Pocharam Reservoir Lake In Nizamabad district

Pocharam Reservoir Lake In Nizamabad district


Pocharam Reservoir, additionally known as Pocharam Lake, is a distinguished water body located inside the Nizamabad district of the Indian nation of Telangana. It is a man-made lake constructed throughout the Allair River, a tributary of the Godavari River. Spanning over an extensive location, Pocharam Reservoir serves as a vital water source for irrigation and drinking functions inside the region.

Full Details Of Pocharam Reservoir Lake:-


Pocharam Reservoir became constructed in 1916 through the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan, to address the irrigation desires of the encompassing agricultural lands. The reservoir changed into built through constructing a masonry dam across the Allair River. It was named after the close by Pocharam village, that’s situated at the banks of the reservoir.

Importance and Irrigation:

Pocharam Reservoir plays a great position inside the irrigation system of the place. It has a garage ability of approximately 20 thousand million cubic feet (TMC), making it a crucial water source for the farmers in Nizamabad and the neighboring districts. The water from the reservoir is released into numerous canals and channels, presenting irrigation centers to a widespread stretch of agricultural land. This has led to accelerated agricultural productivity and monetary boom within the location.

Geographical Features:

Pocharam Reservoir is nestled amidst picturesque environment, characterised by undulating hills, lush greenery, and rich plants and fauna. The reservoir spans a place of about one hundred thirty square kilometers, with its duration extending to about 14 kilometers. It is surrounded by means of forests, which enhance the herbal splendor of the region. The calm and serene surroundings, coupled with the scenic landscape, attracts site visitors from far and extensive.

Best time Pocharam :

The best time to visit Pocharam Reservoir is all through the wintry weather months, from November to February when the climate is fine and temperatures are mild. This time gives snug situations for exploring the reservoir and taking part in outdoor sports.

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM.


Flora and Fauna:

The vicinity surrounding Pocharam Reservoir is domestic to diverse flora and fauna, making it an ecologically sizeable region. The dense forests inside the vicinity harbor a wide variety of plant species, together with teak, bamboo, rosewood, and plenty of medicinal plants. These forests serve as a habitat for severa animal species, inclusive of deer, wild boars, jungle cats, and diverse species of birds, consisting of peacocks, partridges, and eagles. The reservoir additionally supports a rich aquatic ecosystem, with numerous fish species inhabiting its waters.

Tourist Attractions:

Pocharam Reservoir gives a plethora of points of interest for tourists and nature lovers. Here are a few excellent traveller spots in and around the reservoir:

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary: Situated close to the reservoir, the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is a covered place spanning approximately one hundred thirty rectangular kilometers. It is domestic to a diverse variety of flowers and fauna, along with endangered species like the Indian leopard. Tourists can discover the sanctuary through guided excursions and experience its herbal splendor.

Pocharam Dam: The Pocharam Dam is a masonry shape constructed throughout the Allair River. It offers a panoramic view of the reservoir and its surroundings. Visitors can enjoy the scenic splendor, take a walk alongside the dam, and seize memorable pictures.

Boating: The calm and pristine waters of Pocharam Reservoir offer an exceptional possibility for boating enthusiasts. Visitors can lease pedal boats or motorized boats and revel in a non violent ride amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Nature Walks and Treks: The region surrounding Pocharam Reservoir is ideal for nature walks and treks. The hilly terrain and lush greenery provide a clean experience for journey fans. The trails provide stunning perspectives of the reservoir and the encircling landscapes.

Picnic and Camping: Pocharam Reservoir is a popular spot for picnics and tenting. Visitors can set up campsites near the reservoir and take pleasure in numerous recreational sports. The serene surroundings and the cool breeze make it a great place for spending exceptional time with family and pals.

Kanteshwar Temple: Situated in Nizamabad, this historic temple devoted to Lord Shiva draws devotees with its particular structure and religious significance.

Nizamabad Clock Tower: A outstanding landmark in Nizamabad city, the Clock Tower is a ancient shape that showcases the architectural brilliance of the bygone technology.

Sarangapur Hanuman Temple: Situated approximately 30 kilometers from Pocharam Reservoir, this temple committed to Lord Hanuman is assumed to be a effective non secular site.

How To attain Pocharam Reservoir :

Pocharam Reservoir is easily on hand by way of street from diverse nearby towns and towns. Here is a brief manual on a way to attain Pocharam Reservoir:

By Air: The nearest airport to Pocharam Reservoir is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, that is approximately a hundred and seventy kilometers away. From the airport, you could rent a taxi or take a bus to reach Pocharam Reservoir.

By Train: The closest railway station to Pocharam Reservoir is Nizamabad Railway Station, which is ready 50 kilometers away. From the railway station, you could lease a taxi or take a neighborhood bus to reach the reservoir.

By Road: Pocharam Reservoir is nicely-connected by avenue. You can attain the reservoir through hiring a taxi or riding in your personal vehicle.

From Hyderabad: Pocharam Reservoir is positioned round 160 kilometers away from Hyderabad. You can take the NH forty four dual carriageway and power closer to Nizamabad. From Nizamabad, take the Nizamabad-Bodhan Road and proceed toward Pocharam Village, in which the reservoir is situated.

From Nizamabad: Pocharam Reservoir is approximately 50 kilometers far from Nizamabad. You can take the Nizamabad-Bodhan Road and power toward Pocharam Village.

From close by cities and towns: If you are coming from neighboring towns like Bodhan, Kamareddy, or Armoor, you can follow the neighborhood roads and signboards directing closer to Pocharam Reservoir.

It is beneficial to use a GPS navigation gadget or a map for correct instructions. The roads main to Pocharam Reservoir are commonly in desirable situation, and the journey offers scenic views of the nation-state.

Once you attain the area of Pocharam Reservoir, signboards are guiding you toward the principle front and various sights inside the area. Parking facilities are to be had close to the reservoir for traffic.

Remember to check the weather conditions and plan your visit thus. It is also recommended to hold sufficient water, snacks, and other essentials, specially if you plan to spend a extensive amount of time exploring the reservoir and its environment.

Note: It is continually an excellent concept to verify the modern journey records and road conditions before embarking on your adventure.

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