Places To Visit Near Maredumilli Andhra Pradesh

Places To Visit Near Maredumilli Andhra Pradesh


Maredumilli is a beautiful village located in the East Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Surrounded by lush greenery, hills, and dense forests, Maredumilli is known for its scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. Here are the full details of Maredumilli:

Geographical Location:

Maredumilli is situated in the southern part of India, in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It is located approximately 40 kilometers northeast of the district headquarters, Rajahmundry. The village is nestled in the lap of the Eastern Ghats, a mountain range known for its scenic landscapes.

Natural Beauty and Climate:

Maredumilli is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a pleasant climate. The region is characterized by dense forests, waterfalls, streams, and hills, making it a popular tourist destination. The average annual temperature ranges from 25°C to 35°C, providing a comfortable environment for visitors.

Flora and Fauna:

The village is situated in the Maredumilli Reserved Forest, which is part of the larger Papikonda National Park. The forest area is rich in biodiversity and home to a variety of flora and fauna. It is known for its diverse range of medicinal plants, bamboo groves, and teakwood trees. The forests are inhabited by several species of animals, including tigers, leopards, deer, peacocks, and various species of birds.

Tourist Attractions:

Maredumilli offers a range of attractions for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Some of the popular tourist spots in and around Maredumilli include:

Maredumilli Forest: The forest area is perfect for nature walks and trekking. Visitors can explore the lush green trails, enjoy the serene atmosphere, and spot different species of plants and animals.

Jalatarangini Waterfalls: Located amidst the forests, Jalatarangini Waterfalls is a picturesque spot where visitors can enjoy the cascading water and take a refreshing dip.

Amruthadhara Waterfalls: This waterfall is known for its medicinal properties. The water is believed to have healing powers due to the presence of certain herbs and plants.

Bamboo Chicken: Maredumilli is famous for its unique culinary delight called “Bamboo Chicken.” It is a traditional dish where chicken is marinated with spices and cooked inside bamboo sticks over an open flame.

Valamuru Eco Tourism Project: This project aims to promote eco-tourism and sustainable practices in the region. Visitors can participate in various activities like bird watching, nature trails, and camping.

Rampa Waterfalls: Another enchanting waterfall located near Maredumilli, Rampa Waterfalls, offers a mesmerizing sight and is an excellent spot for photography.

Culture and Traditions:

The people of Maredumilli mainly belong to the indigenous tribes of the region, such as Konda Reddis and Koyas. These tribes have their distinct customs, traditions, and art forms. The locals are known for their hospitality and warm nature. The village celebrates several festivals, including tribal festivals like Sammakka Sarakka Jatara and traditional Hindu festivals like Diwali and Ugadi.

Infrastructure and Connectivity:

Maredumilli has seen significant development in terms of infrastructure and connectivity. The village has basic amenities such as guest houses, resorts, and small eateries to cater to tourists. The nearest major town, Rajahmundry, provides better connectivity in terms of road and rail transport. Rajahmundry Airport is the nearest airport, located approximately 70 kilometers away.


Places To Visit Near Maredumilli Andhra Pradesh


Places To Visit Near Maredumilli Andhra Pradesh


Other attractions and places to visit near Maredumilli :

Rajahmundry (80 km): Known as the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry is a bustling city situated on the banks of the Godavari River. The city boasts of several tourist attractions such as the Godavari Bridge, Dowleswaram Barrage, ISKCON Temple, and Papi Hills. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the river and witness the beautiful sunset.

Papikondalu (100 km): Papikondalu is a scenic hill range situated between the Godavari River and its tributary, the Papi Hills. The breathtaking beauty of this place, with dense forests, gushing waterfalls, and serene river cruises, makes it a popular tourist spot. You can take a boat ride from Rajahmundry to Papikondalu and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Bhadrachalam (140 km): Nestled on the banks of the Godavari River, Bhadrachalam is a significant pilgrimage center in South India. The town is renowned for the ancient Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple architecture, along with the spiritual aura, attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Kakinada (90 km): Located on the Bay of Bengal, Kakinada is a coastal city known for its beautiful beaches and historical landmarks. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, Uppada Beach, Hope Island, and Vivekananda Park are popular attractions here. You can indulge in water sports, take a boat ride, or simply relax on the sandy shores.

Konaseema (120 km): Konaseema is a picturesque delta region formed by the Godavari River and its tributaries. It is known for its scenic beauty, coconut groves, paddy fields, and backwater canals. The region offers a unique cultural experience with its traditional art forms, festivals, and delectable cuisine.

Annavaram (115 km): Annavaram is a small village famous for the Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Satyanarayana. The temple is situated on Ratnagiri Hill, providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The annual festival, Kalyanotsavam, attracts a large number of devotees.

Araku Valley (215 km): Although slightly farther away, Araku Valley is a mesmerizing hill station nestled in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh. Surrounded by thick forests, coffee plantations, and cascading waterfalls, this place offers breathtaking views and a pleasant climate. You can visit attractions like Borra Caves, Tribal Museum, and Katiki Waterfalls.

