Ration Card Correction in Karnataka -

Ration Card Correction in Karnataka

Ration Card Correction in Karnataka


It is the Civil Supplies Department of Karnataka can modify and update the Ration card to those individuals who have mistakes regarding your BPL as well as APL Ration cards in Karnataka. Anyone Karnataka citizen with a an incorrect spelling can apply for a change or update of the ration card with errors.

Karnataka Ration card Name Correction Procedure

  • The first step is to obtain the corrections to your Ration card or name change application form.
  • Get an Affidavit from a lawyer to request Name Change,
  • You must provide the paper for Name Change in two national and one local newspapers.
  • Appeal to Court to prove that the Old and New Names belong to the same person, with evidence such that the paper cutting was done and an Affidavit
  • Then fill in the Application Form correctly, with a new name.
  • Include your old address as well as other information on the your application the form.
  • Attach the Affidavit and Newspaper cutting and court order to the Application form.
  • Submit the Application form and the attached documents to the Directorate of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer department
  • Fill out the enrollment slip that will guide you to receive the Ration card at the address of a particular officer.

Documents required to submit together with Correction of Ration Card Application

  • Affidavit of Name Change
  • Local and national newspapers
  • A court order that mentions names both belong to the that same person
  • Address evidence, Aadhaar card and electricity bill

In the Karnataka State government stared online services to help people check their Ration card information online, Ration Card Renew, Correction of Data on Ration Cards services are available in Karnataka State Civil Supplies Department on the official website.

In Karnataka, the State Government has introduced a new system for ration card correction. This system came into effect from 1st January 2018.

The government has made it easier for people to apply for the correction of their ration cards by introducing a book titled ‘Ration Card Correction Book’ which is available on the website www.karnatakarationcardcorrectionsystem.com

This book provides all the information about how to apply for ration card correction in Karnataka and also gives details about the process of applying for it and its eligibility criteria.

Karnataka Ration Card Benefits – Where Can You Get Them?

The Karnataka Ration Card is a card that is issued to individuals and families by the state government of Karnataka. It provides benefits to the card holder in terms of food, healthcare, education, and other welfare schemes. The benefits are also available for students who are studying in Karnataka.

The KCC is a smart card that can be used for shopping at government-run stores or any retailer with an e-commerce platform that accepts the KCC as payment method. The card can also be used for cashless transactions such as online shopping and mobile recharges.

A lot of people face difficulties when it comes to getting their hands on the KCC because there are so many different places where you can apply for one. However, there are some benefits that you might not know about which make

Karnataka Ration Card Scam – Beware before you apply

The Karnataka Ration Card Scam is a scam where ration card holders are duped of their money. This scam has been reported to be committed by fake officials and some members of the public.

Most countries have laws that protect the rights of dalits and provide them with social security like food, housing, education, healthcare etc. India is no exception and has its own legislation for this purpose – The Iyengar Dalit Protection Act (UPSC).

The Karnataka Ration Card Scam is a scam where ration card holders are duped of their money. This scam has been reported to be committed by fake officials and some members of the public.

The Results of Not Having a Ration Card in Karnataka

The Karnataka government has recently started a campaign to distribute ration cards to the people in the state. The application form for ration cards is available online and can be filled up by submitting some basic documents.

The consequences of not having a ration card are that you are denied access to subsidized food items.

If you have been denied a ration card, you may apply for it at any of the following places:

1. Ration shop – they will give you an application form, take your fingerprints and photograph, and then send your application to the office for processing;

2. The office of the Deputy Commissioner of your district;

3. The office of the Commissioner of your district;

4. Your local post office


Karnataka Ration Card Details Online

Ration Card Correction in Karnataka

Please click here for Ration Card correction details or

Visit this link http://ahara.kar.nic.in/ for Ration Card correction details from Karnataka state.

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