Morpho RD Service Device Drivers Free Download -

Morpho RD Service Device Drivers Free Download

Morpho RD Service Device Drivers Free Download




CSC eGovernment Services India Limited has worked with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch an Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AePS) in locations where CSC was a commercial correspondent. This payment system is called DIGIPAY.


Morpho RD Service document is to aid the end-user with installing the Morpho RD Service and using it in conjunction with the Morpho MSO1300 Biometric Fingerprint device.

MORPHO Biometric Fingerprint Device has well-integrated Windows 7 8 8.1 10, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) with customized business applications.

Every biometric device used for Aadhaar authentication must register in UIDAI w.e.f. 01-Oct-17.

Registered devices provide a way to eliminate the need for stored biometrics. They provide three important extra features in comparison to public devices:

Identification of devices – each device is identified by a unique number that allows traceability, analytics, and management of fraud.
Disposing of the storage of biometrics. Biometric data gets encrypted within the device with the key provided to verify that the data is recorded live. The registered device (RD) service of the device’s provider has to create an encrypted block of PID before sending it back to the host software.

A standard RD Service is provided by devices that have been certified by the device manufacturers.

MORPHO Device Registration (RD Service) requires access to the network on multiple levels for it to function properly. Only authorized Morpho 1300 can be used to authenticate fingerprints. Get the RD Service Driver and Install it to ensure the proper operation of the Morpho Fingerprint Scanner. When the Morpho MSO/CBM device shows an image screen, it will display (Enter an activation Code or OTP ).


Register Morpho Fingerprint Biometric Device with UIDAI.
Morpho RDService Software Installation
1. Open Our Website Page DOWNLOAD –


2. Click

Morpho RD Driver (PC) WINDOW

Download Save file

Morpho RD Service Driver WINDO W
Remove or Uninstall Old Version MORPHO RD Service Software/Driver

>> Next Step

1. Morpho RD Service Download Zip File is Open with WinZip/ZipRAR or WinZip.


2. Extract to DESKTOP

>> Next. Step

Open Folder



Right Click On File


Run as administrator / Double Click


>> Next Screen Show


Installation Process Morpho RD Service Software

Follow the steps in the setup wizard to complete the installation.

Make sure to wait until the process is completed without any error


Morpho RDService Driver Setup Finish
>> Next Final Screen Show

Completing the Morpho RDService Driver Setup Wizard

Two Option Show In Window

-Yes, Restart The Computer Now.

No, I will start the Computer Later.

Default Choice

$? Yes, Restart The Computer Now



The Telemetry Server was Successfully Checked
After restarting, the PC/System screen will display a message saying “Telemetry from Server Checked Successfully”.

After successful device registration/Telemetry, the User can log in into the application and use it.

After you Restart Computer, Plug-in the MORPHO 1300 biometric fingerprint scanner. If the MORPHO biometric fingerprint USB driver is successfully installed it will be identified (light blinks for only a fraction of a second)


After running the application for a business that integrates with MORPHO RDService It will prompt you to enter the Morpho One-time-token and Morpho Activation Code. It could appear when the connected device isn’t whitelisted.

Morpho RD service “Device Registration Failed” for Windows 7
Morpho RD issue resolution as of 17/8/2022. Please see under the Download link for TLS 1.2 SSL component and use it on Windows 7 PCs where registration is not taking place: Files: TLS.reg (1.2 KB) Click here for download please follow the steps on how to download and install TLS 1.2 SSL component and use it on windows 7 PC.
1. Click the link to download and download the TLS.reg file.
2. Click twice on TLS.reg to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
3. Restart RD Service by doing the following actions
a. Click Run and enter services.
b. Right-click on services and then run the.
C. On the Services screen – Right-click to “Morpho RD Service” and then stop. Then, select “Morpho RD Service” and begin the service.
4. Check the registration status. It must have registered successfully.


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Digipay Bank Software (Latest Version) Click to Download
Digipay Bank Update Files Click to Download
Digipay Bank Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Click to Download
Digipay Bank Visual  C++ 2010 Redistributable File Click to Download

OT Morpho  RD service to install the Windows installer.

installation steps

Run ‘MorphoRdServiceL0SoftSetup.exe’ with administrator privileges to install the RD service and follow the installation wizard instructions to complete the installation.


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Morpho Aadhar RD Service Device Drivers Free Download

2. For a successful installation, make sure the next path on drive C: is created with 35 files

Morpho RD Service Device Drivers Download

Morpho RD Service Device Drivers Click for Download Mannual


Aadhar Biometric RD Service Device Drivers Free Download