German name Avelina and became famous in the novel by Fanny Burney “Evelina”.

72. Adrianna and Mariana:

Mariana is an Latin name of origin for a girl who refers to “star of the sea or grace”. It’s also a variant which is a combination of Mary as well as Marianne. The name is popular and is thought to be as a fashionable name for girls.

Adrianna is from Latin origin, and is a lovely name for a newborn girl. It refers to “from Hadria”. It also means “dark” and is a reference to the area of the Adriatic Sea. If you have a girl who is tough and skilled, this name is the right name for her.

73. Roman and Luna:

Roman is an Latin name of origin for a boy. It signifies “citizen of Rome”. Many saints have been named with the name Roman. This is a fashionable name for the boy. Who isn’t familiar with “Roman” from the Fast and Furious series?

Luna is a gorgeous Latin names for girls which translates to “the moon”. It is among the names used for The Goddess of the Moon, Artemis. The name is becoming more common and is an elegant name. If your child likes to be the center of focus and is at the center of the world the name “Kayla” will match your girl.

74. Victor and Nova:

Victor is the word for “champion” and is from Latin origin. It’s a fantastic option for a boy who is just born. It also signifies “conqueror”. In Christianity the word is used to represent Christ’s triumph over death. It’s also a very popular name for saints. The name is not as common but still stylish.

Nova is an Latin name for a newborn girl. Nova is a Latin word meaning ‘new young’ or ‘new’. It is a reference to young or new. Astronomical sense, Nova is a star that is extremely energetic and then becomes very luminescent. It has been a long time since Nova has been a favorite option for parents of all ages.

75. Marcus and Silas:

Marcus is an Latin origin name that is used for boys. It translates to “dedicated to Mars”. According to Greek Mythology, it is an abbreviation for “Mars”, the God of fertility, after which the month of spring March is named. Marcus is a frequent favorite and has grown in popularity throughout the years. Silas is an eminent Latin source and the name given to the baby boy. Silas is a shorter variant from Silvanus in the Bible that means “forest or woods”. Silas within the Bible (a missionary who traveled with Paul) was a reference to “three or the third”.

76. Benedict and Dominic:

The Latin source name of the boy Benedict is a reference to “blessed”. The name Benedict is popular among Popes and is mainly utilized in the case of Roman Catholics. It comes from the Latin word the Latin word ‘Benedictus’ which means “blessed”.

Dominic is the name of a baby boy that is from Latin origin. The meaning behind this word can be described as “Lord”. The name is typically used for a boy born on a Sunday, and is known by the name of “Lord’s Day”. Dominic is a trendy name for a tiny baby boy.

Latin Origin, Americanized Names:

77. Natalie:

Natalie is a Christmas-y baby girl’s name. It’s from Latin origin and comes from the word ‘Natale’ meaning “birthday” or “the birthday of Christ”. This is a trendy name for girls, and was popularized in America by popular singers and actors such as Natalie Portman, Natalie Cole and Natalie Wood, to name some.

78. Bennett:

Bennett is a child of French as well as Latin origin. Bennett is a different form of Benedict that means “blessed”. Some famous icons bearing this name are Bennett Miller, Tony Bennett and Bennett Jackson.