Rukmini Temple Dwarka In Gujarat

Rukmini Temple Dwarka In Gujarat


Rukmini Temple Dwarka Gujarat | Timings, History & Carving of Temple

As of now, you’ve been on a virtual trip around some of the most important Krishna shrines throughout India such as Dwarkadheesh Temple and Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi. The time has come that we will take you to a different temple that is the property of Lord Krishna and is called the Rukmini Devi Temple Dwarka. Rukmini Devi Temple is the second of two temples that are dedicated to Rukmini the wife of Queen Dwarka and Lord Krishna. Rukmini Temple Timings are 6 AM until 9:59 PM.


Rukmini Temple Dwarka Gujarat

The Rukmini Temple, a few kilometers away from the Dwarkadheesh Temple, Dwarka, impressed me with its stunning design.

I am certain it will impress you not just with its architecture but also with the many legends surrounding it.

Dwarka Rukmini Temple tops the list of places that we should explore in Dwarka. It isn’t as large as the Dwarkadheesh temple, and its ceremonies are not nearly as extensive as those at the main temple.

But the intricate and obscure Rukmini Devi stories within the designs of this site inspired me to be awestruck by this historic site.


Rukmini Temple timings

Rukmini Devi Temple, which I will perform throughout this journey in Dwarka. I am sure you’re ready to begin this adventure of tales and myths.

The history of Dwarka
Lord Krishna from Dwarka is well-known throughout the world. His humorous actions as a young person his justice and his successes as an adult, and his work in the role of a school teacher are stories that are told around the world. There is not much information about his queen Rukmini however his fame was.

Her story is equally fascinating and Rukmini Devi Temple Dwarka is the place where you can find numerous chapters in her life. A particular chapter was the inspiration for the building of this distinctive Dwarka Rukmini Mandir.


Rukmini Temple Dwarka In Gujarat


Rukmini Temple Dwarka In Gujarat


Rukmini Devi Temple

According to mythology, Rukmini was an incarnation of Lakshmi Devi, the wife of Vishnu. As you may know, Krishna was among the ten avatars for Vishnu and, to be by the side of Vishnu, Lakshmi was born as the princess of Vidarbha. She lived together with Lord Krishna at Dwarka for a time following their wedding.

Following their wedding After their wedding, Lord Krishna along with his spouse Rukmini was invited into the Palace for a blessing from Durvasa Maharshi Yadava who was the Yadava guru (clan the guru) and honorary from Yadava. Yadava kingdom. The Sage Durvasu accepted the invitation, but with one requirement – that the couple was to ride his chariot.

Lord Krishna and Rukmini began pulling his chariot to Dwarka. Just a few kilometers earlier, Dwarka Rukmini was thirsty. The river or well was not evident. Krishna put his right toe into the earth and Ganga was released.

Fortunately, Rukmini drank a little before Durvasa Maharshi became angry because the guru had not provided her with water prior. He swore that she was unable to stay with her husband and it was at that place that she received her new home Krishna Rukmini Temple Dwarka.

The temple was been believed to be more than 2500 years old, however, the present structure dates up to the 12th century. It is situated in an area of moderate dryness just 2km away from the main Dwarkadheesh Temple. It is not yet flooded with fresh water available around the area.


Dwarka Architecture

As the principal Dwarka temple Like the main Dwarka temple, the Rukmini Devi Temple was urban design. North Indian temples generally adopt the Nagara style, which I have mentioned earlier, but this style. The temples are characterized by a long, intricate dome.

Rukmini Temple is the highlight of the dome as in Dwarka concerns. Even though it is true that the Dwarka Rukmini Devi Temple is significantly less spacious than Dwarkadheesh Temple, it is highly artistic.

Each square inch was the same design as its walls. The sanctum Sanctorum or the inner sanctum is located below the main ridge. Its perimeter (perimeter) is the area that surrounds the walls on the outside – in contrast to other temples that have a border within the temple.

The entire temple was built out of sea stones that are porous and can withstand the climate that is salty in Dwarka. There is some discoloration, however, the beauty of its carvings is unaltered overall.

Carving of Temple
The wall of Dwarka Rukmini Temple takes you back to Belur and Halebid temples. The Hoysala temples located in these areas are decorated with numerous stories on their walls, including Dashavataras. Belur Chennakesava Temple Belur Chennakesava Temple also has sculptures of Madanikala (beautiful women).

In the same way, similarly, the Rukmini Devi temple is also filled with stories. There are a lot of tales on its walls ranging from the temple’s courtyards, or elephants roaming around the temple, to the various young men or nobles in various postures.


Rukmini Temple Dwarka In Gujarat

There are huge nests that have various dimensions. They have painted a central picture that depicts Rukmini and four hands on the same side. One arm is cones, while the other one has Gada, lotus, and wheel.

Another one was at the back of the room on the lotus spire. If you pay attention to the text, the script will be visible across the ceiling. Rukmini Temple Dwarka Swamiji added more words regarding the top.

Rukmini Temple Timings
The Rukmini temple hours are that opening time is 6 am until 12 PM Also, the temple is open from 5 PM until 9:00 PM. This is because the Rukmini temple timings could differ on holidays and special days.

The Best Moment to Visit Rukmini Temple
Dwarka is the best time to visit between September and February, in the months that aren’t too hot. If you’re interested in attending the wedding of Krishna and Rukmini typically, it is celebrated on Ekadashi. The wedding is held in March.

During this period it is possible to witness an enormous procession that goes starting from the Jagat Temple in Dwarka towards The Rukmini Temple.

Where can I remain where to stay in Dwarka?
There are numerous cheap and budget hotels close to Dwarka. Dwarkadheesh Temple in Dwarka. You can make reservations online by using the below booking tools.

Of the handful of luxury hotels, you should consider the Hawthorne Resorts hotel. Hawthorne Resorts, however, is situated 7 km away from the city. The resort offers plenty of parking spaces and plenty of green areas for children to play. The resort also has a gorgeous swimming pool that you can enjoy.

travel tips
Rukmini Devi Temple Photography of the main sanctum sanctuary in Dwarka is not allowed.
There are several shops close to the temple in case you need to purchase drinks or snacks.
Follow the guidelines for visiting the Hindu temple when you are here.

How to get there
Through Rail:

Dwarka is home to a railway station and is connected via roads to all major cities of Gujarat.

Through Air

Two airports are connected in Dwarka. The first is in Porbandar located 105 kilometers from Dwarka. You can get to Dwarka via train or the following road route to the airport. The second airport was located in Jamnagar which is 131 km away from Dwarka.

address and contact
Address – Dwarka, Gujarat 361335 *

State – Gujarat *

District Devbhoomi Dwarka *

Contact Contact: 072038 67346


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