Matheran Hill Station In Maharashtra

Matheran Hill Station In Maharashtra


Matheran Hill Station is a popular traveler vacation spot located inside the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. It is a small hill station positioned at an altitude of 800 meters above sea stage and is located at the Western Ghats range. The city is understood for its scenic beauty, tranquil surroundings, and unpolluted air. Matheran is also acknowledged for being Asia’s best car-loose hill station, wherein all cars are banned.


The statistics of Matheran dates decrease again to the nineteenth century whilst it became decided through British colonial officers. In 1850, Hugh Poyntz Malet, the collector of Thane, determined the place even as he emerge as on a looking experience. He turn out to be so stimulated with the beauty of the place that he developed it as a summer time hotel for the British officers. Later, Lord Elphinstone, the Governor of Bombay, advanced it as a hill station for the overall public.


Geography and Climate:

Matheran is located on the Western Ghats range and is unfold over a place of 8 rectangular kilometers. It is situated at an altitude of 800 meters above sea diploma. The city is surrounded thru dense forests and is understood for its panoramic views of the encompassing hills and valleys. The weather in Matheran is excellent at some stage in the year, with the temperature ranging amongst sixteen to 32 levels Celsius. The monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, is the great time to visit the town as it receives heavy rainfall and the environment grow to be lush inexperienced.


Tourist Attractions:

Matheran is a famous visitor vacation spot and is concept for its herbal beauty and scenic landscapes. The city has severa traveler factors of hobby that draw traffic from all around the international. Some of the foremost tourist factors of hobby in Matheran are:

Panorama Point:

Also referred to as Sunrise Point, Panorama Point offers a panoramic view of the sunrise over the surrounding hills and valleys. It is one of the most famous traveler spots in Matheran.

Charlotte Lake:

Charlotte Lake is a serene lake located within the coronary heart of Matheran. It is a famous spot for picnics and boating.

Louisa Point:

Louisa Point is positioned on a hilltop and gives a breathtaking view of the encompassing hills and valleys. It is likewise home to severa historical ruins.

One Tree Hill Point:

One Tree Hill Point is a scenic factor located on a hilltop that gives a wide ranging view of the encircling hills and valleys. It is known as after the lone tree that stands on pinnacle of the hill.

Echo Point:

Echo Point is a well-known spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It is located in a dense wooded region and is known for its echo impact.

Shivaji’s Ladder:

Shivaji’s Ladder is a steep climb that ends inside the fortress of Prabalgad. It is referred to as after the Maratha king Shivaji, who’s said to have used the ladder to reach the fortress.

Porcupine Point:

Porcupine Point is placed on a cliff and offers a panoramic view of the encircling hills and valleys. It is known as after the porcupine-fashioned rock that is determined at the cliff.

Charlotte Lake Dam:

Charlotte Lake Dam is a adorable dam located on Charlotte Lake. It is a famous spot for picnics and images.

Apart from these, Matheran additionally has numerous other points of interest like Honeymoon Point, Alexander Point, and Monkey Point.

Matheran Hill Station In Maharashtra



Matheran isn’t just about sightseeing, but it also gives several journey sports for tourists. Some of the popular adventure sports in Matheran are:


Matheran is a famous hiking excursion spot and is thought for its scenic trekking routes. Several hiking trails purpose the encompassing hills and valleys. Some of the famous trekking trails in Matheran are the Garbett Point Trek, Peb castle trek, Kalavantin Durg Trek, and Chanderi Fort Trek.

Horse Riding:

Horse the usage of is one of the famous sports activities in Matheran. The city is known for its horses, which are well-educated and properly-maintained. Horse rides are available from the city to numerous traveler spots in Matheran.


Camping is a well-known hobby in Matheran, mainly at some stage in the monsoon season. There are several campsites located within the surrounding hills and valleys that provide a totally specific camping enjoy.

Nature Walks:

Matheran is surrounded with the aid of manner of dense forests, and nature walks are a well-known hobby here. The city has several strolling trails that purpose the encircling hills and valleys. These walks provide a chance to find out the plants and fauna of the location.


Paragliding is a famous adventure interest in Matheran. Several operators offer paragliding offerings from the hilltops, which provide a fowl’s eye view of the encircling hills and valleys.

Rock Climbing:

Rock mountaineering is any other famous journey hobby in Matheran. The town has several rock faces which may be appropriate for mountaineering.


Zip-lining is a interesting journey hobby this is to be had in Matheran. Several operators offer zip-lining offerings from the hilltops.


Matheran gives a variety of lodging options for travelers, starting from fee variety to expensive. The town has numerous inns, inns, and guesthouses that cater to the wishes of tourists. Some of the famous accommodations in Matheran are:

The Verandah inside the Forest:

The Verandah within the Forest is a records hotel placed within the coronary coronary heart of Matheran. The inn is prepared amidst lush inexperienced environment and gives a completely unique colonial-fashion enjoy.

