Manimuthar Waterfalls In Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu

Manimuthar Waterfalls In Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu


Manimuthar Waterfalls is a mesmerizing natural wonder located in the district of Tirunelveli in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a captivating cascade that attracts tourists and nature enthusiasts from far and wide. With its pristine beauty and tranquil surroundings, Manimuthar Waterfalls offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.



Manimuthar Waterfalls is situated in the Manjolai Hills, a part of the Western Ghats mountain range. It lies approximately 45 kilometers from Tirunelveli town and is easily accessible by road. The falls are nestled amidst lush greenery and offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

Geographical Features:

Manimuthar Waterfalls is nestled amidst the scenic Western Ghats, a mountain range that runs along the western coast of India. It is situated in the Manimuthar River, which originates from the Agastyarkoodam peak in the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. The river flows through dense forests, forming several smaller cascades before culminating in the majestic Manimuthar Waterfalls. The water plunges from a height of approximately 50 feet, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Ecological Significance:

The area surrounding Manimuthar Waterfalls is rich in biodiversity and serves as a vital habitat for numerous flora and fauna species. The dense forests in the region are home to several endemic and endangered plant species. The waterfall and its surroundings attract a variety of birds, making it a haven for birdwatchers. The ecosystem provides a valuable source of fresh water and supports the local wildlife. Efforts are being made to conserve the ecological balance and preserve the natural beauty of the region.

Topography and Surroundings:

The waterfalls are formed by the River Manimuthar as it cascades down from a height of approximately 90 meters (300 feet). The river originates in the Agastyamalai Hills and meanders through dense forests and rocky terrain, creating a picturesque setting for the falls.

The area surrounding Manimuthar Waterfalls is rich in biodiversity and serves as a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. The dense forests are home to numerous species of plants, including medicinal herbs, orchids, and endemic trees. The diverse wildlife includes animals like elephants, tigers, sambar deer, langurs, and a wide array of bird species, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Manimuthar Waterfalls is during the post-monsoon season, from October to February. During this period, the falls are at their full glory, with abundant water gushing down the rocks, creating a spectacular sight. The weather is pleasant and conducive for outdoor activities, making it an ideal time for a visit.


Manimuthar Falls Timings
Here are Manimuthar Falls timings:

Day Manimuthar Falls Timings
Monday 06:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 06:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 06:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday 06:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 06:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entry fee

S.No Entry Tickets No. of Persons Ticket Cost/ group
1 Manimuthar Falls 6 -10 persons Rs.250
2 Manimuthar Falls Max 5 persons Rs.150

Travel Charges:
Rs.25/ person. The entry fee for the park must be paid separately at Manimuthar Falls.


Manimuthar Waterfalls In Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu

Manimuthar Waterfalls In Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu


Tourist Attractions and Activities:

Waterfall Viewpoints: Several vantage points around Manimuthar Waterfalls offer breathtaking views of the cascading waters. Visitors can enjoy the misty spray and capture stunning photographs of the falls against the backdrop of verdant hills.

Trekking and Hiking: The surrounding hills provide excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. There are well-defined trails that lead to viewpoints and other attractions in the vicinity. Trekking through the dense forests and undulating terrains offers a thrilling experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Picnicking and Relaxation: Manimuthar Waterfalls is an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation. The serene ambiance, cool breeze, and soothing sound of falling water create a perfect setting for spending quality time with family and friends. There are designated picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a leisurely day amidst nature.

Wildlife Spotting: The region surrounding the waterfalls is rich in wildlife. Visitors can embark on nature walks or hire local guides who can provide insights into the flora and fauna of the area. Birdwatching enthusiasts can spot various species of birds, including peafowls, hornbills, and colorful migratory birds.

Visit to Manjolai Tea Estates: Manimuthar Waterfalls is located near the scenic Manjolai Tea Estates. Visitors can explore the tea gardens, learn about tea processing, and savor a cup of freshly brewed tea amidst the lush greenery. The tea estates offer a serene and refreshing experience, away from the bustling city life.

Local Culture and Attractions:

Tirunelveli district has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its unique traditions and cuisine. Visitors can explore the historic town of Tirunelveli, visit ancient temples, and experience the local customs and festivals. The region is also famous for its authentic South Indian cuisine, particularly the delectable Tirunelveli halwa, a popular sweet dish.

Facilities and Amenities:

To cater to the needs of tourists, there are basic facilities and amenities available near Manimuthar Waterfalls. These include parking spaces, restrooms, and small shops selling snacks and refreshments. However, it is advisable to carry sufficient water and food supplies, as the options might be limited near the falls.

Safety Precautions:

While visiting Manimuthar Waterfalls, it is essential to adhere to safety guidelines to ensure a pleasant and secure experience. Some precautions to keep in mind include:

Stay within designated areas and avoid venturing into restricted or dangerous zones.
Be cautious while walking on slippery rocks near the falls, as they can be treacherous.
Do not attempt to swim or bathe in the falls, as the water currents can be strong and unpredictable.
Respect the environment and avoid littering. Carry a trash bag and dispose of waste properly.
Follow the instructions of guides or authorities for a safe and enjoyable visit.

How to Reach Manimuthar Waterfalls:

By Air: The nearest airport to Manimuthar Waterfalls is the Tuticorin Airport, located approximately 60 kilometers away. From the airport, one can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach the falls.

By Rail: Tirunelveli Junction is the closest railway station to the falls, situated around 45 kilometers away. Regular train services connect Tirunelveli to major cities in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country. From the railway station, one can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Manimuthar Waterfalls.

By Road: Manimuthar Waterfalls is well-connected by road. Regular bus services operate from Tirunelveli and other nearby towns to the falls. Private taxis and rental cars are also available for a more convenient and personalized journey.

Address of Manimuthar Falls
Manimuthar to Manjolai Road, Singampatti Zamindar Forest, Tamil Nadu 627420, India

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