NFS Delhi Ration Card Application Status | Delhi Food Security Card Application Status -

NFS Delhi Ration Card Application Status | Delhi Food Security Card Application Status

NFS Delhi Ration Card Application Status


Delhi Food Security Card Ration Card Application Status


Ration cards are a form of identification card issued by the Government of Delhi. The cards are issued to all residents of Delhi who are below the age of 70 years and have an annual income below Rs. 15,000.

The card provides access to subsidized food items, medicines, and other government services. The card is also used for identity verification and for voting in elections in India.

The Delhi Ration Card is a smart card with a chip embedded on it that stores information such as name, address, photo and fingerprints. It can be used as an alternative to carrying cash or a wallet as well as making payments at various outlets in Delhi.

What is a Delhi Ration Card?

The Delhi Ration Card is an identity card that provides access to subsidized food. It is issued by the Delhi government and it serves as a proof of identity and residence for the people living in Delhi.

In order to avail this card, one should be a resident of Delhi and must have an Aadhaar number. It is also issued to those who live in Delhi but are not registered with Aadhaar. The ration card can be used for purchasing rationed items at fair price shops across the city.

How to Apply for a Delhi Ration Card?

The government of Delhi provides ration cards to its citizens. These are necessary for the citizens to get the benefits of various state-run schemes.

The Delhi government has made it very easy for people to apply for a ration card online. They have created an online application form that can be filled out in a few minutes and submitted through an email attachment or by uploading it on the website.

The Delhi Ration Card is one of the most important documents that you need to have if you want to live in Delhi. If your document is not up-to-date, then your benefits may be denied. So make sure that you apply for a new one at least once every year!

The Best Online Tools to Check Ration Card Status in India and Which Ones are Safe and Legitimate

By using the ration card status checker, you can get an idea of the status of your ration card. This will help you to know if your app registration is successful or not.

Ration card is a document that helps people to buy food grains and other essential items at subsidized prices. It is issued by the government and needs to be renewed every year.

The best online tools to check ration card status in India are:

1) The My Aadhaar app on iOS

2) The My Aadhaar Android app

3) The Aadhaar Status Checker website

Delhi Ration card is a form of identification that is issued from the Department of Food and Consumer Supplies(NFS Delhi) in Delhi and is a crucial document to prove identity in Delhi and across the nation. It is designed to provide foods and other necessities to citizens of the nation at discounted prices. This article provides information on conditions for eligibility, the documents required as well as the application process and the best way to update details on your Delhi food rations card.

Delhi Ration Card List

Candidates do not need to visit an official office in order to view the list. You can look up for the complete listing of Delhi ration cards by visiting the website of Delhi’s official government ( and then following the steps listed below.

  • Step 1. In the menu bar click “e-Services” “e-Services” option.
  • Step 2.Select “e-Ration card” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 3.Select”Village list “Village list” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • 4.On the screen an overview of all Ration cards of the selected village will show up.

Eligibility for Ration Card in Delhi

There are a variety that are different kinds of Cards are issued by state governments. It is worth noting that they are given based on the amount of their annual income. There are several kinds of ration cards which are described below:

  • BPL below Poverty Line (BPL) Ration card is distributed to those living below the poverty level.
  • APL APL – above Poverty Line (APL) Ration card is provided to people that are over the poverty line but below the middle class.
  • AAY AAY Antyodaya ration card is provided as part of the Antyodaya Yojana to those who are less able than the rest of the population financially.
  • AY – Annapurna Yojana The beneficiaries of the Annapurna Yojana will be issued this rashan card. They are entitled to 10kg of rice per month for free. The applicant must be over 65 years old and not have a other source of income.

Documents Required to Apply for Delhi Ration Card

The applicant has to provide the following documents in order to apply for an Ration card in Delhi either on the internet or in person:

The passport photo of each family member and is endorsed by an officer who is Gazetted.

  • Telephone bill
  • Bank Passbook
  • Electricity Bills
  • House Rent Receipt

How to Apply for a Delhi Ration Card

Procedure to Apply for Delhi Ration Card Online

Any Delhi resident and wishes the opportunity to get a brand new Delhi electronic ration card must adhere to the steps in the following sections:

  • 1. An applicant has to visit the official website to obtain the new Ration card application form. The form is then printed.
  • Step 2. After printing a copy the applicant must fill out the application form with all the necessary information.
  • Step 3. Following that applicants need to submit the application for a ration card together with the required documents to be verified.
  • 4. Once the form has been submitted You will be provided with an ID number that is used to check the status of your new Ration card.

Procedure to Apply for Delhi Ration Card Offline

  • Step 1. Go to the Department of Food of the Delhi Government’s official website
  • Step 2.After you’ve submitted all your documents and filled out the application form, you can click submit.
  • Step 3.You could write down your application number for your ration card and then use it to track what is happening with your application for ration cards.

How to Check the Status Of Delhi Ration Card Online

By following the steps below applicants can track the status of their application for ration cards status on the internet:

  • Step 1. Go to the Department of Food, Supplies, and Consumer Goods’ official website
  • Step 2. On the right-hand side Look for the ‘Citizen’s Corner’ area.
  • Step 3.From the menu dropdown choose ‘Track the Food Security App.’

How to Download Delhi Ration Card?

These are the ways to download the e-ration cards on the site:

  • First step: Check out the Delhi Govt’s Department of Food, Supplies, and Consumer Affairs’ official website
  • Step 2. On the home page you will see “Citizen Corner “Citizen Corner” area.
  • Step 3. Choose the option to create an electronic card.
  • 4.Enter pertinent information like the number of the ration card as well as that of the household’s Aadhaar number/NFS ID, date of the head of the family’s of birth, and also the registered mobile number that was provided at the time of registration.
  • Phase 5: Choose ‘Submit’ in the dropdown menu.
  • step 6 E-ration cards will be displayed on screen following that. It can then be downloaded by choosing the download option.

How to Make Corrections in Delhi Ration Card

If you have to alter any information on your Ration Card then you should follow the steps below.

The Process of Fixing Errors on Delhi Ration Card

  • Step 1: Visit the website of Delhi’s National Food Security (
  • Step 2.Then select the “Grievance” tab on the homepage.
  • Step 3.After that, you must fill in details such as the nature of your complaint and your address, as well as details about your community, the email ID, and the name your Panchayat (if appropriate) in addition to other things.
  • 4. Post the Step 4: You should describe the problem in the comments section on the same page. Attach the appropriate documents.
  • 5.Finally Click on “Register” to send in an appeal.

Within a few minutes of submitting your request your complaint, you will receive an official complaint number which will be sent to you via the Email ID. It is possible to keep track of the progress of your complaint.

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