Papi Hills (90 km): Papi Hills, situated on the Godavari River, is known for its stunning landscapes and pristine backwaters. The hills are covered with dense forests and offer a unique opportunity to experience the rich biodiversity of the region. Boat rides through the winding river channels are a popular activity here.

Rampa Waterfalls (50 km): Located near Maredumilli, Rampa Waterfalls is a hidden gem that cascades down from a height of about 50 feet. Surrounded by lush greenery, the waterfall provides a refreshing escape and a perfect spot for a picnic.

Katiki Waterfalls (210 km): Situated near Borra Caves, Katiki Waterfalls is a picturesque cascade surrounded by dense forests. The waterfall offers a serene and refreshing atmosphere, with a small pool at the bottom where visitors can enjoy a rejuvenating dip.

These are just a few of the many amazing places to visit near Maredumilli. Whether you’re seeking natural beauty, spiritual experiences, or cultural exploration, these destinations will provide you with unforgettable experiences and a deep connection with the region’s charm and diversity.

Places To Visit Near Maredumilli Andhra Pradesh


The best time to visit Maredumilli:
Maredumilli is a destination that is stunning and unique every day. Despite the cold temperatures and the cold winters (October and January) are the most favorable time to visit. The temperature ranges from 20-25 degrees and you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Due to this, it could be crowded in the winter.

Because the entire trip is in the open, summers can be somewhat harsh however, it is possible to go here. However, if you wish to stay away from the crowds and relax it is possible to visit in the summer ( March to May). Be cautious and aware of the temperature.

Accommodation at Maredumilli:

Vanavihari The site is part of the Vanavihari eco-tourism complex located in maredumilli. It takes just 4 minutes of walking to get to maredumilli waterfalls. The cottage that is alcohol-free is non-a/c as well as a/c. The entire property is covered with trees that are green all over. It is situated on the Bhadrachalam main road in Maredumilli, East Godavari.

Birds nest resorts This resort is situated 16km distant from Maredumilli. It is a 15-acre resort with an outdoor pool as well as water slides. It is located in the bird’s nest resorts and tourism near the State highway. Gedda, Ramannavalasa, Andhra Pradesh.

Wood Resort: It is made from wood, with an interior that resembles a cottage. It is situated 15km from Maredumilli. It is located on the HNTC site in Maredumilli.

Green Island Resorts: You might say that these are the most luxurious resorts in Maredumilli that seem like tiny islands. A lot of people prefer this resort because of the small island. It is situated inside Gandhi Nagar, maredumilli. Nearby Bhupathipalem project SH41, Peddapadu, Andhra Pradesh has located 15 km from the village.

SK Riviera Resort The resort, spread over an area of 5 acres located on the banks of the River Godavari attracts tourists. It is located 80 km from Maredumilli and is located on Godavari Bund Road, Behind Sai Baba temple, Dowaleswaram.

Papi Kondalu Bamboo Hut Resorts The resort is located far away from Maredumilli and is separated by 200 km. It is situated in Kolluru and provides a breathtaking panorama from the River Godavari and Papikondalu. The huts are built out of bamboo, making us feel like we’re in the woods.

If you are planning to visit the city during winter, be sure to dress with a blanket as it is cold temperatures.
Beware of it in the summer as it could affect your health.
Avoid swimming in water pools if you aren’t familiar with how to swim.
Be cautious with the slippery flooring at the waterfalls.
Do not throw trash everywhere and be sure to protect nature.
Go walking if you are feasible to walk.
At night, you should ensure that you are in the room you are staying in.

How do I reach Maredumilli:
Air-based To fly, Rajahmundry is the nearest airport. The distance to Maredumilli is 69 km.

Train There are numerous trains accessible to get to Rajahmundry since it is one of the major cities located in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated 85 km from Maredumilli.

On the road, There are many buses accessible because they are connected to the important cities in Andhra Pradesh. There is also public transport as well as several private vehicles to get to the location.

Address of Maredumilli:
Maredumilli East Godavari Andhra Pradesh, 553295.

Maredumilli contact details:
Forest range officer Rampachodavaram 08864-243838

Sub-Divisional Forest officer Rampachodavaram 08864-243838

District Forest Officer, Kakinada: 0884-2379381, 099440810042.


Commonly asked questions( FAQs):

What is unique about Maredumilli?
The lush forests and enchanting waterfalls are among the top and most well-known places in Maredumilli.

Are we able to visit Maredumilli during the summer?
There is no reason to be ideal to visit Maredumilli in the summer season due to the temperatures. Monsoon is the most ideal time to go.

Are we able to stay in the Maredumilli?
There are numerous hotels and resorts in Maredumilli.

Is Maredumilli safe?
Maredumilli can indeed be completely secure. Numerous protocols are in place to ensure the security of visitors.

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