Adamo The Resort:

Adamo The Resort is a luxurious hotel positioned on the outskirts of Matheran. The motel offers modern amenities and centers and is right for those seeking out a high-priced stay.

Westend Hotel:

Westend Hotel is a price variety motel located inside the coronary heart of Matheran. The motel gives comfortable inns and easy centers and is ideal for those seeking out a price range live.

Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa:

Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa is a steeply-priced inn positioned inside the coronary heart of Matheran. The inn gives present day services and facilities and is understood for its spa offerings.

Apart from these, Matheran also has numerous guesthouses and homestays that provide a completely unique community revel in.

Matheran Hill Station In Maharashtra


Matheran Hill Station In Maharashtra


Matheran gives a variety of dining options for tourists. The metropolis has numerous restaurants and eateries that serve a whole lot of cuisines, beginning from nearby Maharashtrian cuisine to global cuisine. Some of the well-known eating places in Matheran are:

Shabbir Bhai’s Biryani:

Shabbir Bhai’s Biryani is a famous eatery positioned within the coronary heart of Matheran. The eatery is understood for its delicious biryani and kebabs.

Garden View Restaurant:

Garden View Restaurant is a famous eating place placed inside the heart of Matheran. The eating place gives a number of cuisines, along with Indian, Chinese, and Continental.

Patel’s Snack Bar:

Patel’s Snack Bar is a popular eatery placed within the coronary heart of Matheran. The eatery is concept for its scrumptious vada pav and different snacks.

Usha Ascot Restaurant:

Usha Ascot Restaurant is a high priced restaurant placed within the coronary heart of Matheran. The eating place offers a number of cuisines, which consist of Indian, Chinese, and Continental.

Apart from those, Matheran also has several avenue meals stalls that offer close by cuisine like vada pav, bhajia, and chikki. The metropolis is likewise diagnosed for its sparkling strawberries, which can be available during the strawberry season.


Matheran offers a variety of purchasing options for travelers. The town has numerous stores and markets that sell pretty some gadgets, beginning from neighborhood handicrafts to souvenirs. Some of the well-known shopping for locations in Matheran are:

Matheran Bazaar:

Matheran Bazaar is a famous market located within the coronary heart of Matheran. The market gives some of objects, which includes neighborhood handicrafts, clothes, and souvenirs.

Panorama Point Market:

Panorama Point Market is a famous market positioned close to Panorama Point. The market gives a number of devices, inclusive of close by handicrafts, clothes, and souvenirs.

Charlotte Lake Market:

Charlotte Lake Market is a well-known market located close to Charlotte Lake. The market offers quite a number items, consisting of neighborhood handicrafts, garments, and souvenirs.

Shivaji Chowk Market:

Shivaji Chowk Market is a popular marketplace placed close to Shivaji Chowk. The marketplace gives some of items, together with nearby handicrafts, garments, and souvenirs.


Matheran is a vehicle-loose quarter, and placement traffic aren’t allowed to carry their cars within the metropolis. The metropolis may be accessed via educate or avenue. The nearest railway station to Matheran is Neral Railway Station, that’s positioned round 21 km from Matheran. From Neral Railway Station, web page site visitors can take a toy train or a taxi to obtain Matheran. The toy teach is a popular mode of transportation to reach Matheran, as it gives a scenic trip thru the mountains.

Matheran also can be accessed by means of way of road from Mumbai and Pune. Visitors can take a taxi or a bus from Mumbai or Pune to attain Matheran. The nearest airport to Matheran is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, this is located round 44 km from Matheran.

Best Time to Visit:

The great time to go to Matheran is among October and May at the same time as the climate is fine and the temperature stages from 17°C to 32°C. The monsoon season, which starts offevolved in June and lasts until September, is likewise a remarkable time to go to Matheran, because the metropolis comes alive with lush greenery and waterfalls. However, web page visitors are cautioned to be cautious at some stage within the monsoon season, as the town can turn out to be slippery and muddy.

Safety Tips:

Visitors are encouraged to wear snug footwear, due to the fact the metropolis has numerous on foot trails and uneven surfaces.

Visitors are cautioned to hold sufficient coins, as there are not any ATMs in Matheran.

Visitors are advised to hold sufficient consuming water, because the metropolis can get warm and humid sooner or later of the summer season.

Visitors are cautioned to be careful at some degree within the monsoon season, because the town can come to be slippery and muddy.

Visitors are cautioned to be respectful of the close by way of life and traditions.


Matheran is a picturesque hill station that offers a very particular revel in to visitors. The town is idea for its natural beauty, colonial architecture, and journey activities. From trekking and horse riding to tenting and paragliding, there are numerous activities that traffic can enjoy in Matheran. The town moreover gives a range of accommodation options and dining options, making it a famous vacationer destination.

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