Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple In Thiruvananthapuram


Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple | History & Timings

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple:
It is located in the Pazhavangadi Ganapathy temple is located in Thiruvananthapuram City, located at East Fort. Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple is located near this temple. The people believe that Lord Ganesh is the one who fulfills the greatest desires and solves the most difficult problems of his followers. The primary Idol is sitting in a seated posture with the right foot folded. Pazhavangadi Temple timings run from 4:30 am until 8:30 pm.

There are approximately 32 kinds that are associated with Lord Ganesha. Also, people worship Dharmasasta, Goddess Durga, and Nagaraja in the temple. This stunning Ganpati Temple in Trivandrum is well-known for its unique jet-black color, which is a distinctive hue for Indian temples, as well as its unique Ganesh statue. On this page, you’ll learn more about the shrine. Therefore, take the time to read it thoroughly to learn more.

The temple’s construction was completed during the time that there was time when the Travancore kingdom’s troops were fighting the Padmanabhapuram front. The regiment of soldiers is on guard. The Yaskhi were very aggressive toward them. One of the men was a fervent devotee of Lord Ganesh who believed that Lord Ganesh was always with him.

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala


Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple Thiruvananthapuram


He was awe-inspiring during his time at the fort, as Lord Ganesh was there to protect him. He was amazed to discover his Idol Lord Ganesh as he walked to the river that was nearby to take an ointment. The soldier took the incident as an affirmative signal and decided that he would carry his Idol in his pocket throughout the day.

The whole Travancore army was unaffected by the Yakshi throughout the remainder of the time. Therefore, they constructed the temple in which soldiers discovered the Idol in recognition of its unlimited power.


Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple Timings:

The following table outlines the times of The Ganapathy temple. Therefore, consult the table below for times for the Ganapathy temple.


Day Timings
Monday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Tuesday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Wednesday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Thursday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Friday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Saturday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Sunday 4:30 am – 10:45 am
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala


The significance of Pazhavangadi temple:

The significance of the Temple is. Lord Vishnu’s Idol is one of a kind. It features Lord Vishnu admirably reclining upon his serpent Anantha. You’ll be amazed to know that the Idol was created composed of Kudusarkara along with herbs, as well as Salagramam, along with gold gems and other precious stones.

pazhavangadi Ganapathy temple

Breaking a coconut in an area of your choice is the most well-known method for offering Vazhipadu, meaning to conquer any obstacle one might face in achieving one’s highest objectives.

Every day more than 2500 coconuts are tossed into an unassuming tank in the temple because the devotees are all sincerely convinced of the practice.


How can I reach Pazhavangadi Ganapathy temple?

A lot of people throughout the nation go to the temple. We are therefore providing options to get to the temple.

Air- The temple can be found in the capital of Kerala state. It is located near Thiruvananthapuram airport. Thiruvananthapuram airport.

rail: The temple is present in the capital of Kerala state. It is close to The Thiruvananthapuram train station.

The roads- it is located located in the capital roads are accessible across the state. Thus, you can reach the temple without difficulty.

Contact Details:
Address: Padmavilasam Rd, Pazhavangadi, Padma Nagar, Pazhavangadi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala- 695023.

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy temple contact number: 0471 246 1929.

Visit this link to visit the official site of the Pazhavangadi temple.


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