Navagraha Temples in India Full Details

Navagraha Temples in India Full Details


The Navagraha Temples of Tamil Nadu are a group of Navagraha temples that belong to the Chola dynasty, which is located near Kumbakonam within Tamil Nadu. Based on Hindu mythology the Sage Kalava had leprosy as well as other serious ailments. He sought the help of gods known as the Navagrahas among the 9 planets’ divinities. The gods of the planets praised his prayer and offered him healing. Brahma one of the Hindu gods of the Creation was furious because he believed that the planets didn’t possess the ability to grant boons to humans. The nine stars were cursed by Brahma with suffering from leprosy and were brought to the earth through Vellurukku Vanam, a forest of white wildflowers which is the present-day Suryanar Kovil. The planets begged Lord Shiva to remove the curse. Enrolled with the power of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva was seen before them, and reassured them that the area was theirs and that they should pray for the worshipers who worshipped the gods from there.


Navagraha Temples In India Full Details

Each temple is situated in a distinct village and is believed to be the residence of the Navagraha. But, the majority of them are dedicated to the god Lord Shiva. The only exception is that of the Surya Temple is dedicated solely to this world. It is solely dedicated to worshiping Lord Surya as well as other Navagrahas and the latter being revered as the primary god and the latter regarded as an assistant god. It was constructed around the 12th or 11th century CE. There were other temples built before the 7th-9th centuries.

Surya Navagrahasthalam – Suryanar Kovil

Chandra Navagrahasthalam – Thingaluru

Angarakan Navagrahasthalam – Vaitheswaran Kovil

Budha Navagrahasthalam – Thiruvenkadu

Guru Navgrahasthalam — Alangudi

Shukra Navagrahasthalam – Kanjanur

Shani Navagrahasthalam – Thirunallar

Navagrahasthalam of Rahu – Thirunageswaram

Ketu Navagrahasthalam – Keezperumpallam

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