Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to Help Road Accident Victims

Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to Help Road Accident Victims


Karnataka State Government has introduced a new initiative to assist victims of avenue coincidences to get the treatment they require on time. The authorities will provide unfastened solutions for avenue victims of fate within initial 48 hours at the nearest personal or government hospital. The program was launched on March 8th, 2016. The scheme was named for its connection to Harish Nanjappa who gave his eyes just moments before his death due to an accident in February of 2016.


The Mukhyamantri-Santwana Harish Yojana, which Helps Road Accident Victims

Highlights from Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana

The program will assist those suffering from accidents on the road across the country regardless of their financial status or nationality.
Instant relief from medical issues can be provided to the patient throughout”the Golden Hour with the financial beneficial resource of as high as 25000 in the initial two days of therapy.
The patient will receive medical care that is scientifically based during the initial forty-eight hours. They will then be treated by any medical center. Every hospital could be directed not to accept patients who are suffering from a coincidence.
software to protect the registration of patients, clinics, as well as claims submission applications, could be put in place to ensure effective implementation of the plan.
Unfastened emergency helplines that are not toll-free will also be provided to assist victims of accidents.

Conditions and Eligibility of Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to assist victims of road accidents

All victims of road traffic accidents, who suffer crashes on roads in Karnataka regardless of their BPL/APL status, citizenship, or state
Hospitals Offering Service Under Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to help Road accident victims:

All government hospitals ( District, Taluka, CHC, PHC)
All state medical schools Private and public
All private hospitals that offer emergency and polytrauma care contracted with SAST
Each recognized hospital has been marked to the GPS platform to assist EMRI to locate the closest hospital that is suitable to treat patients.

Services provided under Mukhyamantri’s Santwana Harish Yojana to assist Road accident victims:

Stabilizing the patient by the severity of the injuries
The suture and dressing of wounds are Simple and complex
ICU-based treatments
Ward-based treatment
Treatment of head injuries and spinal injuries, as well as burns
Transfusions of blood
25 packages as per the definition of the Expert Committee ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 25000/25000/
Document required to be used for the Mukhyamantri-Santwana Harish Yojana to help the victims of accidents on roads:

There is no need for a document as the scheme applies to every road accident that occurs in the State of Karnataka irrespective of the financial condition, state, or nationality
Application Method:

Anyone Road accident victim is eligible to apply for Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to assist Road Victims of Accident
Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, the hospital is obligated to sign up for this scheme
Contact Details:

For more information, Visit
Helpline No. – 108/104
Call Toll Free. – 18004258330

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